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  1. Loves the filums so he does.
  2. Referring to Fir Park (or any fitba stadium for that matter) as "The Old Girl" is a heavy rid neck.
  3. Someone could give you a million pounds and you'd moan about the colour of the briefcase.
  4. Is this Tony Watt stuff a fucking meme or what? He's absolutely shite and talks like he's got all the brains of an Easter egg.
  5. Who phoned the screws Mrs Robinson? Stephen only gave you a light blow. Whoa whoa whoa.
  6. Just as well he's only January in the calendar.
  7. I've backed us to win on a four fold, which means we will probably draw.
  8. Boo!! Robinson out! All the new signings are pish!!
  9. What an absolute scudbook.
  10. I think we are going to win the League Cup this year. The only thing I can control is my own thinking, so I'm going to be positive and enjoy it till I can't anymore. Then I'll be negative at the appropriate time. Being miserable all the time with the only reward being able to say "I told you so" is an absolute fucking mugs game.

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