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  1. Total long shot.....still looking for a one ticket for sligo away I know they are like rocking horse shit
  2. If anyone has one spare ticket I will happily buy it from you we have 4 out of 5
  3. Bit harsh. Might be outwith our control at the moment
  4. Would rather play on grass given our previous history on plastic. hamilton airdrie livi all plastic near us and wee rovers park is a shithole
  5. They are using TNS for the first round
  6. Anyone get the feeling the parks behind program
  7. Todays draw told you the potential 5 teams you would play 24 hours before the draw. Do you think we will be told our potential 5 teams soon?
  8. Not at Fir Park. All locked up
  9. I would like to think a reliable source but ask me at this time tomorrow and we will know if they were talking rubbish
  10. Anyone else heard he is going today?
  11. Does anyone know where I can get a ticket from? Online isn’t working
  12. I agree it’s not the worst position but on the other hand we could be out the cup and finish 10th
  13. No pace no width no effort Sums it up to me
  14. Nothing to fear, they are dreadful. We need to go back to playing attacking with pace and change the style of play
  15. Last night was poor show, bad/slack passing, however, the thing that annoyed me the most is some players pulling out of tackles and should no commitment. Very poor. I can take losing but players showing no heart is unacceptable. We give teams too much space down the wings, most of the gaols come from crosses our back post overloads

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