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  1. I am really not sure what you want from this lad, if he plays well you look at his negatives, its really unbelievable, you were prob jumping just as high as all the rest of us when he crossed for the winner..... If you had your way he would of already been in the bloody shower. Give the lad a break, if i needed to put money on anyone finding fault with his performance i would of secured my money by now. Ladywelltoi sometimes your wrong, but agreed he looked fatigued but no more than anyone else did. Four or Five man Of the match performances, and still he cant cross, cant shoot, cant last more than 60mins, cant tackle, cant head, cant pass, has no technique. Come on LADYWELL. Have a look at the clues. Oh and by the way he Cant be Scottish either, so that rules out any chance of him ever playing for Scotland, but i tell you what when he does you will be the first person i call! But of course he is not good enough for Scotland is he..........
  2. Well Done Steelboy... i think your right mate, he has suffered in the past from cramps, we never used him enough in the first half, the second half he must of put in at least 5 lung busting runs. He worked hard, and got his reward, 3 points for the team.
  3. Humphrey will always looked goosed after 60 minutes, he runs three times faster than everyone else, if you had taken him off after 60 minutes you would of ended up a one one draw. He always shows signs of fatigue, like most others. Even after eighty minutes flat out he will still beat every left back in this league for pace. Let Mr Brown decide when he is knackered, 46% of the votes would suggest your in the minority. The whole front line worked well, GOW was good, Blackman, was good, Murphy was good, Hateley was good, Jennings was good, Even Lasley before his injury. The team we had Sat was the best we have sent out in weeks, give all the lads credit they gave 100% and if they never showed signs of fatigue thats when you have problems. On a development point we still lack in our ability to distribute from the back four, leave the defence splitting passes to the midfield Craggs! Craggs is a leader and he commands his back four, not a passer or a creater. Well done Humphrey on man of the match, and do you know what mate, even with sleep deprevation with your new born, you done us all proud on Saturday and me for one will forgive you on looking TIRED.
  4. Humphrey today, funnily enough, great second half. for some reason play stayed on the left in the first half and without the ball he cant create. Second half he got the ball and we got the goal'''' Well done Motherwell. Great 3 points.
  5. I am looking forward to Sat match, i feel we are more than capable of winning both matches, although last week was an eye opener, we more than matched them for long periods in the first half, if we can carry that forward to Dundee Utd, there is a good chance of 3 points and a trip to the next round in the Cup, the defence would of learnt some valuable lessons from last week on the training field, still feel the lads will be full of confidence. Prediction would be 3 - 1 The well. Must back Murphy, Hateley, Humphrey for the goals. Think positive.
  6. True..... but this post is only hyperthetical, just putting an argument up for the lad. Even if he only gets one chance in his life to perform at the (Highest) level i would be happy for it to be Scotland. Thats all. Roger Out!
  7. Finlay, i understand what your saying but,like i said based on the NOW, he cant do any worse than what we have out there, he is worth the chance, you put better players around him and he will shine. You put any of the Scotland players in front of Spain right now and the outcome is a forgone conclusion, with or without Humphrey. Get my point. Be honest Finlay are Scotland a (Credible International Team) ?
  8. Do you know what, if it was based on the season so far, he is worth a punt, not seen anything from the national team to suggest he would have to wait untill next season for a chance. Is he ready for Scotland? yes he is again based on Scotland so far this season. We have nothing to lose on that front, if it dosent work ah well but if it does, the coin will follow at the end of his contract next season. No other wingers are performing so far this season, if nothing else a place on that shite bench we have. Scotland at present are predictable, defensive, and heartless.(My opinion) of course. And for the record i think he has set up Kilmarnock goal, two at Hearts,scored himself and i am sure he played a part in most of the goals we have scored, and maybe some we have conceded.
  9. Tartan Copper

    St Mirren

    Did he Score? Theres your answer, he done well but you cant get better than a GOALLLLLLLLLLL!
  10. Tartan Copper

    St Mirren

    Waited a long time for this... Great strike, more to come me thinks, overall team performance was below par. Humphrey gets the obvious vote from me.
  11. Mother born in Kilmarnock ! Daughter Born in Glasgow....Bring it on Humphrey for Scotland
  12. Bottom of the table, St Mirren must be there for the taking surely. I would pretty much go with the same team that collected against Hearts. Is this game a chance to improve our goal difference or is it the FP blues? Role on Sat!
  13. Eggert JONSSON can we play you every week! Hearts captain booked in for rectal surgery! Having his arse ripped clean off him by the HUMPHREY meister B.A.H.B . Great team performance, roll on next week and more importantly things can only get better. TOLD YOU SO !
  14. Tartan Copper


    Well at last the vision and the potential i have seen in this lad has came to the surface. Outstanding performance and a wonder to watch. Well done Humphrey and congrats on baby Amelea. B.A.H.B (Be A Humphrey Believer)
  15. The problem with the lower league teams is they will kick the hell out of you for 90 minutes. The second the lower league teams try to match the opposition with football they normally lose, if however they played there normal game they might of won. Point of fact is that we are through to Thurs lunchtime draw. Young page shone in an otherwise shoddy game, i reckon he is worth a start spot Sat surely. Little unlucky for GOW that his run out came across Brechin, any teams further up the pyramid would of suited him more. Ah well there will be a few bruises on the training field today thats for sure.

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