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  1. Just shows you how opinions can differ. Sutton would be one of the first I would show the door to. Can't believe just how slow this guy is and it works to the oppostions advantage every week. When does he ever chase and shut a defender down? Our defenders get closed down week in week out and panic. Opposition defenders have all the time in the world to pick their pass because Sutton doesn't have the legs to shut anyone down. If Bara wants to play the pressing game he has spoken about surely Sutton will not fit into his plans. Yes he had a good scoring record last year but last year has gone now and this season he has been rank.
  2. Dan Ramsden OBrien Cummins Hammell Cadden Lasley Reid Thomas Ainsworth Ojamma Ferguson for Ramsden if not fit U17 Left back for Hammell if not fit Subs: Anyone from the U20's or U17's I never want to see Sutton, McManus or Law in a well shirt ever again, not only after Accies game but generally due to their big time Charlie attitude and hiding on the park when things aren't going well. I have a feeling Bara won't actually change much from the Accies line up though and it will be the same old story- unfit team breathing out their arse after 10 minutes, Sutton closing nobody down with lead weights in his boots, Law chasing shadows along with Erwin and mistake after mistake from McManus & Kerr with Ojamma totally out of the game wide left.
  3. Some people will stay positive about McCall no matter what happens. 2nd place last year was wonderful and the last few minutes at Aberdeen along with the hour after the game will live in our memories for a very long time. However, that fact remains that we were shit to watch for the majority of last season and this season has been woeful. We haven't looked fit, sharp, organised or professional in any games we have played. Iceland away was a fucking shambles and it has continued like that ever since. The blame for this lies at McCalls door. He brought the duds in this summer, he picks the team, the tactics, the formation, the subs and dictates the training regime. The big problem though is who is McCall actually answerable to? The former club photographer? What's he saying about this whole episode and where are the board? We need a change now - it is getting worse week by week. The media darlings time is up - I honestly believe he has lost the dressing room and did so weeks ago.
  4. Not really bothered about missing a game where McCall will set out to defend deep, play the slowest man in Scottish football up front himself with no support and have no intentions of bringing on a 2nd striker. This combined with Stephen McManus backing off for 40 yards at every opportunity without any thoughts of making a challenge. Plenty of chancs to witness this time and time again in the league season ahead!!!
  5. Only Hutchy get pass marks tonights. Many questions and faults lie at the door of our manager who DESERVES the criticism tonight & from Friday Fed up of the what do you expect him to do pish from the regular happy clappers. He signed that bombscare of a goalkeeper and he picks him - NO ONE TO BLAME BUT HIMSELF. If we don't have a young keep better than him then questions must be asked of our youth system. Why waste a wage on a right back who couldn't hack it with the lowest placed team in the league below us when money is so tight - why not give a youth player a chance? Reid wasn't near the worst tonight but looked no better than a solid right back from an amateur team. Why play completely unfit players in Anier, Lasley & Carswell - surely one youth player can be put in - only going to make the injuries worse. Why play so many players out of position? and why not match the opposition and take the game to them - same V Utd and same again tonight. Why play with one at right midfield? I watched McCall & Black stand and look at the ground tonight from the first goal until the final whistle with no leadership from the sidelines, no inspiration from the sidelines and no direction from the sidelines. The best McCall could manage was to through his hands in the air in a tantrum at the keepers kick outs and tell Anier to come wider. Tacticlly McCall is at best naive/ There was a complete lack of fight and fitness tonight and the team looked lost. We were beaten tonight before the game kicked off. We are going to be left with an even more threadbare team for next season and a group of youngsters who will have been given little to none 1st team experience. Give me a youth player trying his hardest but being out his depth any day over a lazy unfit shite bag like Ian Vigurs
  6. Utd were faster, fitter, more skillful and more tactically aware than we were/are. The same could be said in the Aberdeen cup game and St Johnstone away. I'm surprised that nobody has asked why Utd can produce and give the opportunity to so many home grown youngsters but we can't. Other than carswell no home grown youngster has been given a run under McCall. Are we not producing these players or is McCall just to stubborn to give them a chance? Many mention that we have punched above our weight, lost many good players and don't have the devine right to finish in the top 3 which of course is correct, however we do as a paying supporter have the right to expect 100% effort from every singe player that pulls on a Motherwell jersey - that just didn't hppen yesterday and the best example of that was Ainsworth - one lazy lazy guy who is more interested in himself than the team - 3rd goal proved that. McCall has signed the wrong type of player during the summer, has a squad that appears unfit, sends the team out without a left side' ensures both full backs raealways exposed and doesn't know how to change things - hiding behind injuries and past successs can't gloss over any of these issues. To finish on a positive note I thought Fraser Kerr played well yesterday and was our best player, but I am sure he will find himself back on the bench shortly
  7. Viewed the police and stewards antics from the adjacent section and their attitude and behaviour epitimises everyone that is wrong with the the way the police force in our country is run and managed. That said, if you let off smoke bombs there is a good chance you will get into bother as it is not allowed. 30 or so jumped up jobsworths who failed to make the grade in any real avenue of employment decided today to take their own life failings out a group of boys guilty as charged of having fun. It's funny in life how the police turn up when you don't need them but fail to turn up when they should be there. Also interesting to see them singling out the smaller and younger members of the group for their heavy handed tactics - says it all really!!!! I just hope they turn up in force to act accordingly when the old firm turn up in paisley with their sectarian bile. But of course they won't because they would fill their pants with a bigger group and either turn a blind eye or sh*t themselves. On the game itself another great 3 points - I thought ZFA, Hammell and Carswell played really well and McHugh looked sharp when he came on. The ref was awful and Hutchys yellow card was the most riduculous I have seen in 26 years of going to see the well. I still think the team lacks width and pace tho. Just hope Ainsworth can bring that.
