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  1. Definitely this one, one of my first memories as an overseas 'Well fan: Edit: seems I don't know how to post a video. It's the 3-0 v The h*n in '91.
  2. Are there any season ticket holders not planning to travel to the away leg that would be willing to help me get a ticket please? I'm not a season ticket holder because I live abroad and can't easily get to Motherwell.
  3. It's not really point-scoring when clarifying two very similarly spelt words (should be re-sign though) with completely opposite definitions. (and it's not grammar, it's spelling - 1-0!)
  4. Craig Moore is also out-of-contract this summer; not sure if he has done enough on loan to earn a new deal?
  5. It was Frear though wasn't it? Good to see a winger tracking back and he did seem to win the ball cleanly. Ferguson got away with a blatant trip before that though but it may have been just outside the box anyway.
  6. Can't see us keeping a clean sheet. 4-2 with Bowman getting a decent 20 or 30 minute run-out and a goal.
  7. This has to be Bowman's chance to show what he can do otherwise what was the point of signing him?
  8. I'm still kicking myself to this day for giving my '91 home top away to the girl that I was courting at the time!
  9. Highlights from a fairly recent game, Frear on second half wearing no.11 and gets two assists. Noticeable that Forest Green always seemed to play down the left when he was on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wd4n4dWAKlA
  10. In the past we've tended to show an interest in players nearing the end of their contracts with a view to a permanent signing if they do well enough but O'Halloran still has over 3 years left at Rangers so what is the point? Seems like they would see the most benefit from this kind of loan.
  11. So why are you buying Burmese bricks with Thai currency? Just curious....
  12. Conditions looked difficult but for Caley's goal it really ought to have been keepers ball from the corner.
  13. Feel bad for Bowman as he needs a chance to show us what he can do. Just wondering what's changed since Tuesday as he was considered the right man for the job up in Aberdeen but not in Perth?

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