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  1. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    While its nice to play Football Manager, the fact that this guy doesnt play non league and for a club in the north east of England means our fabled head of recruitment will have absolutely no idea who he is! So no chance I too would like to see how Cole & Long go, tho with Turnbull and Hastie gone from last seasons team we badly need the wingers to step up as well
  2. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Interesting signing. Now several black players in the squad too, which would make the Nancy fan I met out there happy! I ended up in the Nancy end when we played them and got talking to one of their fans, after seeing our team he was asking me if our Black Players were injured, he was absolutely stunned when I said we didnt have any! "How can You compete Physically?" "Where do You get Your pace?" Couldnt get his head round that fact, something which has tickled me since With Seedorf and another winger due, looks like DJ, Cole & Long are gonna be the options thro the middle. Interested to see what formation we are looking at going forward
  3. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Ive seen people saying Jonathan Benteke? Peach of an overhead to score like
  4. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I was always under the impression Sloth was a replacement for Gorrin, and Polworth was cover for Turnbull. Polwoth is poor defensively but a good distributor who looks for the final pass to the strikers, he plays no10 for Caley and although he doesnt score many, he sets up a lot! He wont fit further back, but is the closest we have to a "proper" number 10. Sloth is decscribed al more in the Gorrin "all rounder" style
  5. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    True, but it gets a bit ridiculous when there are people posting about people posting about people posting about people posting about a signing being shit .............. oh wait
  6. I was thinking about a rant but to be honest its just all bollocks. Theres too much going on for it to be nothing, something fishy is definately going on and we are probably going to be shafted here. The only thing certain is it will be an "undisclosed fee" and we as fans of a "fan owned" club will never know the truth
  7. Hehe easy sweetheart. There was nothing racist or sectarian about it. I assume You arent actually serious and are simply fishing, however if You are genuinely upset, grab a hanky, dry your eyes and stfu lol
  8. Again, thats my fault for not looking. Was just told my a Mhanky Mob fan I work with that Lennon was on SSN, Turnbull ws having his medical and paraded round in his shirt! Assumed it was a done deal and couldnt be fucked bothering to look lol
  9. Ah my bad, I just assumed it was complete after him getting paraded round the tattiedome
  10. Am I the only one concerned that the silence coming out of Fir Park about the Turnbull move is deafening? We get a quick quote a week or so ago from Flow aboit us accepting a bid from Celtic, NOTHING about any sell on clause. Then zilch! Every other transfer has had details or quotes about Sell On clauses and Us protecting future investments etc but absolutely fuck all here apart from a quick tweet from Flow's pal commending him as some kind of hero, and a few made up "reports" from our gutter press What is the true deal we have ended up with here?
  11. Shaka

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I just hope to god that now he is away, Polworth isnt seen as the stand in for Turnbull! Polworth will set up plenty, but couldnt score with a blank cheque. So if he is, we need as a minimum 3 more strikers/wingers capable of scoring the goals to keep us up
  12. Yeah, Rangers "walked away" from Hastie then signed him a week later. Will believe it when I see it. Just want all details of any deal announced! £3mil, some add on's and a sell on clause is a great deal. £3mil or less with NO sell on clause would be scandalous from our board
  13. Ive said that from the start. We killed any chance of a bidding war stone dead by accepting the first offer around our valuation. Now in my opinion, theres one of three options why the club has done this, firstly we have a pre-agreed clause in Turnbull's new contract, secondly there is no other genuine interest in Turnbull, or lastly the club has made a cunt of it. Time will tell which one it most likely was.
  14. NOBODY is submitting a better bid! We have accepted Celtic's bid,so anyone else looking to buy him will bid the same amount and any extra will go to the player in higher wages etc. IF there is genuine interest in Turnbull from England then the club have seriously fucked this up, as they have killed any potential "bidding war" by accepting the first half decent amount! However, same as with the transfer fee Celtic will pay us, we will never know!
  15. The more I think about this deal, the more I just dont get it. After all Flow's big man talk, we accept less than £3m (if reports are to be believed) and look like we have accepted the first half decent deal offered. We have done so and we are not even half way through June which is a bit baffling, but more worrying is that we have killed any "bidding war" stone dead with the first bid made which seems insane to me. Other clubs now know what we will accept, so if they are interested all they need to bid is the same amount, then offer the player/agent more in signing fees and wages! So in the matter of a week we have gone from "bidding will start north of £3m" to accepting the first bid, which is less than £3m with the hope of a couple hundred grand in add ons. And to make the pill even more bitter to swallow, looking at Flow's tweets we will not see a single penny spent on the playing side. With the likes of Hamilton, they have always sold well, reinvested in the squad a little and used the money to develop the club. However, they have generally sold 1 player in a season. Dundee United sold Gauld, GMS,Armstrong, Ciftci & Robertson in quick succession, using the money to service a debt that didnt need to be paid immediately, reinvested practically nothing and ended up relegated and stuck in the Championship. We have sold Johnson, Moult, Heneghan & Kipre in the last couple years, and now lose Hastie, Turnbull & probably Cadden, plus what looks like 2 of our biggest prospects within 1 month of each other! This is looking scarily like identikit Dundee Utd. I suppose our Stadium and Academy will look nice for the Championship tho so its not all bad.

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