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  1. Otherwise known as the "Michael Jordan retires from the NBA as he really wants to play baseball for a year" tactic.
  2. More likely this one.
  3. As soon as I saw you'd quoted me I was already braced for pedantry... I'm sure you know I just picked the number 100 at random, as opposed to having actually counted chances. But then, given you actually googled it, perhaps not.... *Just by being at games you can see that our conversion rate from good chances is poor. (*Pre-pedantry clarification - this isn't me trying to imply that you aren't at games).
  4. Goals scored is a very superficial way of deciding whether your attacks are effective. By lack of goals he's obviously meaning our chances/goals conversion rate, which is absolutely shocking. In isolation, Scoring 16 goals is great. However taking around 100 shots and only converting 16 of them, is terrible and as B_B says above, it suggests finishing and decision-making are areas that need addressing. It's an extremely inefficient way to play that you'll only get away with for so long.
  5. Went for Polworth, although if i was to find a criticism it would be that he's so focused on trying to find deft little passes that he overlooks some fantastic opportunities to get a shot away. Particularly in the 2nd half he had two or three chances at the edge of the box to just put the laces through the ball, but instead tried to play a little dink through. Maybe put off by his couple of wild efforts in the first half. Great player though.
  6. Long has had family issues the last couple of weeks.
  7. You can't add them on...If he'd scored the sitter, then every single thing that came after it would have been different. The 2nd chance wouldn't even have happened.
  8. I don't want any of our players to play for Scotland, because Scotland are utter dugmeat and when we're trying to improve the Motherwell side i'd prefer it if our players weren't semi-regularly put on a massive downer by getting pumped by 90% of the countries on earth.
  9. Me and my mum have also sat in the Cooper for 25 years, and whilst I'm not aware of actually knowing you or your dad, I recognise him from the photos as a regular face in the stand. I hope you make it to the County game...I lost my dad suddenly a week before the Aberdeen Scottish Cup semi at Hampden the other season, and going to that game was the best thing I could have done during that whole period. I can also confirm that if anyone was still wondering with the benefit of hindsight where Curtis Main pulled a finish like that from, it was my da' making it happen. Apologies for misleading everyone . All the best to you and yours.
  10. Al B

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I'm not talking about him being off his game, i'm talking about him pulling out of challenges and not putting the usual meat behind the ball in a 50/50, in the way that someone would if they were protecting a knee or an ankle or something. For the record though I completely agree with you about Hylton on Friday.
  11. Al B

    2019-20 Rebuild

    We commented at the game that Tait did that 3 or 4 times on Friday. We wondered if he was maybe protecting an injury or something, he really didn't look himself at all.
  12. Main would just be swapping one reason for not scoring goals for another. Johnson would be as much of a waste as Scott, as it doesn't matter who's there if you don't have anyone that can deliver the ball to them in a semi-decent area.
  13. Choosing the tactic of having everything go though a guy playing long diagonal Pirlo/Beckham passes, and deciding Charles Dunne is going to be that guy, is like deciding you want a room full of balloons for a party and choosing Edward Scissorhands to blow them up. What's even more stupid, is then not being able to understand why your party has no balloons.
  14. I still think we'll finish 4th.
  15. Al B


    From what I gather, Shankland was asking for 3 grand a week and a 300k signing on fee. United gave him it.
  16. I actually agree with that part that I've put in bold. For me it was one of those days where the weather is great, the crowd is great, everyone is in a cracking mood and it feels like one of those days where the players are just going to revel in it, and then they don't. That always makes disappointment feel worse.
  17. As I said in the post you actually quoted, i'm not blaming it for our performance. In fact i'm not even relating it to specifically our game at all. It just makes watching football matches in general, a less appealing way to spend time when it's already too expensive across the board.
  18. Absolutely agree with that. I was thinking today that it should be classed in the same category as a restricted view ticket. Have a plastic pitch if you like, but you can't charge full price for a ticket as you're restricting the product fans are paying to watch.
  19. I've never really waded in on the whole plastic pitch thing before, but it's getting beyond a joke. Not even blaming it for us not being great today, it just makes games shite to watch overall.
  20. Never in any doubt, although i'd always be nice to Gaz in the hope he takes me with him next time he's playing in a Vegas poker tourney.
  21. I was standing on the terrace that day in the middle of my first ever hangover, so it might not even have been Buff
  22. Shaun Teale didn't sign for us until the following year, but I seem to remember Brian Martin having a howler that day.

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