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  1. My grandpa was saying the same thing last night, he arranged his saturdays around the football.
  2. To be fair though their 1st team player manager alex Neil had an influence in the game, had to leave just after halftime though so didn't get to see the full game.
  3. 4-2 them with us leading 2-0 until captain Keith goes in head first and concedes 2 penalties. St mirren then go on to score after walking through our defence and scoring with shots the keeper whether it be Dan the man or Gunnar should have caught easily. Oh and a post match interview from Mccall saying we should have done better and that there were a few chances we just didn't take. And to wrap it up some delightful posts on here about how shite we were and how much of a joke everything is.
  4. is this club just trying to cost its self money? Would have been a brilliant crowd for this. This after last weeks fiasco and missing out on a polish team that would have probably filled the place.
  5. Truer words could have never have been said
  6. as I said I didn't think it was as simple as just announcing it was being played doon the park
  7. Dug shit... Miners Park is covered in it. Palace grounds would be easier for all, parking, transport, walking... fuck ye can get a mcdonalds or a kfc at half time
  8. If your gonna have to play it behind closed doors at firpark because you cant get stewards/policing why don't you move it it to The Palace Grounds? It then isn't a regulated football match so you don't need to have it policed or stewarded meaning the club wouldn't be losing money (assuming it had to be played behind closed doors if it were at Firpark) It would allow fans to come along and see the team and it is easier to get to than Dalziel Park. Although I do suspect it isn't that easy.
  9. The keepers strip looks a bit fred perry. Never noticed the badge until on the fringes mentioned it but does look tacky... Something about the two wee claret lines across the collar that makes it look cheap.
  10. does winning a play off count as winning something?
  11. I wouldn't be bothered if we won a cup and finished as low as tenth... But no lower cause well if albion can beat us I'm sure a championship team will after next season
  12. I could have took it if we went over there and drew 0-0 or 1-1 and went out that way, would have just been unlucky. Its the fact we conceded 5 goals, 3 of which penalties given away by the same player that angers me
  13. was wanting to know if it was still worth going, if they were among some of the people saying the club was a shambles and were of the same view as some one here. Also was wanting to know if it was a good trip apart from the result. She never stopped me going on the trip but when she said £595 just for a game of football... I thought of what else I could do with that. Edit* This too...
  14. I'm doing neither, I was just just saying that I would like to hear from the guys who paid the money to be there and how they felt about the result.

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