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  1. Coolhandluc

    2018/19 Fixtures

    Not been on here for a while so aplogies if already been posted. With Hibs cruising into the next round of Europa, the ties will be on 26 July and 2nd Aug as my mate reminded me. So our away game v Hibs could be moved from Sat 4 to Sunday 5th
  2. I was reminded yesterday that prices for cup game v Dons are £10 and £5 for concessions :-) So get yourselves along to what should be a great cup tie !
  3. Coolhandluc

    Pre-Season 2017'18

    So what did you all think? I thought the guys looked quite sharp. I was impressed by Dembele and Dunne at the back, Tuton looked sharp and Rose looks the part too. Not so sure about Tanner. Oh and Bigi was classv
  4. Coolhandluc

    Your Goal For The Club Next Season

    A top six finish and a cup final
  5. Coolhandluc

    Joint Player Sponsor Raffle 2017-18 £5 Entry

    £10 sent , cheers Iain
  6. Nice to see some of you guys stopping off in Aviemore today. Been working here all week and was a good surprise
  7. Coolhandluc

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Not so sure. He's got a job outside of football too. I hear that Dom Thomas has been recalled from QOS for next season
  8. Coolhandluc

    Scottish Premiership Motherwell V Dundee Sat 29April 15:00

    I find myself agreeing with what's been said already. However, the one strand of hope I have is that no player looks like their hiding ( with the exception of Lionel, but that's nothing new ). We still try to be playing football and not panicking. Although time is running out and we need a win badly !
  9. Wasn't at the game , but heard Richie Foran on radio claiming that a Well player told him it wasn't over the line either . A massive win for us and I see Hartley's been sacked from Dundee. Hopefully the new man has not enough time to turn things around there
  10. Coolhandluc

    S Robinson Motherwell Manager

    Aha Lee Carsley
  11. Coolhandluc

    S Robinson Motherwell Manager

    Guesses for the other one. Stubbs? ( he says having put a fiver on him)
  12. Coolhandluc

    S Robinson Motherwell Manager

    Anyone fancy hanging about FP and report the comings and goings. I'm sure Flow will give you a flask of tea
  13. Coolhandluc

    S Robinson Motherwell Manager

    Take it everyone's prepared for the pant wetting whatever happens
  14. Coolhandluc

    Scottish Premiership Aberdeen V Motherwell Sat 11 Mar 15:00

    The board know all about Robinson having worked under Mcghee for such a time. The two games in charge is an added bonus I suppose, to see what he brings to the table as his own man. There is certainly no need to delay an appointment another week once all the candidates have been interviewed IMO.
  15. Coolhandluc

    S Robinson Motherwell Manager

    I notice Derek Adams has Plymouth 2nd in league 2 with a 50% win rate. Hadn't thought of him until his name appeared on some website linking managers to jobs. Probably just lazy journalism I hope

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