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  1. Stomach churning. The day has arrived. This is our time. Cmon the Well.
  2. Wouldn't want to give up my job with the CIA.
  3. I noticed that. They were sitting in the row in front of me and my dad. I had a feeling they were Celtic fans and watched them when our players came out. No reaction at all. That said they didn't react to Celtic's goals but I did have a sly look at their phones when they were looking at texts or Facebook. Nothing overly controversial but about 15 minutes before the end one showed his mate a text which said "leave now". Very strange.
  4. Remember it well. How about Gerry McNee's comment when Bobby Russell scored? "He's a player who seems to take great delight in scoring against Celtic". Possibly the most paranoid and thinly disguised bigoted comment ever from a commentator.
  5. From what I can tell Jennings was booked against Dundee and Stranraer, so he missed the first tie against Dundee United. He played in but wasn't booked in the replay. So his booking today should not mean a further suspension? Motherwell were awesome again today - destruction inside 15 minutes and the game was won. Delighted for Stuart McCall and the players - see you at Hampden in 5 weeks time.
  6. Don't shoot the messenger!! Just relaying what I read.
  7. Latest from Scott Burns is that Scott Leitch has spoken to John Boyle, but not about the manager's position. According to Burns, Leitch would jump at the chance to take over from Brown but the club need to make the approach. Watch this space?
  8. I take your point about not panicking but another couple of weeks could be seriously damaging - we have looked a completely rudderless ship in the two games since Brown walked out and unless someone who can stem this is appointed soon we could be very quickly sucked into the bottom six - we're almost as near third bottom as we are third top - and it's not so long ago we were looking comfortable in third. The rot was beginning to set in, which may explain Brown's haste, but if it's not stopped soon we're looking at a difficult few months. A safe pair of hands who knows the club or the SPL is required right now - my suggestion is Tommy McLean or Jimmy Calderwood.
  9. Today's Herald reports that Neil McDonald has withdrawn his interest. Doesnt think this is the right move for him. Strike 2.
  10. On BBC Twitter feed that Brown has resigned.
  11. How many penalties have we missed in 2010? It feels like quite a lot. My memory might be playing tricks on me. Was Jim O'Brien's miss in 2010? Forbes v Hibs. Hateley today. Did Hateley miss one before today?

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