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    Reid, at least he looks like he actually gives a fuck. Scary that this is now the criteria for a MOTM award.
  2. Still loyal to McCall, but He signed most of them, coaches them, picks the team, tactics, formation and motivates them. And it aint fucking working in fact it is fucking dire. He must shoulder a lot of the blame but the majority of the players should be fucking ashamed of themselves, either just not good enough - some of them never will be or not interested, total impostors. McManus of all of them really can just fuck right off any time he likes.
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    Yup, was mildly amusing the first time, now just boring as fuck.
  4. Players have a lot of resposibility for the situation that we find ourselves in along with the manager. Too many of them are quite happy to take no responsibilty on the park whatsoever. Not interested in closing down the other teams players, working hard as fuck getting stuck in and really, really trying to win the 50 - 50 balls. Their opinion seems to be that some other guy will get it, and that other guy is usually an opposing players who is as desperate as fuck to win the ball. Also sick of seeing guys like Ojamma and Angol trying to actually do some attacking with 3 opposing players around them and no one with the gumption or interest to actually try and help them out, seems to be a "gaun yersel mate and do it all yourself cause I'm sure as fuck not going to try and help you" attitute. We also rely on guys like Ainsworth to change games and he is either, not interest, injuried or has zero confidence. Can't remember the last time he actaully took on and beat an opposing teams player. Seems to just want to put in shite crosses a bit like Ramsden.
  5. Basically, results not going our way and need our support more than ever.
  6. McCall's main failings have been some poor signing, whether that is due to lack of funds or poor judgement I'm not sure and complacency around our style of play. It has worked for the last few seasons, other teams have seen this and adapted their style of play to nulify the inevitalble hoof up the park to Sutton meanwhile McCall has been either happy to continue playing the same way or more worryingly unable to adapt our style of play to offer anything different and not be so predictable. It is a confidence game and a couple of wins will make all of the difference, finding it hard to see where these wins are going to come from though.
  7. Looked to me that day that he wanted to get himself sent off. Don't believe that it was an injury that meant he was subbed.
  8. Midfield has been our problem for a while they offer very little, if anything, going forwards or defensively. Been on a bit of a downer since the result today, had a few drinks and feeling much better. Suggest we all do the same.
  9. May as well have a pop at the T lady as well, wouldn't want her to be left out from the blame game.
  10. We need to start the game the way we started the second half yesterday. As poor as we were you can't plan for players taking brain farts, making basic errors putting you two goals down. The timing of the goals yesterday also killed us. Cut that out some players back and we will hopefully start to turn the corner. Hammell coming back in to replace Angol please.
  11. You replace Kerr, I'll replace Angol I'm shit at football but I couldn't do any worse than that impostor.
  12. Looks like the feared and much forecast slump is finally here. Every year of success over the last few seasons has been a pleasant surprise. Maybe we were unfortunately due this. Happens to most teams why not us.
  13. From my seat in the main stand it looked like he was being told to do it. Fuck knows why.
  14. dosser1886


    Trying too hard Eddie..
  15. Guys see when we have a full strength, fully fit team on the park and we putting in performances like that it will be time to start worrying, not just now.
  16. Hard to remember when I have been less interested or up for the start of a new season as much as this one.
  17. One of the best managers we've had in years in now McGingerbawz, just fuck right off. Absolutely turgid patter.
  18. Guys never looked match or brain fit. Part timers or not they are 12 games into their league, pretty fit and up for it. But an alleged professional football team should have no excuses for that result tonight. They should have scored a few so should we. Some positives, Josh Law and Erwin looked decent, Carswell decent as well Played us on the break and defensively we were not exactly much improved from last season. But hey it's 2-2 all to play for and hopefully we can beat them away, not too optimistic after that tonight TBH, and they will feel that we are there for the taking.
  19. FFS, some really sad pedantic cunts on here. Good luck with it guys anyway, whatever the fuck you want to call it.
  20. For £595 it fucking better be.
  21. Went last year, it is expensive but not as mental as some of the stuff you read. We went with Icelandair and they were excellent. Planned to go back some time soon as well so this might fi the bill, fingers crossed. Airport is Tax and duty free as well, so can stock up on the way home.
  22. Class, love it - good times!!
  23. Mental http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/27411682
  24. So much happening at the goal I was waiting for the ref to whistle for some infringement somewhere. But he didn't and we all went mental, and the sheep cleared the place like a fire alarm had gone off. Still buzzing.

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