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  1. So nothing about hamas then. My main issue I have with it is that it tribalises the matter and certain slebberers think they have to shout "fuck palestine" etc, just to say the opposite of what "they" say.
  2. Thought we performed reasonably, game was killed by two decent goals. A let down but nothing embarassing. Up against the financial and institutional establishment, it'll be tough until something changes. What was the thing about Hamas? I have to say I was embarrassed by some of the foaming at the mouth bigots around me in the well end, nazi salutes in particular. The palestine thing is virtue signalling wankery, trying to tribalise a serious issue, but some of the sleberring it provoked in our end was just as shite
  3. A pint or 2 at a Motherwell St Johnstone game is not going to lead to bother. It's a no brainer to gain some revenue. England is notorious for hooliganism and they can handle it.
  4. Martin

    Why So Few?

    I reckon all the "don't want to endure the bile" is usually code for "don't want to watch us get pumped"
  5. What's it to do with the referendum? It'd be great to see beer sold at games, for revenue and atmosphere.
  6. I found Athens amazing. The 'nice part' was awesome, wee back streets near the acropolis, street artist, ancient ruins were all pretty memorable. Fair enough the urban part was a shit hole but it was avoidable.
  7. People have been discussing the big prize for second since October, even in papers I'm sure
  8. A legal challenge by Celtic would have been terrible PR for them imo. And I doubt they budgeted for the last 16 of the CL so shouldn't be depending on a few hundred k prize money anyway.
  9. A lot of teams seem to ride their luck when they get a result against Celtic, but that was totally deserved I thought! YALDI!
  10. A source tells me he's almost definitely off to sheffield
  11. Martin


    Fuck boaby sands he's died! Etc
  12. 170k for a first team player with 2 years left on his contract is utterly shite, whether he was free in the first place or not. The fact that he's on small wages is a reason to keep him on. IMO Ojamaa brings at least as much to the team as Murphy and we're talking about 200k+ for him when he only has 6 months left!
  13. Just wait till the torrents of pish start a cascading down the steps, then we'll have a real meltdown!
  14. I dread the day we get someone like jimmy calderwood in. I'd rather we take chances on managers on the off chance we'll do something exciting. Obviously McCall shoul be no where near the door, though the summer will be an acid test!

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