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  1. Fantastic post lads,


    I would like to see wee Pollock get more of a game. Always thought

    Pollock deserves a chance from what i've seen from him, also is he not the only genuine left footed winger we have?


    Would love to see more younger guys coming through like Carswell

    Keef is now 32 today i hope to see a bit more of Cars or Forbes later this season and give the old man a few rests every so often


    Omar Daley joins Motherwell on trial

    Motherwell manager Stuart McCall has taken former Bradford winger Omar Daley on trial.


    The 30-year-old Jamaica international is known to McCall from his time charge at Valley Parade.


    Daley was previously on loan at Rotherham but after being recalled he was released by Bradford boss Peter Jackson at the end of last season.


    McCall is also keen to fill the gap left by defender Steven Saunders who was injured playing for Scotland U21s.



    From the BBC Website



  3. In honour of Van Der Gaag you should have a Big Shagger table and sit all the horny birds there.

    At our wedding our tables where named after cities in Australia after the wife ruled out naming them after Star Trek characters :laugh:



    Might i say that this table could also be called the 'Boab McHugh Mega Bar Table'


    Just because Boab McHugh shaggs the burds

  4. The only bit that could possibly be taken as Racist is the 'Do Do' bit at the end,

    If some guy was looking for racism or looking to cause a riot they could maybe think that sounded like monkey chants.


    It's so stupid that it's even considered a racist chant

  5. I didn't think I'd ever say this, but it's even more bizzarre than that idea that the Hokey Cokey could offend Celtic fans a couple of years ago.



    To be fair to them there is a version of the Hokey Cokey that is very offensive to Celtic fans so that's why they were offended by it


    Stuck in this place with loads of OF fans has some uses i guess

  6. Posted Today, 06:27 PM

    Just received via twitter


    A Motherwell XI overcame an African Select side 4-2 at Dalziel Park today. Goals from T.Rialist, S.Lawless, L.Erwin and @jpollock10



    That T.Rialist gets everywhere!

    a prolific lower Scottish league scorer he'll score bucket loads for us!

  7. I sit at the 2nd section in from the end of the East Stand and the boys gave it big licks!


    Thing is i try to get involved with singing but the guys who sit near me dont bother, their there with their kids and want to eat pies with their replica 91 tops they dont bother singing so im usully left myself surrounded by people who dont want to sing.


    Ive noticed recently these arseholes who stand behind us (at the railings in front of the toilet) who have the worst patter ive ever heard, singing things about gillette for no reason. So there is singing in my neck of the woods but it's not the best

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  8. Ive always noticed how bad we are at getting good money for our players it seems,

    You look at Dundee Utd saying £2million for Goodwillie

    Hearts getting £1.7million for Wallace in his last year of his contract

    as i said Hamilton getting £3 million for McCarthy (and im sure 1.2 million for McCarthur but dont quote me on that)


    Paul Quinn, David Clarkson even as far back as McCulloch and Faddy we dont tend to go for high prices as soon as its over a million it seems we snap their hands off (i know each transfer might be different and some players left for fook all but stay with me :whistling: )


    I have an image of say Wigan going 900,000 and our 'board' going YES PLEASE!!

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  9. Demoted, not good enough, make or break. I'd love to see our very own Michael Stipel sent out in a bounce game with all these useless c***s. In fact I'd pay good money for it.



    Depends on who would play, i can see him fitting in the right wing with Alan Gow in the middle and forbes with his wand of a left foot dominating that game


    Money well spent!

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