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  1. I thought we were really poor in terms of an attacking force on Saturday, Bob did nothing (again) to show that he has what it takes, Dom Thomas looked good, albeit really skinny wee guy, but very positive, going forward at every opportunity and had more shots than rest of the team put together, so stick him in, also liked the look of big Lee Erwin when he came on too. So, I'm worried about our lack of goal threat again in Europe, please let me see an away goal, but optimistic about the season ahead (as always), good to see the young guys getting a chance. We need another centre half, centre forward and a goalie that we can count on. Off to try and get accommodation for Iceland now that the flights are booked
  2. Heard that Alan Burrows would like to make this a feature for all home games, similar to the Norwegian guys, bet the Electric Bar would be up for it Kaaching !!!
  3. does anyone actually know if the game will be moved to Reykjavik?
  4. offered bigger money at a 'bigger club', Leeann did it, so no surprise, served us well over the years, good luck to him, haven't heard a bad word said about the guy, was a gent, but hey ho onwards and upwards
  5. 4 of us booked these flights with easyJet last week, got them £50 cheaper , still way cheaper than other options.
  6. Flight time from Moscow to Krasnodar is about 2 hrs 15mins, taxi from airport to hotel was about £16, you can book and pay in airport, its common for cars to stop and act as taxi, just make sure you agree price upfront. As I said previously the Kuban's are really good guys, we stayed for a couple of extra days after the match and they took us sightseeing, had a barbeque for us and even came to our hotel and drove us to airport on way back. Many thanks to Andrey, Ilya, crazy Goodvin and Roman and many others friends we made for making a great trip for Louis and myself.
  7. hi, as specialaka said, I went with my son, flew BA via Moscow (and Heathrow), some others also went via Moscow with Easyjet (and then siberian airlines). Local were very friendly, check out some of the other posts on this site relating to Kuban Krasnodar. We stayed in the Hilton on Krasnaya Street, which is the main street with lots of key buildings, war monuments, shops, bars, etc. It's a big city I think around 750K people, pleanty of history, locals only too happy to try and speak English and talk about their city. Best pub is Harats (Irish Bar) on Krasnaya Street, where some of the Kuban fans hang out. You will see some of their comments in the other threads, some of them posted so you could reach out to them. We were in Harats every night till around 2-3 in the morning, great time. Just beware the prices for drinks can vary wildly, some pubs it was £6 for a beer others £3. I submitted visa via an approved Russian visa agency in Edinburgh, I took the one week service, cost around £72 each, but you also need a letter of invitation to attach to your visa application, you can get these on line for a few pounds each and they will send them directly to your e-mail within a few minutes. If stuck for time, you can pay extra for express 3 day or 24hr application, but its much more expensive. FC Kuaban have a fan site 'the green mile', search for it and log onto that and post that you are coming over, tell them you spoke with Scott and Louis and they should look after you. We stayed for 4 nights and had a great time. Was tempted to stay down at black sea but glad we ended up staying in Krasnodar (it's about 2 hours drive to Black Sea, traffic dependant) Please don't call them Krasnodar fans they are FC Kuban fans, Krasnodar are their main rivals, also as specialaka mentioned, dont be temped to display banners and flags as the 'young team' will take offence and try and steal them. anything else give me a shout
  8. No luck with your flag, sorry mate, they tried to find it, but couldn't find anyone admitting to having it
  9. I will ask the guys tonight
  10. Guys panic is over Grimmy phoned hotel this morning, I have his stuff and will bring it home, not been on forum, having too much fun over here !!! Your jungle drums have been beating, got twitter and Facebook message from Kuban fans last night to get in touch with Grimmy
  11. Just arrived in Moscow, warm but humid, off to catch flight down to Krasnodar @theboiLouis
  12. Cheers special, will be speaking to fellow well fans tomorrow in the Hilton, will look out for info on website and twitter too, also texts from yourself
  13. So we go all that way and no tickets to be had as it's sold out ? edit; offical web page says its capacity is over 31,000

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