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  1. As a first year in school my parents paid my ticket, as a student, they dont, right now I cant even really afford the student price never mind the full price, and I am sure there are others in the same boat. Obviously the situation differs from person to person.
  2. only just realised its on BT.... which I have! lol
  3. nvm found one https://www.vipbox.live/motherwell-vs-hearts-1-live
  4. http://vipboxing.top/soccer/watch-375c10-livingston-motherwell?l=1455066466 it works but lagging for me but might just be my connection
  5. Yeah it's been like that for the friendlies as well. Get a bit of a feeling the social media side has slipped a little bit, might just be because the league hasn't started yet.
  6. We used to do decent interview videos with the new signings, seems to be lacking this season, what happened?
  7. It's a bit of an open question, it would depend on who, what are their intentions/ ambitions, how much are they willing to put into the club, do they have experience in running a club our size, what is their long term plans in terms of keeping or selling, how could they improve on the current situation with the society, what is their track record like? plus many more.
  8. Just give it a few and we will be talking about him pumping the lassies behind the pie kiosks :)
  9. Very true, as I said in the Turnbull thread, silly season has got the better of me this year.
  10. Perhaps, but it's certainly not grounds for a witch hunt as we don't know the facts and as I say my memory might be misfiring a bit here. I can't really work out how it's grounds for him being barred from FP though, maybe a bit unethical but if pumping a co-worker was grounds for being sacked then there would be thousands out of jobs. Unless of course they were caught at it in the FP dugout or something. However it does explain his rather strangely timed departure.
  11. I could be totally making this up bit I'm sure there was a lassie that used to be one of the mascots that then became a physio. She was a Well fan and posted on Twitter a fair bit, a quick look there and she seems to have disappeared off Twitter, not naming names cos that would be shite but that adds up. That is if I'm not talking ballocks.
  12. Downside now being that the club will probably now have to take another look at recruitment as you can guarantee they had signings lined up based on the money they were expecting to come in.
  13. Then right after that stick him on a 5 year contract
  14. Actually so done with this, Just pull the deal and end this whole fiasco. Turnbull isn't daft, he will see what Celtic are trying to do.
  15. No chance that's what they are offering. What a brass neck if that's the case.
  16. In his most stunning U turn yet, David has decided to make the switch away from football in favour of a new sport.
  17. Sources close to ground crew say he made the flight.
  18. No fucking way thats not photoshopped why are people even questioning it?
  19. If we can stick a tricky runner along side him that can put it on a plate for him I'm sure we would bang them in. Something along the lines of the Ojamma Higdon partnership.
  20. The slight advantage we have is we can point to the fact we have just sold someone for 3.25 million to Celtic and had a bid from a premiership club. Certainly shows he are an excellent place to be if you want to move on up and with the spare bit of folding we have, we could certainly offer Shankland a decent wage.

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