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  1. I can confirm Gavin works for the club, but to put your mind at rest why not email Flow or Alan Marshall to double check
  2. Numbers wise I reckon so, get your tickets sorted early to ensure your seated together though
  3. Honestly don't know. Season holders seats reserved until Friday, very busy all day but still a good number left.
  4. Myself and Phil Speedie worked in the office today to help out the staff. I can happily say that everyone worked their arses off to get the job done, and did it very well. Both on the phone and face to face the criteria for tickets was precisely the same; season ticket holder, Well Society member or on the database. I can confirm that away fans were refused tickets and that NO ONE got a ticket based on their postcode! I realise it is awkward for Well fans out of area, but today the queues were massive and priority had to be given to that. Plus there currently isn't the infrastructure in place to deal with a big queue and both online and telephone bookings. Not allowing online sales helped alleviate any chance of massive amounts of away fans in our end too. Regarding the allocation, preliminary meetings indicated a tentative agreement of 2000 for us at Ibrox and the South Stand for them at Fir Park. When they reneged on that without prior warning we were left with little choice, and I applaud Flow and Alan Marshall for their stance.
  5. Saturday February 7th is available as the next cup day.
  6. Yir Elder


    Leitchy is expecting to be back in March, his rehab going well. Most others should be fit in the next week or so I'd expect.
  7. Ha ha, thanks for that! Hand on heart, both!
  8. No one will be hurting more than Flow right now, take it from me. It's been a huge step up for him and he's doing his level best, cut him some slack people. His tenure has coincided with a slump in fortunes which makes it all the harder for him to deal with. For me both Flow and Stuart McCall deserve the time and opportunity to turn things round, and I think they will.
  9. Given we only made two subbies, why not do a Holland and bring Gunnar on for the shoot out?
  10. Didn't make the match tonight, who is to blame in your opinion and why?
  11. No doubt we'd all have taken a draw before the match, but the way our lead was extinguished leaves a very bad taste. Great effort though and it should hopefully see us go on a good run now.
  12. It's remarkably tough to argue against any of that.

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