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  1. Albi


    The highlights are on the BBC website you say? They have been for the past 3 or 4 seasons you say? The OP should probably watch them there and stop whining you say?
  2. caleyjags.com The best bit about playing inverness.
  3. Shame. But those Big Macs aren't going to fry themselves. In before the inevitable meltdown and everyone asking why McCall can't get results against the old firm a la the Rangers game.
  4. This. And if you lower the prices, increase the gate. Simples. Also, a Friday night game, if rare and promoted well, could be exciting and different. Something to get excited about, like Monday Night Football in the NFL. And a final point to those whining like bitches because they say they have plans A WHOLE MONTH, 4 BLOODY WEEKS, before the game. Bullshit. Stop trying to look like you're busy, you're not and you know fine well you're not.
  5. That is not the sole reason why crowds have decreased. And it would be ridiculous to suggest that it is a major reason. There are other reasons (prices, quality, general perception of the league) which have had a bigger effect. Hopefully the backward "SATURDAYS ARE BEST COZ IT WAS LIKE THAT IN THE 80S INNIT" crowd show themselves as the idiots they are. Like someone else said, the same idiots cry out for change then squeal like pigs when they try something different. The times they are a-changin. Deal with it.
  6. If you want to give your opinions there is a survey by the SPL here. It only takes 2 minutes, you don't need to give your email address but it closes on Friday.
  7. Lets begin. They have. Crowds around the SPL aren't improving. Hence they are trying new ideas. A majority of the home support polled by the SPL, who went to the first Friday night game, said they would like to try it again. Maybe the club, and the SPL as a whole, should arrange the fixtures around your schedule then? Of course, that suggestion is just ridiculous. Friday night games aren't to be televised. Damned if they do, damned if they don't
  8. Sounds good. Maybe not for Hibs supporters though. They should have maybe trialled it with Kilmarnock vs Motherwell (or two teams who are more "local" rather than Aberdeen and Dunfermline for instance) if TV schedules had allowed. Maybe an idea for the end of the season?
  9. Hold on a minute, no one said there was going to be highlights of reserve games and interviews with unemployed footballers????
  10. Remind me, how much did that journalist pay to get it in again?
  11. It's all she deserved.

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