  8. Is the whole point of doing well in the league not about attemting to qualify for europe? Of course it is because ultimately Nancy, Athens, Levante, Kransdor,Odense is a bigger and better stage for the club, the players and the supporters than Paisley, Maryhill and Dundee. If we send an under strength team out on Thursday we might as well sut the doors and not bother - interestingly though if was a part under strength team that started last year in Valencia and put in one of our best away european performances. It was only when we introduced a couple of our so called superstars that we fell apart for the last quarter of the game. I travel this week in hope more than expectation but if we are going to make up the numbers than you really need to question the managers ambition in the same way many have questioned Nicky Laws ambition. I for one would rather see us score on Thursday and have a go than win one of four potentially 5 boring matches that we will play against Aberdeen this season and the next 10 seasons. So frazzle - f*ck your changes and go and try and win the game!!
  9. Some people on here think that certain players are untouchable no matter what - the previous Higdon comment being an example of this. Why can't higdon be dropped for this game in view that we need to play the ball to feet and play on the counter attack - I am sure you will agree that this style of play doesn't suit him. n top of that if you were at the game on Saturday and Killie away a few weeks back you will surely agree that he is not alway sta the top of his game. These comments do not entitle me to be tagged a boo boy, just merely my opinion which doesn't need to be the same as yours - but then again every team just like this message board needs its fair share of 'seals'. Anyway my team would be: Randolph Kerr Saunders Hutchy Hammell Law Lasley Carswell ZFA Ojamma Faddy Defenders in defence with some height in defence to guard against set plays ( cue the saunders and kerr aren't fit and ramsdens a great player argument- IMO Ramsdens not fast enough to play against Hopper in terms of feet and thought) Balance to this team with ZFA on left & Law on the right Protection for the defence with lasley & Carswell Skill & pace up front. Apologies in advance to the Higdon, Humphrey & Hately appreciation society that exists amongst out support, and BTW I do rate Higdon, this just isn't a game I would play him in. If we went with this team and lost 6/7 nil it wouldn't be as bad as Dingwall on Saturday.
  10. Very rarely miss a game at home, away or abroad but haven't been to the 3 last games and I'm not planning going back any time soon. I can't bring myself to watch the same team and formation sent out every game no matter how badly they have played the week before. They've got my season ticket money so they are not lossing anything with me not attending. The manager is lacking in passion and tactical knowledge and the league table and complete lack of entertainment is proof of that. On another note I went to hospitality at Firhill yesterday and watched a match fit Ross Forbes single handedly destroy Dunfermline. To add to this I also watched an ex well winger score a double, take on his man directly and put good crosses into the box all afternoon - funny how both of these players wern't rated by McCall!! More alarming though was that both teams played some entertaining and positive football and there were 11 comitted players in both teams. Before the happy clappy McCall lovers start telling me it's a lower league and Forbes was only better because of the level I can tell you that at least 3/4 of our first team regulars wouldn't get near their starting 11. I don't think we need new players or any additions to the squad to turn things around and climb the table, we simply need a change in tactics, formation and personel - that along with passion and fight would see us have a change in fortunes - none of the above will happen under McCall & Black.
