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  1. I thought that he was a good player a bit lightweight maybe but had a good football brain in him and would expect him to do well at Killie.
  2. Does anyone know is our longtime injury players Donnelly and Carson fully fit again?
  3. I hope this isn’t the quality of player for future signings? I know it’s a bit of a lottery for taking players in the non leagues of England, but surely we could get similar type players in the lower Scottish leagues? I take it that Jordan Roberts will not be available on loan this season?
  4. Have to say that was my thoughts as well, that Carson might have fitness problems, let’s hope we have added 2+2 and got 20! On the player transfer or sorry non player transfer activity I would have thought that we have some kind of update from the club by now, I can guess it will be difficult to find replacements for Campbell and Gallagher but I am sure they will be working on it but will not be easy?
  5. With Fox in goals, is there still a problem with Carson?
  6. Have we got pre season games arranged? According to some reports we have a game in 9 days!!
  7. middleeastdave


    Very sad news, I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times through the exiles and was an absolute gentleman and most helpful. Will be truly missed. My deepest condolences to his wife and family. RIP Andy
  8. Can we add Greg Stewart just released by Rangers
  9. Will be interesting to see if Lasley follows him down?
  10. According to my Rangers mate, he reckons that Hastie and a few others namely Jones and Middleton are going to be released of their contracts, whether that’s true or not it is not unsurprising, if we get Hastie for nothing I would be willing to give him a chance, but would prefer Jones if we had an option!!
  11. I am certainly not in favour of Hastie returning, all I know for definite he will not be playing in the Rangers team next season and beyond!!
  12. Have to say probably needed, out of the loanees I would love to see Robert’s and Kelly back although I believe QPR have let one of their goalkeepers go to Middlesbrough so maybe Kelly might step up? I also suspect Hastie might be back for another season on loan.
  13. According to the Record we are favourites to sign Connor Sheilds from QoS, unfortunately don’t know much about him but was scoring for Q of S so maybe worth a punt
  14. I hope GA was looking at the final as St Johnstone’s defending was magnificent curtailing Hibs to one genuine opportunity in the game, I would love us to see us defending like that!
  15. Mugabi is definitely out as he was operated on last week

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