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  1. I remember when McGhee went to Aberdeen it was mentioned that we were paying him £150k pa and Aberdeen's Manager Salary was £250k. That was a long time ago, but Id be very surprised if we werent still paying £150k or thereabouts
  2. Ooft, Love a bit of Alliteration lol
  3. The majority of that is Land Price & adjoining development! And Hearts Main Stand shows why we will never redevelop our own at Fir Park! It cost a fortune due to extra constraints put on it due to its location in the middle of town. I know the club made a lot of Noise at the time about their trips to Aalesund and Odense and so design ideas would be different I would imagine, but a decent 10k stadium would be achieveable as long as we got land at a decent cost and were able to offset some of the expenditure with selling FP. Even adding to that, You could be looking at selling the Naming Rights and hosting a couple of Summer Concerts which between then could raise £500k a year and pretty much cover any decent Mortgage payment. And while I understand worries over groundsharing, If we boxed smart. A stadium at Ravenscraig would fly through planning and could be built very quickly with it being cleared and dead flat to start with. Whereas planning and setup for a Supermarket or homes (assuming there was a change of use) would take longer so there could be a possibility of moving straight from Fir Park to the New Ground, or at most a season at Airdrie. Theres a lot for the Club to think about and explore, but its certainly doable. The trade off is how long we can afford to stay at Fir Park, chucking hundreds of thousands of pounds at a ground that will only ever deteriorate every summer to just make it habitable
  4. How did St Midden afford their Stadium then? We dont need to buy a stadium outright, there will be a multi year mortgage along with any money from the sale of Fir Park. The big question is the size of mortgage the board would be willing to take on! The bigger that amount the bigger/better the stadium
  5. Easily as much as a brand new stadium! And You wouldnt be able to extend the Main Stand much due to planning, so You'd be looking at a big empty corner still. Plus, look at the Cooper & South stands, they are looking tired as well. The roof metalwork on both is rusted to fuck
  6. Hmmm, in what way will the seats (the exact same seats we have at Fir Park seeing as we get them from a natiinal supplier) be more uncomfortable? And as for Leg Room, Im pretty sure new Stadium standards give more legroom than a converted Terrace! And where charges you a tenner to park? Ive parked at McDairmid, Caley & Victoria Park and never paid more than 3 quid, reasonable for parking at the stadium Id suggest? I love the arguments that always come out when this subject arises. "Soulless" "Legoland" "Tin Shed" "Breezeblock" etc. Do You guys actually think Richer clubs build stadiums out of Diamonds & Gold? Soul and atmosphere is brought by the fans inside! Not because a rich club can put ETFE Cladding on their Main Stand or build an on site Micro Brewery! A Good Quality Pitch, as Much Hospitality as we can fit in, Steep Sided Sands close to the Pitch, good Parking & Access. Thats all we need and that is achieveable. The rest is up to us as Fans! The only thing I feel we would need as I mentioned earlier is some additional on site facilities like a couple of bars and a restaurant or two to keep fans in the area for longer on match days.
  7. The only place is Ravenscraig if were looking at a new Stadium. Pretty decent traffic links if done well, but would have to be done as part of a bigger project unlike Falkirk/St Johnstone.
  8. Apparently he has been removed as "Head Coach" not sacked by the club. So he will still be there as Director of Football
  9. Thats right enough to be fair. The radio made it out he had a bit of a horror show with it, and I ws speaking to a mate last night who was there and said Gillespie shouldve done a lot better at their goal, but looking at it, it was more poor defending than anything
  10. Makes up for chucking their equalizer in I suppose
  11. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    hehe the "Authorities"? In Scottish Football, we all know Rangers & Celtic ARE the Authorities
  12. St Johnstone are brutal, and havent won a league game yet...... enter MFC. Bet Your house on a home win!
  13. Shaka

    Hearts away, 14/9

    That miss still gives me nightmares. Was convinced we were scoring there

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