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  1. Been following the topic for a while but not said anything until I had really gathered my thoughts on the subject. TW is off his head for several reasons. 1. Why would you sign a contract with Utd before the transfer window is even open, would you not wait until close to the end to see what offers you can get? 2. Strange move altogether, Why sign a pre contact with Utd not knowing if Motherwell will let you go early when you are in line for a Scotland call up? Especially when there is a chance of a WC in the summer? He's not going to get picked for Scotland if he's not playing at club level and risking being sidelined for Motherwell seems odd. A Scotland call up or 2 could have added a few grand a week extra into his offers in the summer. 3. Why go to United anyway? They can't be offering that much more than us and there is no guarantee he's going going have the form for them that he's had with us. His stock could drop rapidly and with his previous record with other teams blowing more cold than hot, it's a big risk. If it were upto me I would refuse all offers for him to go in Jan and stick him in the stand or out doing the public appearance duties. There is no way in hell he is going to put in a full effort to try get us Europe when the team he will be playing for next season is also in the hunt for it. Playing him is only going to cause unrest with the fans which can echo its way down the tunnel into the changing room. Get people on the park that are going to be here next year. Either bring in a new first pick striker or get CS upto speed. I said to my friend a while ago that cheering on Watt felt like something from the twilight zone. If you had told me that 3 or 4 years previous I would have laughed at you, but it happened, and honestly I have been both surprised and impressed by Watt in his time here. But that time is over and we should do everything we can to disrupt both a direct rival team and their player.

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