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  1. Beat Utd 1-0, Jordan White scorer. 2 different 11s, 45 mins for each. Interestingly, Cornelius played at Rb, McIver played CM and we had a young u18 player at Lb second half
  2. We are the "home" team. Would it be Fir Park? Or Forthbank?
  3. Why would it be 5 subs? I thought the English doing that was to counteract injuries and strains caused by a short "pre season" before finishing this season?
  4. Its on the MFC website so Id assume its 100% gen
  5. Polworth is never a winger in a billion years! The lad from Wigan will be the LW option
  6. Or it could be that we see Lang as the wide left option? Tm. Watt / Long / White Lw. Lang / Seedorf Rw. Hastie / Hylton Am. Turnbull / Polworth Long & Watt quite similar so 6'4 White is a different physical option to the others.
  7. If that is indeed the plan (as I also expect it is) its imperative we get him on a 3 year deal. 2 years is utterly pointless, unless he goes on to score 20+?this season
  8. I did hope the smileys would indicate my post as a joke, unfortunately clearly not for some.
  9. Personally I feel we should go nowhere near this lad! 2 transfer fees in the same summer gets me thinking back to the early John Boyle years or (shudder) the McLeish era and gives me the fear! Aye its fine paying 50 grand for a Mark O'Hara and 200 grand for a promising youngster , but its a slippery slope and next thing you know we will be forking out £150k for an Andy Roddie, £400k for a Shaun McSkimming, £250k for a John Hendry and £200k plus 2 players for an Eddie May!
  10. Not only that, when was the last time we actually spent money on 2 players in the same transfer window?
  11. Aye I noticed that. Plus first 5 games more than winnable, as are the 5 before the split. Overall very decent fixtures for us!
  12. This "wouldnt turn down a huge pay increase" stuff is a pretty poor argument when it comes to footballers like Hastie. Fair enough if You are 29/30 and getting a big contract where You are offered 5 or 6 grand a week (or more) more than Your current wage. That is likely to be the last big contract You get so you "set yourself up" in that scenario. A 19yo promising talent should be looking to develop his career, the money will then automatically follow. Thats why I question if Hastie himself doesnt have the belief he has what it takes to play higher. Turnbull & Hastie both grew up together, 10 years in the same team from the age of 9. Turnbull knocks back what would have been a far more lucrative deal at Norwich for Celtic as he saw them as the perfect platform to move his career on, Hastie takes the first decent deal on the table knowing he will never in a million years actually play for Rangers and will spend 2-3 years on loan before getting released.
  13. None at all! Which is why I will not be called a bigot from some wee keyboard warrior fud.
  14. You can shut the fuck up with the bigotry chat pal

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