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  1. It's the Bel-Clasico tonight on BBC iPlayer if you fancy watching a game where Christy Manzinga and Gael Bigirimana are starting on opposing benches.
  2. Did we have that 4 million in the bank when those signings were made? Nope. Could we now use 4 million to go and sign a few players better than we currently have? Yes. Is it guaranteed they'd make the team shoot up the league and play better in Europe? Nope. It's not a cop out to ask that question of someone who is outright saying the players we have aren't good enough. The players have signed already have been signed based on how they have previously performed - just like any signing any team makes. They've not all performed as we had hoped, but it doesn't make them unworthy of being signed.
  3. Interesting to note that Oran Kearney has said that the money Coleraine have made from their run will likely be used to fund an all-weather park. I wrote on here when the draw was made that their pitch could be a factor. Having seen several games at The Coleraine Showgrounds, as well as Carrick's Taylors Avenue and the Ballymena Showgrounds - which doubles up as a stock car track of all things - Irish League pitches are horrendous in the main. Windsor Park is the obvious exception, the Oval is not too bad, while Crusaders and Larne have very good artificial surfaces. Cliftonville's plastic park is 10 times worse than Livi's. So while it's not an excuse that should be used, the park was always going to be a bit of a leveller last night. You can argue that both teams need to deal with it, but when one team plays on it every week, they get to know the run of it.
  4. What players should be at our club in your opinion? Who would be an affordable, reasonable signing that we could have made that would make a monumental difference to how we are playing at the moment? I don't know how long you've been a follower of the club, but for the 25 or so years I've been a supporter, we've been consistently inconsistent - a couple of years of relative success, followed by dire, dire seasons, with the occasional middle of the road season chucked in. In that time we've had players who have been stellar during their stay, players who have been duds from the word go, players who have made slow starts and gone on to better themselves, and others who have faded as quickly as they shone after first signing. The players that got us a third place finish last term have had a dip in form, no doubt about that. The players that have been brought in this summer haven;t hit the ground running. Both of these factors have contributed to the sluggish start. White was brought in on his pedigree of scoring in the lower leagues - the step up to the SPFL was always something he was going to have to get to grips with and he's had very little quality service from midfield or the wings to help him. Lamie was signed after being part of a Livi squad that defied expectation for the last couple of seasons. He hasn't looked the sharpest, but just like Gallagher the year before him, he looked a decent player at Scottish premiership level last season, so was a worthy signing. Debut aside, Lang is full of running and effort and has taken the goals he has scored well. Is he as good as the hype around him suggests? Not yet and possibly won't get there, but if he was, he wouldn't be playing for us. We knew what we were getting by re-signing Long, a player who showed what he can do in fits and starts for a club like us. It's took him a week or so to get his fitness up, but he's back to being full of running and a nuisance, as he showed from the bench last night. O'Hara and Watt were re-signed on the promise of what they showed previously for us, and to an extent, you could add Hastie to that list as well. No one is disagreeing that the start to the season has been limp at best, but given the budget we have and how well the team performed to get third place- even if it was a bit of a slog after January - saying that the signings made should never be at the club, in my opinion, is a dreadful take.
  5. Another potentially difficult tie against NI opposition then. Oran Kearney has worked wonders in both his spells as Coleraine manager, defensively solid and not bad going forward either. Where Glentoran maybe had a bit more creativity about them when attacking against us, Coleraine are a more agricultural side in terms of play and their ground. The Showgrounds is often a heavy, heavy park to play on, which has been a big help to their success in recent seasons. Their two most dangerous players would likely be James McLaughlin from midfield and Eoin Bradley up front. McLaughlin is very decent from distance, while Bradley is a seasoned Irish League goalscorer and battering ram with a bit of a dirty streak in him. There's a good few of their most recent games still on iPlayer I think, including their impressive penalty win over Maribor and a shambolic penalty shootout loss to Ballymena in the Irish Cup semi. They picked up about 8 bookings in the last round, so that could be a factor in how hard tackling they are against us if they believe they can get by us. Similar to the Glens game, I can see it being a fairly uncomfortable night for us on current form.
  6. With all respect, I've not mentioned bragging rights or bigotry being a factor. My point about wanting the ten is more about achieving something that's never been done before in Scottish football. All the ones I mentioned were elite level players at the time and while money would have been a factor in them being at Rangers, they were or went on to become star international players. They'd have been just as motivated to get the 10 at that point in their careers as they would the nine.
  7. So you're saying that Laudrup, Gascoigne, Gattuso, Albertz weren't arsed when they missed out on 10 at Rangers? Forster being happier to not be a first choice goalie in a season where he has all the potential to achieve history in the Scottish game is both a question of his ambition and his experience at Parkhead. If other seasoned Celtic players are also half-arsing it with the 10 in sight, that's also a convincing sign that they've either lost belief they can do it or lost belief in their manager. Over and above being fearful of losing Turnbull to another team in our league, I'm fearful of him going there when the current situation at that club could be detrimental to his development and subsequently any sell-on factored into the deal.
