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  1. Yeh prob not for everyone but it is full of folks from all corners of the planet of course many of whom stay for years; that's the beauty of it though if you don't like it just move on/move back at least you've had the experience. My point was there's young lads in all trades trekking down not just footballers.
  2. Unless these young players are real home birds who wouldn't fancy a few years down there for the craic as well as the dough. Did it myself in early 20s and had a great time, London back in the day was full of exiled Scots of all ages and I doubt its' attractions have faded that much. Stoke on the other hand....
  3. Countless times O'Hara has acres of space ahead of him - guess where the ball goes?
  4. Last night on Match of the day they were almost tearing up their notebooks and walking out after the Palace game. Does anyone know exactly why the law was changed, it sounds like something dreamt up by a committee who don't know the game?
  5. Surely a pen for shove in Campbell's back?
  6. I went fishing as well, caught the second half and that was the only thing I caught as after mullet, what did you get?
  7. Loved the Polworth reaction to his goal, reminded me of a certain Newcastle player and his love of advertising hoardings!
  8. I see game is on Premier Sports 2, not sure if it's a late addition to the schedule?
  9. Just in case anyone doesn't know if you're at home try to plug laptop into your modem with cable rather than wireless. It does make a difference to the quality.
  10. Just looking at options and can't say it's crystal clear. Does anyone know:- Is the existing streaming service being discontinued (I think this gave you most league games home and away and home cup games?) If you buy an overseas season ticket does this give you ground entry if games come back and you are back home? Last season a few away grounds were excluded so presume they aren't any more? Can you pay per view for cup games? I followed the link and all that appears is the audio option, do you have to Subscribe first then they contact you?
  11. Anyone else still been paying their MFCTV subs during lockdown? I have since the club have said a "significant amount" goes to MFC.
  12. Quite so but also for a brief week every fan in the country was a Well fan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Just had a thought these games could be called the "Spartacus playoffs" - for fairly obvious reasons!
  14. Plus can't have the Redskins apparently it's "Burgundy & gold"!
  15. I'm definitely nicking that video, great stuff. Surprised no one's mentioned the obvious Bradford.

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