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  1. Personally, i thought tonight was your stereotypical Motherwell performance for the past several home games. We get the ball into the final third and then are clueless. Higdon playing as a lone striker is the worst tactic at the moment. Higdon needs help and Ojamaa hasn't been doing it at all this season. Murphy has been quiet (exception of the weekend there) and Humphrey's deliveries into the box are wasteful. Hateley's hasnt been to great either whenever he is made to make a delivery into the box. The full passing it around outside the opposition box just gives teams like Hibs/Unt chance to get bodies into the box, thus making any ball in useless. We should either release a counter attack quicker or take more chances before they get bodies back, making any shot inevitable. As the people around me were discussing, the team lacks guts. Ideally you want your captain to get stuck in and motivate the team. I have nothing bad against Lasley but hes too quiet and fancy for being a captain. You need a captain who is a role model and is willing to shout at the players, disciplining them when they are doing wrong on the park. The likes of Scott Leitch and Derek Adams were good midfielders that got stuck into the opponents and cried the team on. Only person in the team that is willing to get stuck into any team is Hutchinson or Cummings. When they win a challenge, they rally the fans and the players spurring them on into an attack. However Lasley is no where near that type of motivator.
  2. I agree with sailor_h's comment about buses Im glad the club have gave out Match Abandoned Tickets and offering refunds for those who cannot make it. In my eyes, theres nothing more the club can offer in that way. However, if you were a Unt fan, you've paid fuel and buses to come to todays match. I personally feel we should do what Ross County done and offer free supporter bus services to Unt fans, to encourage a larger away support, as well as showing sympathy.
  3. The CIS cup final is Sunday the 20th of March
  4. callum elliot most useless striker i have ever seen in a claret and amber strip
  5. Kilie or Falkirk isnt too bad when ye come tae think about it. Aye its shit going away fae haime again but these teams are beatable. Personally im happy wae this draw likes but first lets beat Inverness

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