  8. I'm not sure that it will change anything re the transfer to Celtic, but last night's result for them has amped up the pressure on an already intense season. Lennon throwing players under the bus, his own management being questioned, the Bolingoli stuff being decided this week - DT signing and going into what may already be, or could easily become, a toxic dressing room environment might not work in his favour. If the manager has "lost the dressing room", it suggests an us v them atmosphere, which means new blood like DT might struggle to bed in easily. If results and performance at Celtic Park don't take an upturn, the quest for 10 could easily come off the rails. If Lennon gets the boot, does DT get the opportunity that he's potentially being given if a new boss comes in? Would DT want to be given the stigma so early in his career of being part of the squad that bottled 10IAR? If the players there already aren't arsed about getting it done, it makes DT's job even harder. With Forster not wanting to be a part of the 10IAR team, it tells you that something isn't right, almost like McInnes not taking the Rangers job that time. As per my opening line, I don't think it will change the transfer going through, but you have to think that given what's happens there in the last few weeks, a move to Celtic Park for David Turnbull might not be as plain-sailing as it's been sold to him.
  9. All the Irish League teams involved in the Europa League this week have had their games, home or away, streamed on BBC Sport and the iPlayer, so if the Glens get through, I don't see why they wouldn't get that access when they managed to get Legia Warsaw v Linfield.
  10. Glentoran v HB Torshavn is on the iPlayer on Thursday if any of you fancy a wee scouting mission. Good chance to see if Bigirimana and compare up to the challenge. Christy Manzinga's Linfield army are also streaming their match against Legia Warsaw on the Been tomorrow night.
  11. The NIFL Premiership kicks off again on October 17th, so they've a while yet before regular games if they go out to Torshavn or us. Cliftonville have been playing friendlies against Championship and amateur sides over here, Linfield are in full flow in their Champions League qualifiers and Coleraine will be starting their Euro warm ups soon as well, so the Glens may get some friendlies lined up for fitness.
  12. Glentoran will be coming into their first tie here with a good bit of momentum, but will also be lacking their star guys from last term. They won the Irish Cup two Fridays ago, after extra time, and less than 24 hours later, they sold Navid Nasseri, arguably their best fit player, to Linfield. Hrvoje Plum was a standout for them from August til January, pinging in free-kicks and worldies all over the shop until he injured himself trying to do a Larne player in at the turn of the year. Hasn't played since. No coincidence that their Irish League title challenge tailed off after that, as Plum had been pulling the strings towards it. Patrick McClean, brother of James, has put in some shift for them, scored a belter of an overhead kick in the earlier Irish Cup rounds and was a real driving force in the semi and final. Robbie McDaid is also a tricky wee player up front for them, while Elliot Morris is still a top goalie at Irish League level, despite his age. Manager Mick McDermott has instilled a good ethos in their dressing room and on the pitch, something they've badly lacked in the 6 years I've been over here and taking an interest in the local football. Like with almost all Irish League clubs, the Glens are a part time team, so by virtue of that, our fitness should be miles ahead. Both the semi and final went to extra time for them and after about 70 minutes in both games, Glentoran, Cliftonville and Ballymena were all blowing out their arses. If they manage to get past HB, then we should be able to see them off, although if Plum and Nasseri were still options for them, I'd maybe be a bit warier of them.
  13. It's the first game. Plenty of time to iron out the creases. Should we and could we have won last night? Probably. County scored and then tried to see the game out for an hour, putting everyone in two banks of defence, making it difficult to unpick through the middle. Hastie didn't look interested in beating his man for much of the first half, but glad to see that Seedorf did. McGinley made lots of positive runs down the left and put in some decent balls, the one for Whyte in particular. Long and Turnbull linked very well in first half and penalty aside, Gallagher and Lamie coped well with anything coming into them. Distribution from Dec was hit and miss. Donnelly's miss was as poor as you'll see and Grimshaw seemed like he had the wrong boots on. Carson did what he had to, Lang looks like he could be a handful and with quality delivery from either side, and better Polworth set pieces, Whyte could be a Sutton/Higdon type target man. I agree with the gaffer, that while the result is obviously at the forefront of everyone's minds, there were a few positive signs to be seen from the squad last night. The bar has been set for "worst" performance of the season so we can only improve from this point on.
  14. Christy Manzinga moves over the water to Linfield and goes straight in as their number 9 for the season. Should do well over here in the Irish League - if he's been through preseason with us, he'll be one of the fittest in the league by time it starts up again. Good chance for him to kick-start himself after being a so-so squad player last year.
  15. I see St Mirren are looking at Stevie May. I reckon we would be a great club for him to rejuvenate himself with. Always liked him and while it's not worked out at Aberdeen, he was essentially doing the Curtis Main role for them last season. If Robinson wants a similar setup and could somehow get May to find his confidence and shooting boots, he could be a great addition.

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