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  1. Really happy with Alexander at the moment, however REALLY REALLY concerned for next year if handing out contracts to utter pish like Jobby Crawford is gonna be the extent of our squad! We already have Donnelly, O'Hara & Maguire contracted for next season, we need 1 or 2 QUALITY additions in CM, and by Quality I mean someone able to pass a ball to a teammate, and maybe score now & again. Again same with Mugabi! We are stuck with dross like Lamie & McGinlay next year, Im not convinced Mugabi is anything other than a backup so that means we still need at least another 2 good quality CD.
  2. Gave it to Lawless. Was very involved and showed a bit of quality on the ball! Roberts was decent, Gallagher, O'Donnell and Campbell strolled it. Was I seeing things, or did we have somebody called Foley on the pitch at the end? Jobbie Crawford didnt look out of place............ playing in a Highland League Stadium! Tony Watt was quality on the commentary
  3. O'Donnell isnt the required quality! We need proper quality players like Jobbie Crawford!!
  4. This is dire. 30 mins against what is a ballhair off an over 40's non league team and we havent looked anywhere near scoring
  5. Aye Watt & Jock bigging his new contract up, then he passes straight out the pitch, scoops that hilarious shot and launches a long ball over McGinlays head....... so basically carried on the way he has played the last 6 months
  6. Robbie Crawford new deal....... yay
  7. Shaka

    Big Dec

    Fuck him. Leave him on the bench dreaming of his imminent summer move to Dundee Utd and the chance to go to the Euro Championships wi Scotland that he threw away to get his "big move"
  8. Shaka

    Big Dec

    Quite funny that he's fucked his own career playing funny buggers wi us over this supposed clause. Good riddance "captain". Enjoy watching the Euros from the couch
  9. Shaka

    Super Cooper

    Bobby Russell was a quality player! My earliest favourite player wi wee Dougie
  10. Shaka

    Super Cooper

    We Scouted him but were reluctant to take it forward. As mentioned above we spoke to him but wanted him to go Junior for a bit to "round his game" I suppose. At the time, our scouts used a tick box sheet. The scout report showed he had skill and a wand of a left foot, but crosses for defending, tackling, workrate, heading & right foot. Clydebank got the opportunity and literally bagged up the money from the puggys in their social club and gave him it as a signing fee. The rest as they say, is history
  11. Shaka

    Super Cooper

    Crazy to think, but for a tickbox sheet, it couldve been us who enjoyed him in his prime rather than the blue side. Still, glad we got to enjoy him for a bit in the twilight of his career. Always has been a hero of mine
  12. Ah here we go, "Stand Together", another meaningless bandwagon phrase to make it look like we care about racism. Loada shite. So we have "Take the Knee", "Black Lives Matter", "Stand Together", "Kick it Out" , "No room for Racism", "Give racism the red card", when the authorities actually running the game cant be arsed to work together to produce a coherent anti racism campaign what real hope is there? And thats before we even mention the Bigotry that is allowed to run free in Scottish Football in particular We need education (kids arent born racist, its learned behaviour) We MUST have a combined and coherent anti racism message both in Football & Society as a whole, no more bandwagons, and there must be a Zero Tolerance attitude. Until that happens, everything else is just pish & wind
  13. Anyone surprised we got pumped today isnt right in the head. Just turned over after the rugby and had a laugh at the score. The hint for us was all the usual pish about "not dropping standards" how we have used the free week and are "raring to go". Dont think Ive ever seen us follow that shite up with a win. Surprised they have scored 4 mind. Magloire is pure dogshite
  14. Theres been lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth here, but a genuine question, who would you play instead? We CANNOT play 4-4-2 because we have 1 competent winger at the club in Lawless and he is crocked! AND that would mean a combo of Campbell / Polworth / Maguire / O'Hara / Crawford in the middle. The whole reason we play 3 in centre mid is to give an extra man as protection, imagine our midfield with only 2 of those! And the diamond just gives the opposition even more free reign to slaughter us down the wings by making us even narrower. The best answer for me for the rest of the season is 3-5-2 with Watt & Cole as a team up front. But could we do that yesterday? Do we have enough defenders to do that at all? Questions need to be asked of the January signings. It is unacceptable to just go for the "fling enough shite at the wall and some will stick" tactic. IF it was Alexanders recruitment, he needs fucking hammered. If it is the fabled worlds greatest scout Foyle, he needs sacked immediately. Same with Gallagher. If he has indeed been playing the cunt with this contract renewal, I would sack him right now for gross misconduct, and assasinate him in the media. Let the cunt live for 4 months with fuck all and kill any chance he has of the Euros. We cant afford to be this cuddly wee club thats everybodys pal. There is poison running through the veins of this club, and while Graham Alexander isnt completely blameless, you can only piss with the cock youve got! He gets us to the end of the season and its job done, I dont care if its by 1 point or 1 goal. Then we reset in the summer and see how he really is
  15. If we got the plot nearest Dalziell Works, next to the new College, Im sure there is planning or was talk about building a train station on the line there to service the College and Ravenscraig area. So you could have a train station on the stadium doorstep, lots of on site parking and if there was a station there, also a shortcut over the train line meaning it would only be an extra 5 min or so walk from Fir Park

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