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  1. Looks like everyone is fit apart from the usual suspects Turnbull and Dunne, as I do think we need a strong side against Dundee, I am still slightly concerned as I do think Dundee will have a go at us and with us undefeated in the last couple of years against them, this might be the game that they will turnaround their fortune against us, provided we have the correct attitude we should win though.
  2. Has anyone heard how the closed door game went against Hibs yesterday?
  3. SR indicating there might not be any new players arriving this window!!
  4. I hope you don’t wait til 7.30 to enter for kick off as you might miss us scoring as it’s a 7.20 KO
  5. Hopefully good news that we have a friendly on Tuesday against Hibs, albeit being closed doors, at least we are having a game prior to cup game on Saturday as last season we had no game prior to Ross County after the winter shutdown, which didn’t do us any favours.
  6. At the AGM SR said that he was seeing the specialist at the end of the week 20th Dec hoping that he can go to the next stage of his recovery, but no news of how that went, I just hope no news is good news.
  7. Considering our recent form and lying third in the SPFL I would love to see a good turnout of Well fans, it would be great to see at least 5,000 home fans, is that too much to expect?
  8. I am surprised by Wigan want him back from loan, I don’t think I will be that upset if true.
  9. Sorry I forgot to add that Alan Burrows reckons there was no sell on clause with Kidderminster Harriers for Johnson.
  10. It was also mentioned by Alan Burrows that the Chris Cadden situation will be a long process but seem confident of possibly getting some money for him but will need to be sorted out by FIFA in Switzerland. He also mentioned that we are still in dispute with Marvin Johnson’s club before we signed him as they think they are entitled to some of the money from his sell on clause!!
  11. Stephen Robinson did state that Ross County has a lot bigger budget to ours, so would suggest Livingston and Hamilton are the two below us in the budget league. Another point raised by SR was our training facilities which he said is not fit for purpose, and he said that a good training facilities definitely attracts better players, the chairman did say they are looking into the situation but the usual problem of lack of funds was the problem.
  12. Mugabe unfortunately totally at fault for the first goal, let’s hope it is a lesson learnt, but I would suspect Hartley will play against Killie, although the plastic pitch might not suit him?
  13. Nobody has mentioned that there was only about 900 Hearts fans turned up on Saturday which is approximately 5% of their supporters that go to every home game, we had approximately 750 fans at Paisley on the Wednesday night which is 20% of our supporters, so much for the Hearts who claim to be the third biggest support in Scotland!! i think even St Mirren would have brought more to Fir Park than Hearts.
  14. Tut tut no Long, I thought he had an excellent game and don’t forget Gillespie who apart from a couple of saves did not put a foot wrong today (very secure)
  15. I know I gave it to Mugabe the vote but that was based on being there watching the game and specifically the tackle he made on the St Mirren forward around the 35th minute , but after seeing the game on Alba I would change it to James Scott as I didn’t realise how well he took his goals, to be fair when you are sitting in the opposite end of the pitch from the goals you don’t get the full picture of the goals.

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