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  1. Where does GI Joe fit in this category?
  2. I would like to think or hope that GA would like to maybe get one or two of our contracted players away ( not sure who but there will be a few candidates) and bring in better replacements?
  3. Will the pitch be ready for the 21st July?
  4. So sorry to hear of Andy’s cancer, I had the pleasure of being in his company about 12 years ago funnily enough in a pub in Linlithgow and found him an absolute gentleman and when he found out I was a Well supporter he had nothing but good things to say about his time at Fir Park, I know it doesn’t sound too good for Andy but let’s hope he has soon good quality of life left.
  5. To think we let Donnelly go and still gets into the Northern Ireland squad, we don’t usually let internationalist go, it must be some squad we are going to have next season!!
  6. I would like to think that European football might entice some players to us as I am sure you all know that St Mirren, Killie, Livingston and even Ross County are all competing for the same type players, the disadvantage that we have is our poor training facilities!
  7. I forgot to add, I wonder where Donnelly will end up next season…not too far away!
  8. Good enough for the club to issue an update, no real surprises, my personal thoughts would like to have seen O’Connor to get another contract and would have liked O’Hara to have stayed but will not loose any sleep for him to sign for St Mirren
  9. It didn’t take long!! The same day our video of saying farewell is released, St Mirren release a video on St Mirren TV, with Keith telling them that it was an honour to be with St Mirren and he wants to take St Mirren to the top! Anyway best of luck Keith in your new position.
  10. GA has mentioned that he has learned this year about pre-contracts, does this mean that the pre contract signing is not applicable to England?
  11. The players getting released are slowly coming out, are there any official lists? like many others I thought Darragh could have a chance with us, let’s hope GA knows what he is doing, he is obviously getting rid of players as they are out of contract, but there is a couple of players that are still in contract that need to be told to find another club!
  12. Was at Player of the Year awards last night which was an excellent evening in an excellent venue and superbly hosted by Tam Cowan giving GA plenty of stick!
  13. I would think Hibs supporters would be delighted if we took Scott as they were certainly not wanting Hibs to take him for next season!
  14. Have to say I actually thought he had a good game Mathew MacDermid, just the one booking (Slattery) which was deserved and CERTAINLY better than our usual supposed to be senior refs namely Collum and Beaton and would think he will be the rising star for referees

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