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  1. Mind the pre season prior to two cup finals.......
  2. Disappointing to lost 2 sloppy goals when in control. Couldn't believe the size of Menga, clearly far from fit.....
  3. Have a feeling this is going to be a genuine "cannot believe they got him, what a signing.... "
  4. A Turkish journalist has posted that Ciftci has signed a deal with Genclerbirligi.
  5. Ref. Only played 2 mins injury time.....
  6. Brown has 16 ( yep, SIXTEENEN, 11 league) yellow cards this season and just the one red (sorry. Now 0 red cards). And to my knowledge no domestic suspension. How that can be well.....
  7. Listened to Foran's post match interview. Said he's considering telling his players this week how shite they've been to try and gee them up. Not sure how serious he is. However, Inverness have 1 win in 21 league games against Sevco. I think we will beat them next week and the real race to avoid 11th will begin.
  8. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/657463/simo-valakari-says-hes-more-ready-than-ever-to-be-motherwell-boss-after-mark-mcghees-sacking/
  9. You never know. 97-98. On the back of a 6 game losing streak, Celtic had just lost the previous game(against Oldco) after winning 8 on the bounce. Bear in mind it's a Celtic report, but.... Celtic 0 Motherwell 2 AS one of the very few men on this planet who has conceded a penalty in a World Cup final, Wim Jansen knows a thing or two about self-destruction. He will have recognised all its hallmarks in this desperate and unexpected defeat. The rest of us recognised the twist of this afternoon only too well. It was familiar for anyone who has witnessed Celtic's flawed pursuit of the league championship these last three years. Opportunities, manic desire and periods of extreme dominance - particularly in the first half hour - were theirs. But so too were misfortune, hot-headedness and error. The match began with a clutch of assaults and near misses on Motherwell's goal and ended with Mickey Weir tapping in to an empty goal, and home supporters draining prematurely from the stands. In between Regi Blinker got himself ordered off in a haze of stupidity and Celtic lost both their shape and the initiative. "The referee is under intense pressure from an intimidating crowd but I thought that he was really strong," said Alex McLeish, referring to Blinker. McLeish's team, cobbled together in the wake of an injury crisis, contained three 21-year-olds, a 23-year-old and Lee McCulloch, who is 19. The response to the early buffeting and emotion that boiled around the stadium was exemplary. "I tried to get the message to them not to punt it and to use the extra man. I'm really pleased with the work we put in. The work ethic is a most important thing for us this season," McLeish said. How typical Celtic should encounter this banana skin on a day when Rangers presented them with an opportunity by dropping points. The Celtic players will be put through a training session today, to begin the build-up to Wednesday's Old Firm game. "We know it will be hard to prepare ourselves following these two defeats," Jansen said. "We know we have to change some things." These might well involve an alteration in midfield where Paul Lambert's calm and steady play served to highlight the impetuosity of those around him. Lambert was a casualty, substituted in the 79th minute after some bruising moments. He had his eyes opened to several new aspects of football during his time in Germany. They will have been popping at some of the old madness of the Premier Division here. Lambert's team-mates began as if desperate to get apologies for the Rangers game in at once and their sheer vim nearly brushed Motherwell away within 10 minutes. Celtic could have scored six times in this period. Henrik Larsson headed one cross against the bar and nodded another in, but was judged offside. The striker incurred a nosebleed in the process, re-opening a certain training ground wound. Craig Burley slipped when clean through and a Blinker cross eluded three team-mates on the line. Before that, Alan Stubbs had padded forward like a great big policeman, first to almost knock Stevie Woods into the West Stand with a free kick, then to head against Simo Valakari on the line. If Stubbs was fortunate to be playing, having almost fractured an eye socket against Rangers last Saturday, Blinker was extremely so given his insipid Ibrox display. He will be lucky as a Lottery winner to escape censure from Jansen after this. A bout of pawing with Kevin Christie ended with the Motherwell player prostrate in the 35th minute and the Dutchman banished. Willie Young indicated an elbow had been used. What compounded Blinker's folly was his team had just lost a goal and were in a bewildered state. Owen Coyle's shot from the edge of the box had promised little danger but a double deflection, the last off Stubbs' knee, took the ball past Jonathan Gould. It was Motherwell's first meaningful attack. Willie Young is clearly an addict of opprobrium. Three weeks ago he was booed from the pitch at Ibrox and here he was blithe in the face of the anger of Celtic fans. The red card, a disallowed Burley goal and two penalty denials a minute into the second half were all part of this fearless official's canon. Motherwell grasped their chance magnificently, packing their box like a bunker and chasing every cause. Up front they treated every opportunity to break as if it were treasure and were rewarded in the last minute when Dougie Arnott's careful ball was knocked into an empty net by Weir. Celtic had the possession but never the composure to retrieve the game, even before Weir scored. Their best chance in the second half was a Marc Rieper header wide. Rieper ended up playing centre forward and seemed pretty alien to some of the subtleties of that position. His afternoon, like Celtic's, finished in the wrong territory.
  10. Think it's safe to say if we insist on even 10 Bob up front Sevco won't be interested.
  11. I'm pretty sure that City and Pool fans all over the world, when seeing that tackle Toure did on Ainsworth, thought "Where the f*ck did he learn to do that!'
  12. Feck that was sore to take. Completely dominated that first half but we did not change to what was an inevitable alteration to them. Sat way too deep, and faileDundee to match their intensity second 45. Any other team in Scotland however we'd have rattled in six today...and probably conceded four.
  13. I think Kilmarnock have more to worry about than we do. I recall under the Tommy Burns era there the crowds were more than double what they get now.
  14. And only 1 league game in January......
  15. Brilliant. After Saturday and now this, can we put these buggas back on the mantelpiece. ....
  16. Paranoid? Rangers fans? Never...... http://forum.followfollow.com/archive/index.php/t-1059068.html
  17. There was a similar incident during the match where Rankin clearly elbowed Louis Moult in the head during a second-half challenge. Strangely the witch-hunt on this one has still to take off.....
  18. He did indeed. I knew him very well, always pleasant and a joy to know. Sadly missed.
  19. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/607795/Arsenal-legend-Thierry-Henry-new-Motherwell- It must be true then...................
  20. Seem to recall it was a header at the near post main stand side after about 9 minutes. Then it all went horribly wrong..........
  21. Won't ever forget that trip. Especially Chick Young boasting he'd buy everyone on board the plane champagne if Motherwell managed to get through then shitting himself in Finland when McCulloch hit the post in the last minute.
  22. Remember it well. Was a couple of days before we went to play MyPa-47 in the return leg. Scorching hot day, Van Der Gaag broke his leg and on came Woods as a right-winger. Did very well as it happens. Won on penalties.
  23. It was Clydebank Woods played winger against.....
  24. Disagree with the "no tekkers" and the like chat. Clarky has the talent. Give him a chance sure he will prove the doubters wrong.

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