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  1. Personally I am not sure about getting a Scotland call up but after thinking about it, I don’t think he could be any worse than Dykes or Nisbet, I am sure he will be on Steve Clarke’s radar so wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a call up!
  2. Sorry to put this in this post but our game v Celtic which is scheduled for Saturday 16th October with a 1500 hrs kick off, does anyone know will that be changed for TV?
  3. Just a bit of information, couple of golf mates are Hearts supporters and they have received an email saying that the game against us on October 2nd October that Hearts will not be selling any tickets (to Hearts supporters) until they get clarification from the Scottish Government about the guidelines for Covid passports, so based on that it might be another away game where we will end up with no tickets?
  4. I am not 100% sure I know KVV was booked for diving but after seeing it again Steven McLean seem to wait a few seconds suggesting that assistant referee had seen the dive, anyway my point if that’s true then the assistant are very good at seeing at any Motherwell infringements but not a blatant penalty for us or their goal being offside!!
  5. Does anyone know if there is going to be a reserve or under 21 league this year as at the moment we will have a few players that will not play any competitive football in the near future which cannot be good for their careers or the club.
  6. Sorry but I thought Beaton had a good game as far as Scottish refereeing performances go, he basically had mostly every decision correct, I know at the game we tend to disagree but watching on TV after the game he wasn’t far wrong, although I do agree that if it had been Willie Collum refereeing Van Veen would have been sent off for a second yellow.
  7. Just seen that tackle on Allan and is very lucky to be able to limp off instead of being carried off, as for the tackler he is a very lucky man to escape a red card, surely his yellow card will be upgraded to red!
  8. Really enjoyed the game and the defence were rock solid, considering it was Solholm’s, first game for us it looked like he had been playing all of the season with this team and can only get better as we progress. Hopefully good times ahead, the only down side for me there were supposed to be just over 4,100 Well supporters at the game and we have suppose to have sold over 5,200 season tickets?
  9. With Paterson out tomorrow night I would think SOD will probably start, I am certainly not confident of getting a result to be honest, but it would be nice to get a result if he plays
  10. Went for Grimmy but thought Watt and Lamie were not far behind
  11. I’m afraid same as last week, the heads are down after conceding and no signs of any comeback in my opinion
  12. Ojala yesterday looks promising he had a few scary moments ( still not sure who was supposed to be marking Ashcroft for the winner) but it was his first game so hopefully he will improve. Shields I think he will come good, he is certainly not scared of having a go at goals, but probably need to persevere with him, even King Louis when he arrived took a couple of months to start scoring, so patience is required (I hope)
  13. I disagree, I thought he had good first half although unlucky when hitting the bar when should have placed into any of the corners, I am sure he will come good as he is not scared of having a shot on goal and the more game time will help him. if you had said our midfield was mince then I would agree!
  14. I noticed that Malmö last night not happy with Alan McGregor handling the ball outside his box and only getting a yellow card, just remind us of Carson 4 years ago against St Johnstone getting sent off for allegedly handling outside the box, what is the ruling on the goalkeepers handling the ball outside the box, maybe a different ruling from UEFA and SFA? Trevor was also booked for holding the ball more than six second rule, must be the only goalkeeper in Scotland to have been punished for this ruling yet most goalkeepers do break this rule continuously every week!

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