  11. For me McCall is to blame for our current displays and position. We haven't been good to watch this season at all, we have been on a downward spiral since the Aberdeen game and he has done very little to change our present predicament. He sent a team out on Friday night that left us dangeroudly exposed on either side by insisting in playing a striker in a left midfield position and insisting on playing a non event/waste of a jersey/imposter/non tryer/hider on the right of midefield - this resulted in us being badly exposed everytime Hibs attacked in any shape or form. His decision to take off Ojamma for me was a mistake and his decision to again start without Hetherington or Carswell in midefiled was a mistake. McCall was happy to take the plaudits when we were winning but his dummy appears to be out since the Rangers cup defeat when his first post match media appearance revolved around praising the Rangers support. I don't expect us to win every week but I expect to watch a team that hurts to lose and trys at some stage in a game to show a bit of passion, fight and agression and now and again I want to be entertained - that's not happening under Stuart McCall and i don't think it will. With our formation, with the players selcted it seems were are beaten before a ball is kicked at the moment and that is the most alarmimg thing. I would rather watch 6 or 7 seventeen years old thats have been brought through our youth system and will give 100% playing alongside the likes of hammell, lasley, randolph and hutchy and finish 11th, than watching some of the passengers who are currently picking up a wage and filling a jersey every week no matter how bad they play, how little they contribute - yet they still get selected. In short, get McCall out, start playing some younsters in their natural positions and start fighting for the cause. Missed one game this season, including home, away and europe and I'm not going back until a see a change in direction in both how the team is being set and until they start showing some passion and belief - win, lose or draw.
  12. I went along to Tynecastle today in hope more than expectation to support my team. I never believe that Motherwell have the right to beat any team no matter the opposition, however I do believe we should be capable of sending a team onto the pitch that is set out in such a way which will allow us to attempt to win the match and is sent out with the belief that it can win a match - THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN TODAY, JUST AS IT DIDN'T HAPPEN AGAINST CELTIC AND DIDN'T HAPPEN AGAINST RANGERS IN THE CUP. The blame for this lies soley at the management teams door - we have no right to win any game, but we must compete, tackle, show passion, commitment and have the belief that we can win a match. The negatively produced by McCalls tactics, team selections and formations is baffling. If you play one isolated man up front against 4 defenders no matter he height, ability or stature of the centre forward it's a near impossible task and that was proven again today. The defenders have no out ball and it comes straight back at us. Why are we playing one up with no one near him? Why are allowing the oppostion so much time on the ball and not pressing them and giving them time to turn and run at us? Why is Jamie Murphy being played completely out of position at left mid and being asked to defend when he is a centre forward? Why is Nicky Law being played so deep in midfield? Why is Keith Lasley being asked to play an attacking midfield role? Why is Tom Hately being played in midfield time and time again when he can't play there? Why isn't Carswell or Hetherington being given a chance to fill the ' Jennings' role? and if the answer is that there are not good enough then surely the manager would have signed some sort of replacement for him by now rather than using two wages up on two central defenders. Why do we stand still at every throw in and set piece we have? Why have a sub stripped and ready for ten minutes and not put him on? Why persist with a so called winger who has contributed nothing this season to the team? I believe we have the players/squad capable of competing for 2nd/3rd/4th and on our day can beat anyone in the league but only by playing to our strengths and having a belief that we can win. That belief is missing right now and the negative way the team is being sent out is there for all to see. No doubt I'll get slaughtered for this post by the resident happy clappy club, and will hear all the usual punching above our weight, what more do you want from McCall pish but for me the longer McCall persists with these negative tactics and formations and general stubborness to change things the more chance that 11th place is looming. I AM NOT STUART MCCALL!!!!
  13. Shocking performance today but more alarming was the way the team was set up and the complete lack of organisation, belief and fight - this starts and ends with the manager. Defence was poor - Cummings isn't any better than Page and any game Page played he never let us down, was outstanding in Valencia and gets put on loan to Accies! Ramsden looked out of place and as slow as he did at the Ayr Utd game. One man up front at home completely isolated when we are top of the league is appauling. If you don't attack you won't score and if you don't believe you won't win. It seems McCall has some real favourites that can do no wrong and some others that he will never play in their natural position. We were beaten on wednesday night and today before we went on the pitch. I would rather see us have a go and get pumped than not have a go and get pumped. Surely to f*ck that must be the last we see of Chris Humphrey for a long while - no heart and thick as f*ck!! Heard McCall say on the radio after the game we pressed to high up the park - he must be deluded
  14. Randolph Hately Page Hutchinson Hammell Lasley Jennings Law Forbes Ojamma Murphy Pass the ball forward, press Dunfermlines back four, have a few attacks and attempts at goal and try to entertain the fans. I know I'm dreaming and that will never happen. Same starting 11, one up front, punt the ball up the park and one nil Dunfermline. Ojamma will get a ten minute run out once we go behind and McHugh might get 2 minutes if he is lucky. One nil Pars Craigen OG!!!

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