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  1. So close now. Can certainly feel the electricity building!
  2. Outstanding effort from the boys. Gutted we didn't get the win the first half deserved but no criticism today. Just didn't quite happen.
  3. Alex Fisher on the Glenn Hoddle Academy
  4. The atmosphere in this East Stand is even worse than usual. Too many folk here just to take their frustrations out on Motherwell players, it seems.
  5. Chuffed with a solid point. The fact that it's mildly contentious is just icing.
  6. True enough. Jumped in a mite hastily on seeing the teamsheet.
  7. We've set up to go for a nil nil, it looks like. I think this could be another scudding at Tynecastle. I'd love a win, but doing the business on Saturday has given us a bit of breathing space around this game.
  8. Moult was really good and all, but Hammell is a solid claret and amber legend.
  9. Just pretend we've already had a crap first half, and then put that team out. Saves making the early second half subs and we're not actually behind before we look like a team.
  10. I fully agree - By no means am I criticising the boys today. Gave everything and fought for every inch. We nullified them very well, but in doing so, we restricted our own options a wee bit going forward. I think it was the correct choice, but sometimes, sadly, shit happens.
  11. Nor would we if it was in our favour, in all fairness. Thought we competed well in the first half, but created little of note (Moult chance aside) for 90 mins. I'm disappointed with the result, but if you don't create, you don't score. Yet more piss poor officiating, which shows zero prospect of improving. I look forward to Kipre having his card rescinded, Thompson getting the 'punishment' of a lower league game, and zero censure for that diving wee fuck.
  12. I'm coming along to this now - don't know if I'm a bit late to save you posting my copy?
  13. It would be nice if we could get to halftime soon without looking like we need major surgery. Robinson has done an outstanding job so far, but we need to set up to win, as opposed to constantly playing reactively.
  14. Looking forward to this. Change of job means no more missed home/nearby games this season, starting here.
  15. Signed pals and pish and paid the price.
  16. Campbell, because he's brilliant, and I can't properly pick because it was a phenomenal performance by the full team.
  17. Bigi made a difference. Louis scored the goals. Campbell...aye. Eta - Campbell definitely the first 'first team man' to make me feel old as balls.

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