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  1. If my Aunt had balls she'd be my Uncle! Lets ignore how we ended last season and the issues that were very visible. Wipe the slate clean and start afresh from May of this year Robinson made a big thing of the defensive issues we had, the striking problems we had and how correct & early recruitment was a priority. He was backed to the hilt by the board, and his new players all came in early. He was given weeks of pre season to gel the team, and we are now 2 months into the actual season and how does it look? We STILL struggle to score, have no shape or purpose going forward and look utterly toothless. Unfortunately Joe Lewis cant play for every team. We STILL have a poor defence, if anything its actually worse than the end of last season We STILL cant defend crosses into our box Our own attacking set pieces are STILL comically bad We STILL dont know the best starting 11, best formation and are a badly organized shambles! Our squad is evidently a lot weaker than last season and our lauded new signings look like some of the poorest players weve had in a long time We have now sold all of our best Young talent and have NOTHING LEFT in the Academy, so no back up there! We are giving away penalties at a rate of 1 EVERY MATCH. After 9 fucking matches! We are making the same poor decisions and the same mistakes every week. Where is the accountability? Where is the leadership? Where are the consequences? Why, after 12 weeks does the manager not know his best 11 or the most effective formation? Why is our Plan B "stick on Seedorf & hope he has magically learned to play football"? I understand the manager shouldnt publicly crucify players, but when the same players are making the same mistakes or putting in the same poor performances every single game and still getting picked the following week, where is the incentive to change their ways? Why cant Maguire get a start? Or Devine? They cant possibly be any worse than what we currently have! The only thing saving us at the moment is that the SPL is as poor as I can ever remember it. The Rangers result yesterday doesnt bother me 1 iota, neither does the Beer Sheva result in midweek. What does bother me is that those teams didnt need to put any effort in to beat us, they just needed to wait until our inevitable implosion. They never got out of second gear because they never needed to. We should be pushing these teams and making them use their undoubted quality to beat us, not giving them penalties for nothing and not bothering to mark or follow Attackers. We SHOULD be learning from our mistakes and cutting penalties out, not actively going out of our way to concede MORE. The players have a lot to answer for (Carson, Campbell & Watt excepted) but the biggest issue is how poorly coached we clearly are and that is 100% on the manager. We know we dont have money and cant afford even Hibs / Aberdeen level of signings. So how do we combat that? By making our set pieces count, being a fit, well organised and hungry team and being defensively sound. The management team drill the players and organize us so that we MAKE teams have to break us down. But that isnt happening, and if its not happening after 3 months working with the players are Steve Robinson & Keith Lasley really the men who can make it happen?
  2. Carroll is a guy who is getting better every day he is out! He was decent when he played last season but the way some people are going on about his return Youd be forgiven for thinking we were bringing in Paolo Maldini! .......... tho compared to McGinlay & Lamie, even the groundsman would look like Paolo Maldini
  3. Yes, and when the season ended 3/4 of the way through we were in the midst of a terrible run of form! So you are really just reinforcing my point
  4. The one that was ignored was our best pen shout of them all, when Helander assaulted Watt 16 yards out. He did get the ball,but the follow through stamped on Watt's ankle/heel and took his boot off! And Lang should have been booked as that dive was comical Both Rangers pens were 100% pens, you cant fault the ref there, its the stupid laws. But I do believe if the Challenges on Campbell & Watt had been made on Arfield & Morelos there would have been 2 more pens given! Ultimately even those 2 pens wouldve just been papering over the cracks..... but then "papering over the cracks" has been Robinson's motto for his time in charge here. Every season theres a lucky cup win or run of 2 or 3 results that make people forgive his annual, or sometimes bi-annual 10-12 game run without a win
  5. Watt is working like fuck with absolutely zero service. But Carson was MOTM! Worldy save in 40 seconds and pulled off another 2 very good stoos, plus he was the only player we had able to pass the ball to a teammate
  6. I feel for Watt. Works his arse off for nothing! Carson was our MOTM by miles, and the fact he is having conceded 5 shows how shite we are. Absolute worldy in 40 seconds and another 2 cracking saves stopped it being REALLY embarrassing. Maguire acquited himself well, pity he will be back on the bench next game
  7. 7 points is the absolute minimum. Any less and he should be out the door
  8. Listening to Robbo spout the same old bollocks aftwr the game is just maddening. Talks a good game, but he is a snake oil salesman! His words mean fuck all when he refuses to address the coaching issues and drop the utter shite causing our poor results.
  9. David Devine & Yusuf Hussein. There is no way in the world these lads are worse than Lamie. Lamie makes Tony Straker & Andy Roddie look like Maldini & Pirlo
  10. Being THE ONLY team in the League not to beat Rangers in 18 fucking years is attitude. Livingston, Ross County even fucking Hamilton have beaten them recently. We continually fail to land a glove on them. Its fucking shameful, well it would be if a few of our players actually had any shame
  11. I can handle getting beat, its part of being a well fan. And I understand losing to Rangers as they have far better players than Us! However results like today make me fucking sick. An absolute tanking and yet Rangers have barely put any effort in and we have gifted then FIVE goals. 2 really poor penalties, 2 pieces of shocking defending from Lamie & 1 trademark soft goal from a corner/cross. Its embarrassing
  12. Another Lamie defensive disasterclass. One of the worst players Ive ever seen in C&A
  13. Its all good. Here comes Sherwin to save the day
  14. Yet again showing how poorly coached we are. The defence has no idea how its meant to be lined up and we are getting pulled all over the place. We badly need a defensive leader and some organisation from our so called management team

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