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  1. I want to pay in instalments, anyone see the route to set that up ?
  2. RH at Garrion wouldn't let us put the locks on weightlifting equipment to make sure we lifted them straight, the thought of dropping 15kg on your toes worked every time.
  3. What do you all think of this gift for my son and to my big self, custom made, one for him, one for me, I've got him into real shaving in past year, so this made sense to me.

    Joe Wark

    A truly great man, not just a great player.
  5. Is anyone aware of this ? This representative of the Greatest Fans in the world seems concerned about our Family image http://celticfanzone...y-club-my-arse/
  6. http://sport.stv.tv/...me-says-sutton/
  7. "Talk about a dramatic ewe-turn? " Quote of the year !!
  8. Probably late 80s early 90s it was a really windy day, playing St Johnstone, Andrew Waddell was the ref, heading for injury time we attempt a clearance ball hits Waddell, wind catches it right into path of Saints player........GAME OVER I'm in a cold sweat with the memory
  9. I went in free at half time I think in about 82 to a JamboH**s game still in lower division at time.
  10. Few that were leg ends in their own head though was how I remember, and was Big Rog Hynd and the Whiteford guys not approaching football geniuses
  11. Voted for Sutton thought his work rate and goal was worth it today !!
  12. <br /><br /><br /> Thats a game Ill never forget, the poisoned dwarf niggled him the whole game until as you say 12 feet in the air, after the goal in 9 secs we pummled them, and came away with nothing.
  13. All the best David its been a plesure to watch most of youre games, I'm sure he'll do well, see you in 10 years as a free transfer

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