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  1. 1-0 Edouard Just switch off now?
  2. Doesn't sound like Tom Boyd, which is a bonus
  3. Richie

    The Well Society

    What was Leanne Dempster doing if we were "Weeks from admin"? I know our wage structure was a shambles, but FFS.
  4. Richie

    The Well Society

    Basically saying we were weeks from admin when he became involved. The rest was common knowledge about matched funding etc. Finally, he stressed that the fans need to keep (financially) supporting the club.
  5. Yeah, obviously it would be a wrench to leave, but it has a limited lifespan, particularly given planning permission/restrictions etc due to neighbouring premises
  6. I've noticed this as well Despite all this "not in his character" chat, he has previous, certainly against us, for a cynical challenge and a bit of a head's gone. ...That's before we get on to the diving.

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