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  1. Can't fault the lads for effort last night. Just no one in the team that was on the park last night with enough spark or ability to do that extra bit that is required to score against such a well organised defense. Not much luck either. Tactics, or lack of, just played into their hands all night. Not much point slating the players the deficiencies were there for all to see last night. Hard to watch, but there you go. I've seen much worse. Roll on Sunday
  2. Don't really care who gets it, I would give UBH the gig to design it though.
  3. Fuck me are people still going on about this - FFS move on.
  4. McManus is in trouble then.
  5. Had an eye for a player right enough, and interesting times to be a Well fan. Pity he ended up being a cunt, unlike Craigan who was a lot of things but a cunt wasn't one of them.
  6. Totally agree with you SG. Expect much more from him. Obviously has a lot of ability but looks a yard slow and continually thinks he has much more time on the ball available to him then he actually has.
  7. 17:30 WTF is that all about. Telly is killing the game.
  8. Ramsden, thought that he had an excellent game.
  9. No, just not deluded like you. I have no doubt that we have an excellent manager who will get the team sorted and we have the potential to be an excellent team. But if you think that the last 30mins weren't utter shite and torture to watch then you haven't got a fucking clue. As I said delighted with the win and a pretty innocuous post I thought but then there are always dudes like you lurking about on the forum looking to make something out of nothing - pretty sad really. If anyone is ODing on Prozac its yourself mate.
  10. Eh? Backs to the wall and utter shite for the last 30 mins that's feckin why.
  11. Delighted but can't believe that we won today. Second half but especially last 30 mins were fucking torture.
  12. They have gotten a good bit better. We seem to have gotten a bit worse. 3 awful goals to lose. They have been utter shite for so long I guess that it had to be a matter of time before they managed to get a hold of a decent manager and a half decent team. Early days but painful to watch.
  13. Hollis has done fuck all wrong and deserves his chance.
  14. Not quite the same as our visit.
  15. Google translate is going to murder that.
  16. Troll or fish? Either way you talk some shite.
  17. ITV4 HD for me now. Stream is getting on my tits, as is the game.
  18. The week dick posts the photo's on his comradebook page with the faces hidden next to photo's of him posing like a feckin gimp. Not the smartest obviously.
  19. A few guys there that need a right good slap. What's going on here KubanPupkin? The good fans not able to sort these guys out? Pretty poor stuff as I don't think that your guys had any hassles when they were over here.
  20. Picture is too wee, looks like Blackpool
  21. Common sense from McCall. Best shot was at home and we never looked even close to getting a result. See even worse happening away. Get real guys. So we send over a full squad, get pumped, and their all fucked for the league game on Sunday, great fucking idea.
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    Time after time boys you make that extra effort that makes Motherwell games a fun to place to be. Keep up the great work it is appreciated.

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