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  1. Yip fuck him. Leave him at home for the last 2 games.
  2. That squad is absolutely terrifying. 6 first team starters needed PLUS a bench full of players who are championship level at best. Looks like Carson could be done as a frontline number 1 and Donnelly is the only remotely decent player of the other 7. ZERO goalscoring threat from anywhere on the pitch. The thing is, I dont see us recruiting 6 first team players! Especially when we are handing out contracts to utter shite like Crawford and playing Lamie every week, plus starting that fucking awful lad from Blackburn ahead of Mugabi, who Im still not sure about but will at least be here next season. Unless there is a serious investment in that squad, (and I doubt there will be anything near whats needed) Il put good money on that squad getting us relegated next year
  3. Not sure Ive ever seen a team as bad at set pieces as us. Whoever thought of that fucking horrendous short corner palava needs a clout wi Declans baseball bat
  4. Maoloire is fucking pish. Game over
  5. Oh and thank god for Liam Kelly. Were gonna seriously miss him next season!!!
  6. And to think weve given Crawford a new contract so he can be part of our new "smaller, better quality" squad. Guys a fucking abomination I actually hope we lose tonite. Cause if we win and get a few extra quid, the way our recruitment is going its gonna be spent paying Rangers £300k for Jake Hastie, or giving Rickie Lamie a 7 year extension.
  7. Really happy with Alexander at the moment, however REALLY REALLY concerned for next year if handing out contracts to utter pish like Jobby Crawford is gonna be the extent of our squad! We already have Donnelly, O'Hara & Maguire contracted for next season, we need 1 or 2 QUALITY additions in CM, and by Quality I mean someone able to pass a ball to a teammate, and maybe score now & again. Again same with Mugabi! We are stuck with dross like Lamie & McGinlay next year, Im not convinced Mugabi is anything other than a backup so that means we still need at least another 2 good quality CD.
  8. Gave it to Lawless. Was very involved and showed a bit of quality on the ball! Roberts was decent, Gallagher, O'Donnell and Campbell strolled it. Was I seeing things, or did we have somebody called Foley on the pitch at the end? Jobbie Crawford didnt look out of place............ playing in a Highland League Stadium! Tony Watt was quality on the commentary
  9. O'Donnell isnt the required quality! We need proper quality players like Jobbie Crawford!!
  10. This is dire. 30 mins against what is a ballhair off an over 40's non league team and we havent looked anywhere near scoring
  11. Aye Watt & Jock bigging his new contract up, then he passes straight out the pitch, scoops that hilarious shot and launches a long ball over McGinlays head....... so basically carried on the way he has played the last 6 months
  12. Robbie Crawford new deal....... yay
  13. Shaka

    Big Dec

    Fuck him. Leave him on the bench dreaming of his imminent summer move to Dundee Utd and the chance to go to the Euro Championships wi Scotland that he threw away to get his "big move"
  14. Shaka

    Big Dec

    Quite funny that he's fucked his own career playing funny buggers wi us over this supposed clause. Good riddance "captain". Enjoy watching the Euros from the couch
  15. Shaka

    Super Cooper

    Bobby Russell was a quality player! My earliest favourite player wi wee Dougie

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