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  1. There is nothing to apologise for, as tottenmfc puts it, you're clutching at straws citing this as a convoluted and tenuous link. Despite Dazzer sending me a PM citing his hurt, I will not rescind it unless asked to do so by a moderator/admin. And even then there would have to be adequate justification rather than knee-jerk reaction because the PC police kick in.
  2. I think it was to facilitate the setting up of the society (FSA regs I think were cited). Jim McMahon went on to say that just over 50% was needed to effectively control the club. The figure of two years from formation was definitely cited, so I understood up until Nov/Dec 2013 if an offer was put in then John would benefit regardless of status, however Derek Weir said nobody had approached so far and he wasn't expecting any due to the financial climate at present.
  3. How I understood it Gaag is if Motherwell are approached within 2 years of the Society being set up AND the board felt it was right to sell, all cash injected by society members would be returned and John Boyle would benefit from whatever the new owner would inject to secure the controlling interest. Only issue I have with the scheme is yet again we're going after the same people who already contribute for yet more money. We have a reasonably large pool of interested people out there who have dipped their toes in or around FP in the recent past (10,000 at Odense, 18,000 Scottish Cup Final, average home gate 10 years ago was 1,000 more than now). The only new business/revenue streams seem to be some of the 1886 group of local business owners and overseas fans who have limited opportunity to contribute to the club for obvious reasons.
  4. I know what the thread is all about you stroker, I started it. You make fuck all sense as many people have pointed out (and by the responses since you posted this particular tangent). The come back I have is you are a broken record and it really is becoming tiresome, you add nothing to this forum apart for acting as ying to anyone who yang's Chris Humphrey. You also can't spell grammar you window licker, so much for checking it. We all gave Celtic Research's twitter account a hard time for what in essence they do, and here you are doing the same thing, scouring any posts for someone criticising your boy only to jump in with a half arsed argument and claim they're being unfair. You brought Scotland's current ranking into the debate with reference to .... surprise, surprise, Chris Humphrey and Jamaica.
  5. Well you didnae really, you highlighted Scotland's ranking as part of an argument in your unrelenting bid to build the stock of Chris Humphrey. I wonder if he's ever told you to calm it? Also .................. there's a few full stops for you, feel free to pepper them into your sentences. However is Chris subject to a transfer? If he is then its January at the earliest so maybe this debate is best discussed in another thread that's specific.
  6. Bump Jeesie Chreesie, looking back through some of the doom and gloom merchants prophecies on here only a few months ago. Granted we're only 6 games in but some are woefully out.
  7. LadywellToi


    Looking at the current MOTM > Standings in general you would have thought that Murphy would have achieved more than he evidently has.
  8. Looks like the club and Cash Converters have teamed up to make a monthly award, take you through to the dedicated Facebook page. Anyone voted for this yet? Official Site Link Direct to Facebook For me its between Tom and Nicky, I voted for Tom as he's returned to form after quite a few detractors singled him out for extra criticism and chipped in with one particularly critical strike. Not to mention he seems a lot more composed on the ball. I'm sure Nicky will win a few through the season, so I don't feel so bad. I'd also venture that Forbes would have been in for a shout, in the games he has played he's not done much wrong. So based on the fact he's being used infrequently then he deserves some recognition at least.
  9. It's simple, we have to just stop deferring to and giving them respect. If we do that we've got a chance. I'd love it if Motherwell gave weight to "Lennon Out" chants, yesterday's victim is today's pariah.
  10. "Are you jwok in disguiseeeeeeeeee?" Just over 2 hours to go and approx 100 people on here looking with anticipation to see if we pull off a coup or with trepidation to see if we lose one of our stars. I'm betting there is no more movement either in or out of FP. Reminds me of the night of Craig's second meeting with Milne.
  11. I thought it was a shoe-in we'd get a Premiership starlet or two, thought Everton may have been a shout with Duke and Ruddy and now McCall's connection (granted a distant one). Billy McKinlay is sending up half of Fulham's kids to the Arabs.
  12. Fair point Al, likewise never seen it tackled from that angle. The only thing that may upset the apple cart in that summary is Hearts, who continue to spend regardless of income. With respect to the French guy, I've pretty much heard the same, apparently he's quite a find. Finally, anyone got any updates as to how a lot of our "Out's" have faired? Angelis Charalambous, Esteban Casagolda, Francis Jeffers, Steven Meechan, Liam Sloan, Gavin Griffin, Bradley Halsman, Steve Jones EDIT: Steve Jones has signed with Droylsden according to Wikipedia, Gloria is at Real Madrid .....
  13. LadywellToi


    Maybe "Enjoy watching him while you can" may be considered as suggesting the opposite. It's being realistic, if we offer him improved terms in January similar to Humphrey and he extends a year then ideal. The difference between him and say Jennings is, he's younger, ambitious (he took the concious move with his agent to come to us as a stepping stone), Rotherham fans were gutted to see him leave, he's hit the ground running and been in the top 3 of the MotM in almost every game and he is a creative middle to front player which many managers see as the key position.
  14. LadywellToi


    In this instance I think its a safe bet, however we'll no doubt have this conversation in about a years time.
  15. LadywellToi


    Enjoy watching him while you can, I think its safe to say as he's on a 2 year deal, he'll be off next summer.

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