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  1. I know You said safe distance but thats a bit extreme!
  2. This 100% The video was still all about whoring him to Celtic. This just means we should get closer to the £3.25m offered last summer Well done everyone! And especially David Turnbull!!! Showing a degree of loyalty sadly missing from 99.9% of todays players
  3. Scott was nowhere near £1.5m. Try around 33% less! The club got stung when Cadden and his agent fucked them over, there is no chance they will let that happen again. And the begging video put out last week just shows clubs how desperate we are to make a buck. Celtic arent gonna offer anywhere near even half what they offered last year. The deal is probably already done
  4. The first club to offer 7 figures get him. The video was a marketing aid to show he's not a crock. Any offer over a mil and he will be off while were told how its "an amazing deal for the club". Pretty gutting
  5. Fantastic result and performance!
  6. Ooft. Allan Campbell goal machine
  7. Customary implosion is a given. Especially when we miss so mamy great chances And the other results are turning against us too!
  8. Going with only 4 players on the bench is a bold move!
  9. Because its just as predictable. That way they run to the outside and fire in a shitey cross to nobody! Dont get me wrong, Im no fan of the "inverted winger" trend, but in our case its probably the lesser of two evils
  10. The most interesting things in the video were the fact that the club apparently knew it was a 9-12 month recovery from his particular issue but felt the need to be all cloak & dagger about that And the fact he was fucking training at Lennoxtown when he wasnt actually signed. What the fuck was that about? What wouldve happened if he'd jogged and snapped something? Cause theres no fucking way they wouldve given us a penny. Shows just how desperate the club were to please Celtic
  11. No wonder. 10 minutes of that pish in the video! Dont get me wrong, its very well produced, but at least 28 mins too long. Its great to see the club trying to be a little different, but in this case instead of a quality 10 minute video, they have produced a 38 minute begging letter to Celtic! All they really needed to do was post a picture of his repaired knee scan with the caption "Pleeeeease Celtic, give us some money in the summer Pleeeeeeeeease, Pretty Pleeeeease"
  12. 100% bang on, nothing more. We need to show he isnt "damaged goods" if we are to flog him in the summer. Early promotion in gear
  13. And thats all thats important for the club!
  14. Id say more than a couple. He is a fantastic player but I feel needs either more support in mid, or a bit of a rest. As well as getting a proper striker, we also badly needed to replace Gorrin, Donnelly is pish in the DM role, Id have him CB
  15. Problem with that is its easy for it to morph into 4-5-1 and leave the central striker isolated. Watt can play the TM role and hold the ball up, but needs support so we either need 3 up front or Long to partner Watt. Also, unfortunately Hylton is utter shite. Its a real toughy with the squad we have been left with. Attack is a conundrum, with either 3-5-2 or 4-4-2/4-3-3 we have the same problem of shite Full Backs forcing the Centre Backs out of position or giving the opposition too much time and space out wide Also Campbell is a real worry for me. He is turning into David Clarkson 2.0, too much football and pressure is making him jaded and he looks like he is regressing

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