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  1. Sad thing about it all dundee were shite tae. Inverness are going to humiliate us
  2. canny even pass the baw! We are FUCKED!
  3. Absolute legend! Hope he gets a great send off on sunday!
  4. Absolute belter of a game, am fucking breathless after that!
  5. Johnaldinho

    Dundee Utd

    my vote goes to jeffers! awesome!!!
  6. I remember signing tshabalala on manager mode on fifa last year and he was just as awesome as he was yesturday! Get him signed up lol
  7. What a first half fae the well. Totally dominated and the lead well deserved!!!
  8. Think millwall qualified for europe when they reached the FA cup final a few years back.
  9. Lol even though i didn't understand a word of the commentary i thought it made it exciting. At times i thought one of them was about to start greetin haha. Mon the well! Bring on this albanian mob!
  10. Defo pleased wit result. don't think i could handle any more stick from folks at work lol. Just wondering is the is the first leg at "home" again next week?
  11. At least that settles the nerves. Still alot gotta be done with the defending from set pieces(how many times have we said this). Some of the youngsters have done fabulous. Looking forward to see what more forbes and slane can do!
  12. Because we're Motherwell! never make things easy!!! Lucky save by there goalie!
  13. Fuckin class result!!!! Top 6 here we come!( maybe even third ) Hope porter recovers for Saturday!
  14. I'm interested in knowing this also. Don't know why i never got one this season!

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