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  1. Fingers crossed we sign sofiane feghouli now
  2. Apparently we are interested in Sofiane Feghouli, ex West Ham
  3. Shocking last night... silly two yard kick outs - Why our defence arent ball players, Kelly is a better passer than any of them. LB that should never have finished the game - Why no change? RB that looks totally shattered and no confidence - Needs a rest Midfield 3 bullied - Yet no Donnelly change Front 3 continually swapping position - Why, they had no idea if they were to come short, run in behind, stay out wide, play narrow You could go on and on.
  4. Does anyone know what’s happening with the tickets for Saturday? I got an email saying I was successful in the ballot, however, no email regarding tickets or important information. Sorry if I have missed an announcement or post on here already
  5. From what I’ve heard the players knew SR was thinking about resigning for a while now. Do you think this has affected the performances? Also, if the players knew then the club knew, would like to hope they are well through the selection process
  6. Ian holloway Danny cowley Paul cook martin O’Neil Marco silva steve evans i know they seem far fetched a bit but you don’t ask you don’t get
  7. I’ve always thought steve evans is a great manager. I would chase him, don’t know if he would leave for us
  8. Taking a deep breath here, at the start of the season and someone offered us to be in 3rd with 10 games to go I would have took it. I think the manager has a lot to answer for. People out of position, player in the wrong positions, players on the park that shouldn’t be anywhere near our team. Struggling big time
  9. Lennon's comments are interesting today... "are not writing off the deal yet" Negotiations must be ongoing.
  10. Spend it before we lose it to corporation tax.
  11. https://www.skysports.com/transfer/news/12691/11744558/norwichs-3-25m-david-turnbull-bid-accepted-by-motherwell near the end of the first video.
  12. SR was pictured today in training gear and the training top was light blue.

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