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  1. Don't say that you'll upset the happy clappers. Just for the record I'm JUBILANT. We've won today but we're miles away from being a decent side. Sticks and stones etc. And do any of you Really think Seedorf and Hylton are good players......
  2. I'll let you know. We need 3 forwards and need to terminate Hylton and Seedorfs contracts. If we can get some decent forwards in we have a chance of a decent season.
  3. Jeeso. Come on we're still ahead and a man up.
  4. Good start . Yes as i write this Accies down to 10 men.
  5. The awfull Seedorf on the LEFT flank in front of Punter Dunne and the awfull 3-5-2 formation again. Carson who we all know is our best keeper is on the bench. Feck off Robinson.

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Celtic fan told me Jack Hendry is by far the Worst centre half he's ever seen. Yes thought Robinson would be interested in him.
  7. Giving this game a miss. It'll be a shitfest and we'll lose. Angry at the quality of forwards Robinson had signed.
  8. I thought all along that would be the outcome. Damn shame a decent player.

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Going to be hopefully a busy rebuild between now and the window closing. 6 forwards required Mr Robinson. Get shot of the duffers you've signed.
  10. Totally agree with this is Craig Tanner also a ghost why is he not ready. Seedorf and Hylton can leave now. Illic is not going to do neither is Cole. Robinson has signed about 6 forwards who are all crap.
  11. Now we can focus on our impending relegation battle. We are going to be crap this season. Cant pass the ball. Very weak up front. Hearts are rubbish but we are worse.
  12. Seedorf and Scott off. Bit harsh on Scott he wasn't the worst
  13. Hope Robinson grants him his wish. Take Hylton and Seedorf off as well. Feckin shambolic first half.
  14. Goal for Hearts. I'd get 2 subs on at half time we are absolutely brutal here.

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