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  1. I will take a draw for this one, I would imagine with both teams keeping an eye on their respective European ties on Thursday that it might be a tame affair......or it might be drubbing for us! any team news I can’t see Campbell being risked if doubtful.
  2. It is a lockdown but I presume like here in UK, professional sportsman get preferential allowances to play as they are being tested.
  3. Our old friend Danny Johnson scores the winner for Leyton Orient against Oldham
  4. Mugabe for me, although Campbell was a close second but thought he tired second half.
  5. Robinson announces that Donnelly will not be available until 2021 Carrol and Dunne progressing whatever that means!! McGinley available for selection on Saturday scott Fox to get operation but will be out for the season so who will be the next player to be out long term?
  6. Unfortunately I cannot see us getting any size of a crowd this Side of Xmas, even in England the test crowds have been capped at 1000 now and with the threat of another lockdown looming the future does not look bright. If this is the case I can see a few teams not surviving especially the full time teams in the Championship which will be the the most affected I suspect.
  7. I see Hearts managed to beat St Mirren in a friendly today, has anyone any idea if we have any friendlies fixed with lower SPFL sides as they are in pre season and would make sense to see some of our younger players or possibly players coming back from injuries getting a game?
  8. Yes this is what SR did say but he has been very quiet which indicates to me he is still not ready and with no reserve league this season, I would imagine he would need to organise a friendly to get some match practice for him unless he is happy enough to throw him straight into the first team?
  9. I am sorry if I started this debate about SR with my post comparing us against Hearts , I will be the first to stand up and admit I was wrong if he turns things around. My main gripe is Robinson’s pre and post match comments which seems to be genuine and honest, he keeps on about a reaction after a defeat, well I am sorry the reaction in my opinion is not what anyone wants to see as you can tell by the results. I think every so called Scottish football experts were forecasting us to have a better season than last season based on our new signings as I was as well, it appears to me that we have been let down by our players, but also we are playing players out of position due to injuries as we had last season as well, you might have thought SR would have learned from that but not many would have thought that 3 left wing backs would have been injured long term, so maybe my criticism is a bit over the top, but I would like us to give the old firm a game of it rather than just throw the towel in as happened on Sunday.
  10. Taxi for Robinson/Lapsley for me, have we improved in the last year.....a very simple answer is a big NO, we are going to do a Hearts this season where everyone thought that Hearts would easily would climb the league last season. i will give them that they have had some injuries mostly in training as Hearts had last season, but the players that we are left with, I am sorry they are NOT performing as a team. The games that I have watched ok they had a lot of possession but without creating any genuine goal chances. Against Celtic it looked embarrassing for Scottish football to see it was supposed to be a competitive game when one side never got into first gear beat us easily. I hope I am proven wrong but I think we are definitely relegation material and think it’s time to look for new ideas from a new management team!
  11. I think unless we have some millionaires who are willing to plough money for a new stadium we will be at Fir Park for the foreseeable future. I think it’s common knowledge that SR has stated that the priority for him should be a training ground and is hoping that the DT money will help towards that cause, but when you see Aberdeen spent 13 million for their training ground don’t see us getting much of one if relying on the DT money!!
  12. I do wish him all the best but I still think Celtic have got him for a bargain price, but for football reasons I still think he would have been better Playing his football down South either in Championship or even Premier league. i would love to see Jamie Murphy back with us now?
  13. I think it’s inevitable that we will loose Turnbull, but I would prefer him to go down South as I am sure he could be sold on for a lot more money than we will get if sold now, obviously Celtic don’t want him cup tied with us for European games so hence the urgency of the possible transfer. Personally I think he is worth more than the 3 million that is being quoted, but there again the money would be handy as I still would like to see Jamie Murphy back with us, but also remember where Dundee United went when selling their best players!!
  14. I hope he takes a look at his record for all of 2020 we have played 17 competitive games including Scottish cup games and we have managed THREE victory’s, I am sorry to say that’s not good enough SR.
  15. I would think that Robinson will be under a lot of pressure as a result to the start of the season, let’s remember two months ago we were all pleading for him not to take the NI job, I am semi confident he will turn things around and I cannot see Burrows sacking him, so everyone jump on Motherwell rollercoaster!!

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