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  1. According to SR around 1100 hrs they were informed that Campbell and McGuire were possibly in contact with Covid today, although had the heads up from Alan Burrows last night that there could be potential problems with the under 21 squad.
  2. Can we add Dunne as well, in fact is he still employed by us?
  3. Just wondering if we will have any after affects with Gallagher/O’Donnell after playing last night in Israel, after we played our game in Israel we were completely flat footed against Rangers. I do agree with what SR said that the games where players involving travelling for Scotland on the Wednesday especially travelling back probably early Thursday should be put back 24 hrs to the Sunday.
  4. It is not about time to get his contract extended?
  5. Probably not in the right post, but watched the under 21 game v Croatia ending 2-2 first of all was a very good game to watch and Scotland unlucky not to win, but my point I thought Campbell and McGuire certainly didn’t let us down and McGuire unlucky not to score, but hopefully both players will certainly benefit by playing against a very good Croatian side.
  6. I agree Iain with what your thinking, I honestly think if we have the correct attitude towards the game we will get something from the game, but we will need 11 players to be at their best to do that.
  7. I cannot believe we have another medium/long term injury during the international break, we certainly have more injuries on the training pitch than on the match day, unfortunately we will miss Mugabi but hopeful McGuire will step in and prove he is ready for the first team.
  8. Danny Johnson Scores yet again tonight, but unfortunately on the losing side.
  9. I agree Iain but the point of protocol is to assure that Scottish football Premier league continues as Nicola would soon shut it down if protocol is not being followed. What I would be worried about if a Killie supporter is the whole staff have to self isolate which suggests to me that NHS Ayrshire have found evidence of players/staff not sticking to their bubbles, but there again I could be adding 2+2 and getting 8, but as you said innocent until proven guilty.
  10. I thought that last season I would have said he showed signs of promise, but this season sadly not although to be fair I didn’t think he got much opportunity to show last seasons promise, I wish him luck with Ross County Does this mean we will bring in a couple of players now? I am not sure if Cole will be the answer if we get him and I wonder why he was not getting games with Doncaster?
  11. I really do love to see any Motherwell player getting International recognition and being selected, but I am puzzled why in Scotland’s case that Gallagher and O’Donnell have been selected, as what I have seen of the pair this season I would not select them for Scotland as I don’t think they have done enough this season to merit selection. I am not saying they are playing badly, I can understand why they were selected last season as they both played well and justified selection to the squad, but this season sorry not playing well enough for selection in my opinion! Now I see PJ Morrison has been selected for the under 21’s which must be great for Peter and a confidence booster for the young keeper, but I question why was he called into the squad, as far as I know I don’t think he has a game this season?
  12. In answer to the question how do I think Stephen Robinson is doing? in truth average, at the start of the season I genuinely thought we were in for a very good season with his signings but in truth they are very average with Lamie being the worst of the signings closely followed by Hastie, White and McGinley although they are not getting much game time, last season wonders Seedorf and Hayton, I am sorry but a waste of wages in my opinion, so who will be bring into the team this season from our younger players, I think the simple answer is no one as we don’t have anyone ready according to SR apart from a 16 year old Max Johnstone who is being favoured to be a substitute! SR stated we had turned the corner when we beat Aberdeen 3-0, I am sorry I think we turned the corner and hit a brick wall, as always we must have the worst record against the old firm in the premier league, we have just got used to being slaughtered by them each game, even Hamilton can produce better results against them than us. I think he will do enough to keep us in the Premier league which is probably our level of achievement, he is also had to loose our best player each season which is the normal for our operating parameters, hopefully I will be proved wrong and end up in top 6 and do well in the cups, I really hope so.
  13. Does this mean that SR is admitting that White and Lang are crap if he needs to sign another forward. If I was SR my priority would be a replacement for Lanier and McGinley.
  14. Agree entirely Jim, I am not saying we deserve anything out of the game but there were spells of the game I thought we looked half decent especially on the first 25 minutes of the second half, but once again a moment of madness by Gallagher killed the game as a contest, although once again we let in a goal just before the half time, although you have to say it was great cross and good header but terrible defending. I honestly think we missed Mugabi badly tonight whether it would have made the difference I would doubt it. To tell you the truth I wasn’t too confident of a victory in Israel,, but we just have to hope we can recover for Sunday! I have a bad feeling unfortunately for then.

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