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  1. The Report says talks have been going for a while So going by the mcall has a player in mind to replace him Good luck to him and i'm sure a decent fee ill have been received but some of that would have went to the player him self as part of the contract we gave him to convince him to join us
  2. We are paying gunner more than that ....
  3. So moving past the drum-gate Team for today ?
  4. 1st game in what seems like an age What's your predictions ad your line ups Buzzing to get back to watching us play !
  5. What's you best away day?
  6. Any one have any idea on how much a train will cost
  7. End of the season I would offer everything we can to keep him though really good prospect bit rash at times but a solid cb and he is still only a young lad
  8. Mc Hugh yes Cummins not so much If/when hutch goes we need depth in that department Kerr coming in means if Rambo gets a knock then carswell to rb which is defo not his strongest position
  9. If there going to play park the bus we need our technical break the bus down players to be on top form The vigers the ainsworths the faddys These are the players who I think can take a few defenders out the game with a good pass or a direct run, wee piece of skill would like to see faddy and anier start up front play into feat and break them down. Think Sutton up top and firing balls into him will make it easier for defenders when sitting deep parking the bus to defend against
  10. Just a quick word on ainsworth people saying he bounced around clubs ect He had a very lax attitude to training and that's why managers didn't like him but McCall seems to have fixed that Remember before signing with us Darren Randolph was a "controversial" keeper that bounced about club And I'm pretty sure if we had the chance to resign him there would be no complaints
  11. I would be up for it but I don't know how many games ect I can afford to go to (student ) and I know a few in the same situation as me
  12. im from ashgill (just outside of larky) was a friends dad that got me the fir park and i thank him every time i go for it and i know of 8 from ashgill alone vivamotherwell
  13. Am i the only one who thinks that the club should look to convert him into a left sided winger Or at least a left back who can play there this would benefit both the club and the player we will now have a left footed left winger who can come on and give us another option to attack he will get more time on the pitch as he is currently behind Mr. Consistency (Hammel) who i cant be see being dropped anyone have any thoughts on this ?
  14. did anyone ls not see Forbes at the accies game sat a few rows in front of me and my friends
  15. Law just for me las was outstanding felt humph and murph looked sharp but kinda fell away from it bug shout to higgy proved fitness was getting better chasing back (by no means is he pacy but not as slow) also when we just missed a chance he was trying to up the crowd and by good did it work now just to get some of the folk who where there to come more often

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