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  1. As ever in this fixture, hope for the best, expect the worst. Would probably have preferred to see long starting. You never know. They're not unbeatble.
  2. Lets just forget about than and swiftly move on. Fair do's to Carson
  3. Long should have thrown himself down there
  4. Ref hasn't a fucking clue. Should be winning this, but the bobbly pitch and fly-away ball making it nigh on impossible to play.
  5. This is a fucking shambles. Ref is at it though. Every tackle a foul.
  6. Colraine players throwing themselves down all game
  7. Bobbly pitch and looks like they're playing with a fly away ball. Need another to settle.
  8. Yaas. Coleraine look shite in defence. Ours to lose.
  9. I'm watching via the BBC Sport app. If you've got a smart TV or Virgin Media that will work for you.
  10. Easy. What were we all worried about?

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