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  1. Born in the William Smilie in Lanark, lived there for a few months then moved to the Well Here all my life since
  2. Fantastic post lads, I would like to see wee Pollock get more of a game. Always thought Pollock deserves a chance from what i've seen from him, also is he not the only genuine left footed winger we have? Would love to see more younger guys coming through like Carswell Keef is now 32 today i hope to see a bit more of Cars or Forbes later this season and give the old man a few rests every so often
  3. gies a job! sitting here with a wasted 3 years of collegue journalism courses under my belt i could well report 4 page stories about a Rangers player with a hamstring injury!
  4. think its a good signing, a guy who knows what the SPL is about, can play multiple positions along the defense,doesnt cost anything. Good signing McCall
  5. Permanent , he had to arrange his release from Killie but he;s at Fir Park the now to do his signing
  6. Scott Burns on Twitter has confirmed the Clancy rumour and that we will be signing him today
  7. Inciting racisim in the SPL since 2011
  8. They'll have the Jim O;Brien story up tomorrow
  9. Omar Daley joins Motherwell on trial Motherwell manager Stuart McCall has taken former Bradford winger Omar Daley on trial. The 30-year-old Jamaica international is known to McCall from his time charge at Valley Parade. Daley was previously on loan at Rotherham but after being recalled he was released by Bradford boss Peter Jackson at the end of last season. McCall is also keen to fill the gap left by defender Steven Saunders who was injured playing for Scotland U21s. From the BBC Website
  10. I would love to see O'Brien back at Fir Park. I got a cheeky conversation with the man on Twitter. Even he hasn't heard this rumour about him coming back to Fir Park Kudos to the folks who called bull-shit on that story
  11. Might i say that this table could also be called the 'Boab McHugh Mega Bar Table' Just because Boab McHugh shaggs the burds
  12. Big deal, Tom Green wore the old pony top on his MTV show years ago
  13. It probs will be more like this....... http://i.thisislondon.co.uk/i/pix/2009/05/plough-lane-415x275.jpg
  14. Motherwell have been trying to do that for years

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