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  1. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Aye its crazy. Theres a fair few in the Highland League on a good wedge too! Your talking £400-£700pw. Mental when You think Motherwell have first team guys on similar!
  2. Time to sub Turnbull, break the news in the post match presser about his questionable attitude and serious injury he picked up today, then lock him up in an office in the main stand until Sept 1st
  3. Shadwell Army! Fuckin Love You Gumbo!
  4. Yes, in one off cup games! Which in itself makes our efforts in the league all the more pathetic And as for the arseholes throwing things, they should be banned for life! Fucking retards getting triggered by a player stealing 5 yards for a throw in, which will now result in a Rangers moral crusade and us receiving a fine. Clear as day on tv as well, the ref picks up the lighter and beside him ANOTHER object is chucked! How fucking special do you need to be?
  5. And in that time every other team in the SPL have beaten them multiple times, and teams like Queens Park, Arbroath, Raith Rovers and Alloa have beaten/taken points from them. Its a fucking embarrassment
  6. we have literally done everything but put the ball in the net for them ourselves. Could be a long final 5 games, because these players are already on holiday mode. Fucking pathetic how every other team in Scotland can regularly take points off a poor Rangers team and yet we are desperste to let them beat us
  7. Typical pathetic "effort" against Rangers, fucking school teams dont defend that badly. Literally given them 2 goals
  8. Shaka

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Where has all this hate for Rohan Ferguson come from? The guy played well and was highly rated at Airdrie, since then he has played for our U20's, and I havent seen that many howlers while watching their highlights
  9. Shaka

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    The club isnt going to announce ANYTHING on Hastie until after the season has ended! Until then, we get to develop Rangers next reserve team stalwart, when we should actually send the boy to train on his own down Strathclyde Park. He's gone, the pish about the club not giving up hope is just smoke and mirrors And as for the Tax issue? A lot of players have it written into their contracts that the weekly sun is Net, and a lot more create Limited Companies where the pay goes to and they take tax free "dividends" and pay 20% on the rest
  10. Shaka

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Weeyin, you are being deliberately obtuse! The point was an acceptable offer PRIOR to his first team exposure ie last year! As I myself have pointed out, an offer of an additional year and an extra £200 a week made last summer, with the promise of a new contract offer should he meet his targets would have been snapped up by Hastie and would have protected our investment, all for an additional sum of £10k! But we decided to spunk probably 5 times that sum on Connor fucking Sammon instead!
  11. Shaka

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths

    And seemingly a debut for the wonderfully named 16 year old, Liam Motherwell! (HAS to be a typo doesnt it?)
  12. Shaka

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Its actually more a Business decision than a Football decision tho! We Knew Turnbull Maguire & Hastie were the 3 "Names" in the Under 20 Squad that were most likely to make an impact! We Knew we were gonna send them on loan to develop them for the first team! We knew all 3 were into the last 12 months of their contract We Knew these players have been previously courted by bigger clubs at younger age grades Now, giving what we knew, and the club ethos for developing youth, surely the men in charge should have been looking to protect the clubs investments? Offering all 3 of these lads a 12 month extension with an increase of £200-£300pw, on the proviso that the contract is reviewed again this summer should they meet their development targets, would have cost the club between £30k & £45k extra in total, and given the club security should 1 or all 3 of them make an impact. We got lucky with Maguire & Turnbull, but look to have lost Hastie, for the sake of potentially £10k! That is utter insanity and shows just how small time and amateurish our club is sometimes.
  13. Shaka

    2018/19 Game 30: Hibs (A) March 16th 3pm kick off

    I know for a fact, young Fraser Murray was pulled from Mondays reserve game to "prepare" him for saturday, dont know if thats because they are short in midfield or what? I think we could sneak a draw, but McNulty is in good form so I expect them to score 1 or 2. Would love to see a Well win to give us a shout of 6th!
  14. Shaka

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Id be amazed if Kent doesnt stay, guy is a cracking player, prob too good for Rangers, but not good enough yet for Liverpool. With the Gerrard connection I cant see them loaning him anywhere else. Hastie would be far better staying here then moving in a year or so, but then his agent makes less than with a free transfer this summer and another free when Rangers release him in a couple years
  15. Shaka

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Yeah I do see what You are saying Gaz, but have a different viewpoint personally. Its not all about end product in these loans, its about building experience. I heard many reports when Hastie was at Airdrie that he was fantastic on the ball, direct, technically good etc but he had little end product. I was actually speaking to a Dundee United supporting mate who mentioned Hastie after the Utd v Alloa game in Dec saying you could see he was a level above Championship as he was technically good and looked bigger and fitter than his teammates. Add those reports to our own U20 games and training that he will be doing, and I dont believe it would come as a shock for him to make an impact once in the first team, especially if he starts to provide more end product. Yes the level of impact is obviously above what most would have dreamed, but surely if the Manager is correct and Hastie was earmarked for promotion to the first team last summer and was first sent on loan to toughen up, then its not too much of a stretch for the club to offer him a 1 year extension last summer as insurance. As some have said, its less a Darren Smith, Marc Fitzpatrick, Dom Thomas situation, and more a Faddy,Pearo situation when it comes to perceived quality

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