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  1. Shaka

    2021 AGM

    All of the 3rd finish cash will be in next years accounts, as will the Euro cash and Turnbull Transfer fee. And yes,it will be interesting how much of the £1m we got for Scott was paid up front. Also for next year, how the £2.5-£3m we got for Turnbull is split, as both deals could potentially be split over 2-3 years
  2. No, I said Gallagher was the better of the two! That still stands
  3. Hopefully the last time wee see McIvor, 8 touches and lost the ball everytime! Even a shattered Watt is 4 times the player that guy is. Thought the Lamie sub was interesting, pushing Carroll up and going to 4-4-2. Devante Cole was MOTM, Mugabi, Watt & Gallagher were immense too. Was impressed wi Lawless' cameo
  4. it was 100% offside. The offside line is Gallaghers armpit, and look at Itten's straight leg. His foot, or part of it, is offside, not by much but offside!
  5. Nope. Gallagher was immense, Mugabi was very good tho.
  6. Harry Smith - 43 in 146 matches (0.29) Jordan White - 117 in 415 matches (0.28) Smith has played at a higher level than White his entire career, is younger and has a better strike rate. Just like Lawless, Smith isnt the best player we will ever sign, but he would be an undoubted improvement on what we currently have Incidentally, IF we signed this "non goalscoring" striker, he would immediately have the best strike rate at the club! Tony Watt - 62 in 280 (0.22) Devante Cole - 46 in 218 (0.21) Chris Long - 35 in 182 (0.19)
  7. That decision didnt affect the Old Firm. Imagine Rangers get hit with a horrendous outbreak and are forced to forfeit or play their U18s for 3 games, losing all of them and suddenly they start bottling the title race! There would be blood spilt.(yes I know Celtic currently have an issue, but they are only missing a couple strikers & a cd from their best team) May just be my suspicious mind, but I have no faith in the SPFL/SFA ever doing the right thing
  8. Outside of The Old Firm, Aberdeen & Hibs, Lawless would walk into every other team in the league. He is match fit, having appeared 16 times this season (ok most as sub I believe) and is a solid, experienced pro with a proven track record, and is better than what we currently have at the club. That is as good as we will ever manage in a January window
  9. Aye You are right enough. Last season when he scored 11 and had 9 assists even tho the season was cut short, I do remember thinking "I like him, but why would we want to sign a goalscoring, multiple assists a season winger when we have Seedorf & Hylton"
  10. Another player who would be this type of signing is David Wotherspoon at St Johnstone. Out of Contract this summer and always thought he was a player. Would be a similar type to Lawless on the other wing
  11. Its not a "sexy" signing. But Lawless is better than Hastie & Seedorf combined so he automatically strengthens our squad. Quite happy with this signing. I was dissappointed we never got him in the summer. Was fantastic for Livvy last season
  12. Theres no way the "powers" in Scottish Football have the backbone to stand by their decision. Both games will be replayed, bet Your house on it. I just hope all paper articles are pinned to the dressing room wall, we are fired up to fuck and go out + pump the cheating cunts by 3 or 4 anyway. Fuck Killie & Fuck St Midden
  13. Part of me thinks the English are trying their best to make it look bad so they get to drop it! Europe works perfectly fine in the main. I believe it doesnt get used for marginal offsides. A foot is offside, but a lace or a pube isnt counted
  14. Plus he started Mugabi & brought on Whyte! Body of evidence building! Fucking Stone of Destiny kisser
  15. I find it hard to believe that 1 player has caught covid, but none of the other 30 odd players & staff arent even close contacts nevermind infected too! All sat together for 8 hours on a plane, eating together, rooming together and sitting round the pool drinking together? Aye something fishy there

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