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  1. Promising sounding plans! Commercialisation of the platforms is key to them paying for themselves over time.
  2. am i right in saying we get 50/50 gate splits for revenue? This cup is showing signs of a nice little money spinner for us.
  3. Gaag

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    Ainsworth oot - Akinfenwa in. Job done - can steamroller the rest.
  4. Scottish Cup Semi Final Replay in 1991 was my first ever game
  5. Beat 5th & 6th place teams and we'll finish 4th - sure of it.
  6. Gaag


    So it's down to UEFA Country Ranking now rather than club coefficient how many places we get? Or have I mis-read that
  7. I'm fairly confident we can get a point out of this one. That'll do me. A win would be dynamite though.
  8. Gaag

    The Well Society

    How much is he charging for his consultancy fee?
  9. Gaag

    The Well Society

    Whilst I'd be happy to donate some of my money on a regular basis to the WS - I would be much more confident in doing so if I knew more about how it was being used and more to the point, how it's communicated to the fan base. How about donating a bit of time to the cause, which in turn leads to a clearer understanding on my part... meaning I'm then able to put my money where my mouth is! The Well Society should be reaching out more for voluntary help from people in business who have a vested interest. There are no doubt a number of people in our ranks (myself included) that could offer help, a critique eye and potential solutions in areas such as: running a business, maintaining an effective P&L, new business development, audience improvement techniques and ATL/BTL marketing.
  10. blue sky and a full house? I would imagine so.
  11. Aye cos McGhee has shown his impartiality towards Celtic on dozens of occasions before now
  12. Gaag

    The Well Society

    The honest answer to the question you have posed incorporates my concerns. The fact that we don't know the details yet are being rallied into donating more because of some "your club needs you" approach sticks with me a little. I wouldn't pay for any service or invest money in any other walk of life unless i had some semblence of what I'm getting into. The fact that I care more about the club than I do for many other things I put money into is where it wrangles. It seems as though they are relying on peoples unconditional support to make an investment into something without giving them the respect or honesty to help them understand it better. My serious concerns at this stage are based on a mixture of prior knowledge, complete lack of communication (some may even see it as bordering on misinformation) and the timings/financials of a deal that we know next to nothing about. In my work when I am looking at new business acquisitions, there is a very distinctive, in depth and robust due diligence process that we go through - most often in situations where our employees or the public don't know anything about it. That's fine, no point in releasing information until you can speak with certainty. However the critical difference here is that we aren't asking our employees to put their hands in their pocket to pay for it. As many people have stated - we don't owe the club anything. The club owes us their existence, and at the very least should that should flow throughout both the club and the Well Society. Bravery, Passion, Integrity and Transparency. It's not too much to ask, right?

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