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  1. Great servant to Motherwell, Liverpool and Scotland, sadly missed. I remember when he was manager for us saying he was disappointed at a league game not involving the ugly sisters were not getting 10,000 supporters...you can tell that was a long time ago!! RIP IanSaintJohn
  2. Hamilton should have beaten Hibs last week, until the sending off there was only one team in it until then. We tend to beat ourselves before a ball is kicked!!
  3. With a month between last pre split fixture and first post split, we should have a full team, even Charlie Dunne might be fit!!
  4. I suspect GA starting to sort the coaching staff gradually, will Lapsley be next? Mind you I hope he has looked at his player recruitment, 1/10 I would give him.
  5. Saw Lang’s goal for Wigan against Lincoln was a cracker, pity he was on the losing side though, we have never replaced him
  6. What’s worrying for me GA thinks Tyler had a good game today, that is worrying!!
  7. You are too optimistic, I think it will be East Kilbride in a years time as long as he is playing for us,
  8. It’s ok for the SFA saying they plan to complete the Scottish cup ties this season, cannot see the lower league clubs playing before end of March, I think even they clubs will require 2-3 weeks for training before resuming their leagues which leaves not a lot of room for fulfilling the Scottish cup ties, I am not saying it cannot be done but will prove very difficult, there could be a bonus we might have some crowds back for the final in June!!
  9. With regards to the refurbishment of the John Hunter stand, they are replacing all seats which I understand but what is the point of replacing the Boyz end of the stand and with a few clubs installing safe standing/seats, I would have thought that would be better options as let’s face it they never would use the seats during a game!!
  10. Interesting to hear GA saying that he might have got the team selection wrong, I would love to know how he would have changed it, as the previous game we were singing the praises of the defence and the only change from the Killie game was to bring in O’Hara for Crawford which I suspect 99% of us would have agreed to that change!!
  11. Let’s put down to bad day at the office, I think we could have played with 12 men and still not win today!!
  12. As a matter of interest if SR was still in charge where do you think our team would be sitting at the moment? Personally I think we would be sitting 11th or 12th, I am afraid a sad reflection on a man that got us to two cup finals and European football, we thank him for that but his days were up for us.
  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cole is given a 2 match ban for his kick at that Celtic player whoever he was and to be fair it’s warranted, silly stupid thing to do.
  14. It looks like Tommy Wright will be in charge of Killie for our game, not sure if that will help them or not, I would think he would need a couple of weeks to sort them out, but there again GA sorted us out first game in charge!!
  15. Let’s hope it’s Elvis that takes over the Killie job and I cannot see anything but 3 points for us .

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