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  1. Im sure some guy on here yesterday said he had heard Jeffers was at Fir Park? Could it be that their trying to distance themselves from any concrete signings? They dont it with Grella and it backfired With the irish guy noone knew until he signed. Could maybe be a case of not wanting to get our hopes up
  2. Sammi Hyypia and Ole Gunner Solskjaer were on trial as well, good judge or a player
  3. Same here, but he would cost more money than we can afford
  4. I kinda missed square one, means i can get back to work now
  5. Well i've heard he is, but before his injury Stuart Pearce was up looking at him for the unders
  6. Just got confirmation on his twitter, Mark Benstead is at Fir Park and had this to say about chatting to SM markbenstead #motherwell - Sm dismisses Francis Jeffers chat... But curiously as well markbenstead #motherwell - Sm says people have put loads of names to him, s kuqi, stern john but most unworkable.
  7. I know!, It's not like its dangerous to a couple thousand people
  8. I was only having a joke with steve If you read on i was saying i know he's in the unders it's good for him getting any form of a callup
  9. I heard he was to work the video camera when levein bangs kenneth steve, Aye it's the unders but it's good for the guy cause we know Levein will be keeping an eye on him, Has Murphy been off the boil that much he's not included?
  10. Just wanted to say congrats to Steve for his call up for the Scotland game next week. Seems Old Specky fuck Levein sees some future in him
  11. Dont worry Steve noone will say you said he was as good as Bobby Russell I said it yesterday when i had a go at everyone saying "he's washed up" "were scraping the bottom of the barrell" The fact is he scored 18 goals in 37 games his first season at Everton. Then the second season he scored like 2 goals due to injury, 1 cap for England? 1 goal, 16 caps for England under 21's 13 goals (joint top goalscorer) He has something, and things have went against him we all can admit but he hasn't been an out and out goalscorer at any point in his career apart from the examples i gave. I see him more in the Murphy role. At Everton he supported Kevin Campbell and the both of them worked to support each other and not as a Murphy Sutton type combo. So in the right enviroment, the right players and the right vibe of a team im sure he will bang in some goals and im sure Motherwell is the team that can help him
  12. We know Jeffers goal scoring record 14 games for Rangers (mostly as a sub) and he didn't score but did he get a crack at it? from what i can remember he only used to get like the last 10 mins of a game to come on and score something. I think it's worth taking a gamble on him, he never has had a great goalscoring record. He scored 20 goals in 60 games for Everton, that wasn't the best goal scoring record to be honest
  13. I love Casagolda cause of all the build up he got and we all know he's pish! So it was an ironic choice i guess
  14. Even though i love Casagolda. I have to choose Jeffers
  15. i think we all agree mccall needs to tie jenno down to a longer deal as soon as bombscare craigan retires i think jenno would be the bestcandidate for captain we have
  16. Ive missed all that Invincible and Hogg. Bit more glad we didn't go for them!
  17. Ive not heard anything about us going for him
  18. is that official? Guess that makes sence by what McCall said. I just didn't know it was him
  19. What players have been released by an SPL team we want?
  20. Dont get me wrong ive seen him as well the last few years and he's not been the best striker but he has something there and it's about making sure he fits in and gets in the swing of things. And if he's shite? you'll hear me in the east stand throwing abuse all day long at him
  21. The the point right there, Nothing wrong with a 6 month contract with wages we have left, if he's shit? dont renew his contract if he's good im sure he would like to sign for longer.
  22. Who would folk rather have? Were not the best club in the world. Were not as as good as the old firm. We cant bring in 20 goal strikers a season and big names you've heard about. Im sure people on here slated Sutton when we signed him. I dont see the problem with him. Sure he's had his injuries i'll give you that and he's not an out and our goalscorer but i dont know if you've noticed but neither is Murphy and Sutton. I just dont understand why people think he's such a bad signing. i would understand if he had played like 9 games and then abused him but he's not at the club yet. Stop jumping down the guys throat before he has a chance to show everyone what he can do. I know a lot of your guys will jump down my throat and im sorry if i've offended you but ive changed about how i view players who join the club. I abused Jones before he signed and ive been proved wrong so im keeping my eyes and my opinion open if he does join until i see him play. and if hes shit, then i'll jump in and abuse him
  23. Im sure this is a bit of an overstatement

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