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  1. I’m sure I saw someone mention Hayes a few days ago. Wouldn’t be averse to that but can’t see it. The other one of them being touted for a loan is Hendry, but he’s utterly rotten.
  2. First time back at FP in a while last night so obviously good to see a win. All told, I thought we did what was required without ever really setting the heather on fire, however at this stage in the (pre) season I don't think we could expect much more. I was very impressed with big Sammon though, I had always seen him as more in the Curtis Main style battering ram, however he was surprisingly good with the ball at his feet, looked to play others in several times and took his goals well. It was a pity that we resorted to route-1 stuff in the last 20 minutes or so of the game as he looked more effective being played in. Would have been interesting to see him with someone like Bigi as I think Sammon's strengths would work well with someone with more of an eye for a threaded pass. Cadden was the standout (as others have said), looked hungry and a lot more akin to the Cadden of a couple of years back when he first broke through. Campbell was also solid, and Rose did his usual donkey work with aplomb. At the back, Cedric looked a bit shaky although it was good to see him going on a few wanders up through the midfield. McHugh was excellent I thought, the whole team looked more balanced with him in defence - it'll be interesting to see how we accommodate him and Hartley without sacrificing something from the midfield. Ultimately if Cedric leaves then moving McHugh back permanently would be a no-brainer. Elsewhere, Frear looked more dangerous in the second half when he remembered he can run, Liam Donnelly looked a bit of a bombscare and ATS showed a few nice touches when he came on. All things considered I'm quite positive for the season ahead providing that the new signings come on to a game. It's clear that the focus of Robinson's recruitment so far has been to give us more strength in depth along very similar lines to what we already have, rather than trying to drastically change the way we play. Assuming we don't lose anyone (although it wouldn't surprise me if a couple were away), our first XI is strong but the test will be when injuries and suspensions start to bite. With any luck we won't have the same drop off in form that we saw in November/December. As ever, so much will depend on how other teams around us have strengthened, although outwith what you'd probably think of as the top 4 no-one seems to have made huge strides.
  3. If Cadden does go, would Tanner perhaps work in his role (perhaps floating between the midfield and behind the front two)? I'm loathe to shoehorn folk in where they aren't best suited, however the balance of our midfield is a bit skewed at the moment, and unless someone else leaves I can't see us bringing a proper attacking mid in.
  4. The arrival of ATS will hopefully mean that Tait can drop back to the RWB position, allowing Cadden to be played more centrally. I've always felt he's much more effective from here, and with Campbell and either Rose/McHugh/Gorrin providing more defensive qualities I'd hope Cadden could push on again.
  5. Going by Flow's tweet from earlier today, and the confirmation of the new sponsor, I reckon we'll be unveiling another new signing and the strips tomorrow. Whether that's Mr 99.9% or someone else remains to be seen. As good as it is that we're getting our business done early again, I hope we've left enough room for the inevitable deadline day loan capture, who'll play about three games before disappearing in January.
  6. Frees up Tait to go back to the right. Dunne and Kipre/Hartley through the middle, Donnelly as cover?
  7. Is he not an out-and-out defender, rather than our 99.9% signed creative mid?
  8. Ciftci is the absolute boy. Bring him home Robbo!
  9. I'd think he'd be miles outwith what we'd be looking at wages-wise. Is he not quite pish too?
  10. No surprises at all with the released list - wonder if we will see another keeper coming in (irrespective of what happens with Carson) or if we'll run with Rohan Ferguson as backup. I noticed before that we'd offered a contract to Dheeraj Singh too - I assume nothing really came of that? EDIT - here's a bit more on the Singh transfer: https://www.sportskeeda.com/football/facing-work-permit-issues-dheeraj-singh-moirangthem-looks-to-sign-for-motherwell-in-2019 Oh and if the other Rangers player is Kenny Miller I won't be happy...
  11. I'm not sure McHugh has done *that* badly to warrant getting punted the first chance we get. His captaincy probably does let him away with a bit more than others perhaps would, but he's been a consistent if not eye-catching presence during his time with the club. I suppose his future depends a lot on how Robinson will want us to play next season - more of the same or do we try and introduce a bit more football to the equation?

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