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  1. weesacs relax i was having a joke, I know he's finally being played in his matural position so thats why he's started to show his talent and before he was being played on left wing. where he couldn't be effective
  2. I hate this whole Old firm thing, how come their meant to be linked to like every player in the SPL It doesnt do anything, just makes Hearts look like they have pulled off a massive signing and bet the Old Firm to him, when clearly they didn't
  3. IT's good to see Sutty will get a few games next season when Kevin Kyle breaks down again under the strain of Berti Vogts claiming he's scotlands answer to Larsson A very poor move from Suttygoal
  4. Sutton getting presented at half 3 today at Hearts, just heard from Scott Burns Never did anything till his last 6 months anyway,
  5. Bit of help lads, I cant seem to find my season ticket anywhere. Last time i had it was for the Celtic game. Im guessing there is nothing the club can do to help in terms of sending me a replacement one? Or am i going to have to buy a new one?
  6. Well done to the big man for getting his first callup. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy and by far the best goalie in the SPL
  7. Yeah my mate at work is a liverpool fan and he goes nuts whenever Celtic are mentioned
  8. How many times did they wee boys use the word Fanny? It's like every second word. Last time they probs seen one was when they were being born
  9. Some of them make a good point about our songs
  10. We wont be keeping hold of Gunning anyway
  11. Your forgetting that Hearts Are the 3rd best team in Scotland
  12. In fact weeyin i think thats a great point, i think they would make the top 6 but take out N'Zogbia and Rodallega and they dont really have anyone else, Rangers and Celtic and Hearts would give them a good game if you took those 2 players out of it. McCarthur McCarthy Sammon? All SPL players who played for not the best teams Caldwell brothers? enough said about them the better
  13. As said before, if Reynolds went to Bari like reported or went to another European league he would be a better player, he cant cope with the physical aspect of our league or England, the old scum would be championship level and we would be league 2, bottom line. I like Franny, done ok since he came here, but it works out at certain clubs and might not, he might do something up here but couldnt do anything down there
  14. Just got some info on this Devlin boy, He was on trial at Stoke and Preston and they were keen on him. He went on trial at Celtic as well but they didn't want him. Would say thats a bit of a steal from us
  15. Its things like this that make me proud to be a Well fan, could have easily have been a Rangers or Celtic fan or maybe even Hearts. But choosing a small town team and being passionate about the team is fantastic! Come back soon you two!
  16. Dumbarton youngster Nicky Devlin will rub shoulders with youngsters from Premiership Academies of Arsenal, Birmingham City, Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur as well as SPL youngsters in a Scotland Under 19 Squad Training Camp being held at Inverclyde next week.National Youth Teams Coach, Billy Stark, has selected the Sons youngster to attend with Dumbarton boss Alan Adamson saying, “Nicky is attending on merit and we are delighted for him and it is a great reflection on him and the work done at this club.” Quite good for a player in the second division
  17. Sir Ally Maxwell just for 91 and thats it
  18. Cheers Yab! that's my weekend viewing all sorted!
  19. My brother and a few of my Motherwell mates dont know about it either, on Sunday i didn't see any of the questionares either. So to get the figure of folk we have just now to complete it i think is quite good
  20. I hate this whole perception that we dont try against Rangers and just lie down to them. Just because we have SM as our gaffer? even he's getting pissed off with the whole "he used to be a rangers legend" (as he said in his emails to ourselves)
  21. Dont worry im not his biggest fan, few folk on here dont either but were all entitled to our opinions
  22. Everyone knows it apart from anyone who manages our club
  23. I would pick everyone even Humph! But i plumped for Hutchy, since Reynolds left he has just got better and better, so commanding and amazing in the air! you can tell why Stuart Pearce was at the game he has huge hopes for him
  24. Taking orders for this dvd? put me for 2!
  25. Aye it's a hotbed for football icons like Dougie, and thats it They have a limited license now during the OF games because a bunch of celtic got kicked out so came back in through the back door and started throwing the pool balls accross the bar, the scum will never learn

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