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  1. Hang on, why did h**s autocorrect??
  2. "Ainsworth...fires home", almost whispered, on h**s tv is an all time classic.
  3. Bit surprised no one has started a thread on this; anyone got any thoughts or suggestions?
  4. Straightforward double entendre nothing to see
  5. So it says "live in the United States", does that mean it's included in the annual overseas package?
  6. Can't believe no one's mentioned the P word - I for one am so proud of our club for being in the top flight for so long. As far as "charmed life" goes, I discount the Falkirk one because we invested in the ground, whereas others didn't so fair play to us!
  7. Cole can poach but his 1st touch and decision making are awful. Has 3 opponents in front of him and he always decides to try to beat them by pushing the ball 6 feet in front of him...
  8. claretband

    Big Dec

    People talking about 6 figure sums, 500k etc? I'd be hoping for at least double that, his stock is huge at the moment.
  9. Higdon's pen was one of the best ever!
  10. Yeh prob not for everyone but it is full of folks from all corners of the planet of course many of whom stay for years; that's the beauty of it though if you don't like it just move on/move back at least you've had the experience. My point was there's young lads in all trades trekking down not just footballers.
  11. Unless these young players are real home birds who wouldn't fancy a few years down there for the craic as well as the dough. Did it myself in early 20s and had a great time, London back in the day was full of exiled Scots of all ages and I doubt its' attractions have faded that much. Stoke on the other hand....
  12. Countless times O'Hara has acres of space ahead of him - guess where the ball goes?

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