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  1. Yea it's Kevin Kerr, he was born in Germany but his dads scottish
  2. The only Scottish players i know playing in mainland Europe is Ikechi Anya of Celta Vigo But he played in the lower leagues of England then went to the glenn hoddle academy, it's seemed to work wonders for him i just wish more Scottish players would take the gamble it will help improve their game. I hope Mark gets his move, he deserves it
  3. This prick is trying to convince Hibs fans they should take Pa Broon to Hibs Im sick of this guy and his rubbish, why does he have such a problem with motherwell
  4. I had a coke and it didn't taste like diluted juice for a change
  5. really? thats awesome! Maybe that's why Boyle was down the east stand, he was hoping noone was there so he could set fire to it and claim the insurance back from it
  6. I dont see the problem. Yeah they were slipping on the park, Randolph slipped for their goal. I seen a guy slip in the Civic centre car park cause of the rain. What annoys me more is that motherwell fan till he dies Andy Devlin had a go at the state of the pitch. prick
  7. Need to get a new pub opened up there, theres nothing but roads and thats it
  8. The ultra kids had a big red banner down the front probs saying something along the lines off "bring back valakari!" and boyle was having none of it. When i was at the pie stand in the east some guy next to me asked for a curry pie and the permatan girl serving said "we dont dae them anymair!" I think Boyle heard about it and lost his rag "who's the dead man who asked for the curry pie? out my club!"
  9. John Boyle was in the east stand yesterday, Walked down to the end and stood there for a while, then started walking back along the way stopping to talk to some fans. Does anyone know why?
  10. just noticed im miles out of date with my post! everyone already knows haha
  11. awwww we just signed alan gow on a 6 month deal! bbc sports kids!
  12. Well utd also released Jenson Myrie-Williams, good bit of pace that boy but ive not really seen him enough to know how good he is I know he can play left wing, him and Chris down both wings with a bit of pace Jay Demerit doesnt have a club, shame we would probs have to sell like the whole team to afford his wages haha
  13. Im the same as everyone else as well! I wish we at least signed a left winger but i have in Jack & Victor to maybe snap up a few loan's or freebies! Sandazza from Dundee UTD has been released, Sandazza,Casagolda strike force? haha
  14. Would be funny if he came out of retirement! haha If we sell Reynolds in January lets get Jack Ross! then there will be no doubt who would be the worst defender in the team!
  15. i was just using them as an example about how other teams have been very active in the transfer market this season. If you looked before you would see i mentioned st johnstone as well. So sorry for using st mirren as an example should have picked someone better like aberdeen
  16. And i was saying about Randolph for when i watched him when he was down south. He will do fine up here no doubt im just basing my opinion on previous times watching him he is a bit slow coming off his line. Im not saying the guys bad just bringing up some points ive noticed before
  17. I didn't say St Mirren bought anyone we couldnt afford. I was just stating they have i think 9 transfers this summer? and was wondering where they got the funds for it. They did move on a few players so that would explain it
  18. I've had a few cans of relentless today. Im a bit hyper i guess
  19. haha yea if he messes up then we can pile into him! He has been good and he has big shoes to fill from Ruddy. I hope he will be good and a great servant to the club =) pfffttt good point! the fact practically all of clarksons transfer was put into the pitch means we have no money! Should have kept wee darren smith i bet he will be amazing at Ross County this season! haha
  20. im just not a fan of him. i would rather have had Stuart Duff Or Sam Parkin, How can St Johnstone afford good players and St Mirren can and we cant. I have faith in CB and Archie that they will bring in some good players but im not happy with Randolph only, i didn't like him in the games so far i think he's to slow coming off his line. Rhys Weston would have been a good buy but he would have cost a bit much in wages in guessing The ups and downs of being a well fan!
  21. Well i for one wouldn't take Gary McDonald, I dont want Mark McGee handoffs if he's bad enough for Aberdeen he will be bad everywhere else! Big Casagolda will be a legend! the same status as David Ferrere or however it's spelt with his hat-trick in his debut!
  22. pffftt hammerfist we'll get the jars at jack daniels for you! also noticed Gary McDonald is on trial with us, either McDonald or Casagolda people what do you think?

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