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  1. Players and staff do get illness (spurs playing after food poisoning) as I say we want people to get it not avoid it (apart from elderly people and people with comorbidities) people are going to get it we just want to delay the peak.
  2. Anyone have a link to well society benefits can’t find it on the website was going to finally join since atleast 1 month of no football at all.
  3. Could easily start with games behind close doors (doesn’t have to be on tv) once the panic calms down. Easily get atleast two games a week only 8 left so that’s only a month left. Remember the advice is to delay the peak not to make sure nobody gets it
  4. Thought it was more individual errors for the goals. Gillespie for the second the three defenders who couldn’t block Forrest shot and Dunne for the 4th. We play like that against most of the rest of the league and we win 5-2 not a fair reflection. Need a a bit more from Long up top mind.
  5. Richard tait thought would be a bad buy looked awful against Annan now one of the most consistent players. Khaled Kemas (Was younger) thought he looked a good skilful player!
  6. The two problems for them on Saturday IMO was that due to the narrow midfield (which worked a treat) either one was dropping wide to build attacks. Then trying to cross and only the other was in the box making it more difficult. Prob need to work on getting runners from midfield! also main confidence seems so low and he seems a total confidence plater. Never gave up or stopped running but nothing came off for him all game!
  7. Frear not my favourite player but not got any other choices currently. Would look to get hastie back in there in jan
  8. As people have been saying really big game for the season. Think we need to change system looked a lot better against hearts and Livingston with 4 at the back! i would play 4-3-3/4-5-1 Carson Tait Aldred Hartley Livingston (was honestly amazing on Saturday) Turnbull Campbell Grimshaw Cadden Main Frear
  9. So would I but apparently Fiorentina and Parma want him sodoubt he will be playing at fir park, apparently done amazing since going over there would love to see cadden do the same!
  10. Went to the QOS v Stranraer game was a lot of fun but think we should be able to beat both fairly comfortably! QOS had harkins as part of a two in the middle and Stranraer easily passed round him and any balls into the channels caused chaos at the back! Stranraer were decent on the ball and kept plugging away but with joe hammil at Center half we should cause them problems and should be able to deal with there forward who looks quick and strong for that level
  11. Honestly did not think we would get a bid for bowman what do we think the actual valuation of him is? 150k and an add on is what i would be happy with?
  12. Glad he is retiring cause feels bad criticising a legend but not doing it in the Park hope he gets to come out before a game a la moult since u dont get to do that for players very often!
  13. Def a lot of my favourites there but have to include two of faddys goals. Half way line run against clyde and against Livingstone in the final game of the season!
  14. Best first half seen in ages pass and move frear looking good! But with Samson in goal they always have a chance shocked were behind

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