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  1. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Andrew Barrowman @ Caley! 30 goals in championship, maybe 4 the next in the Prem
  2. The thing is, an interesting way would be to introduce Turnbull from the bench for his first 3 or 4 available games. Start with Polworth, swap for Turnbull after 60 mins
  3. I dont agree, we'd be overrun with Donnelly / Polworth / Turnbull as a 3
  4. Normally Id agree but Tait has a better forward delivery than Grimshaw. The only formation with wingers is 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1, in both of those it has to be Campbell & Donnelly in the centre surely? So its play neither Polworth or Turnbull in a 4-4-2, or choose one or the other in the 4-2-3-1. Certainly a headache for the gaffer
  5. I am 100% certain Poly was signed to be Turnbull's replacenent. So he is the natural choice! BUT, how can You drop him after the Season he is having? My best thought would be lose the wingers and go 4-3-1-2 Carson/Gillespie Tait, Gallagher, Mugabi, Carroll Donnelly, Poly, Campbell Turnbull Long, Scott Tait & Carroll would need to push on to provide width.
  6. We are well known for big away supports in the Scottish Cup. With it being a saturday night too? Wouldnt be surprised with 1500+. Sure I read last week we had sold 800 tickets already
  7. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Im sure we were looking at Jordan White when he was at Stirling Albion and again at Livingston! Would be a typical Motherwell signing, scouted for 11 transfer windows before signing. He's a big lad, 6'4 and a handful. Tho Im far more impressed wi the big lad Stewart at Ross County
  8. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Surprise, another signing who "gives us options all across the front three" Robbo fucking loves a winger.
  9. Yip. We have enough twats in out support at normal ko times, nevermind 7.30 on a saturday night
  10. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Yip.................... whats the bets we sign him in the summer (lol)
  11. Its essentially been a long trial! Cloumbus sign him knowing they can screw us out the money, give him to Ocford for 6 months to see if he is worth the £600k then do the deal. If not, they still have a Scottish International for a pittance. And there is absolutely fucking no chance Cadden was clueless to the situation. Not that I have a problem with a players self interest, just save the crocodile tears in the paper and have the stones to admit you are a cunt
  12. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    So Hastie hit the financial jackpot getting 4 or 5 grand a week on a free transfet tp Rangers, but Scott would lose out with a championship move? Doesnt make any sense at all! If a Championship team pays a million or so for Scott, 5 grand a week is the minimum he would get, plus he would be on to a handsome signing fee. I agree long term it may harm both, but of the two, even if its only a 3 or 4 year contract, Scott has the potential to really set himself up with a move to Bristol of such like
  13. Ach he's shit! They should either release him or loan him to us for the next 2 seasons so we can develop him properly
  14. Would definately agree there. The guy has played at a good level and is apparently fit. So it has to be a personality thing
  15. He did at halftime, but never noticed during the game. We certainly had 7 subs warming up at halftime

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