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  1. I actually blame John Beaton for us losing, until the sending off we were in complete control and looked like we could go on to win it!! Joking aside it was a very poor team effort and was difficult to give anyone man of the match as nobody stood out for me, but maybe might be a good result in the long term hopefully not to take Morton lightly now?
  2. According to BBC gossip we have had a bid for Zak Rudden rejected, interesting considering GA has supposed to have said we didn’t need another striker at the moment which might suggest TW will be away this month. No idea what Rudden is like but looks like a Jordan White type player?
  3. Ditto best of luck Robbie, but have to say GA knows what players have to be moved on.
  4. I see Jordan Roberts does not feature in our first team squad, so I take it that his future doesn’t lie with us?
  5. I am sorry we cannot afford anymore injury prone players, this will be the problem with KVV and can be out injured if not suspended!!
  6. I would expect a tougher game for this one compared to the St Johnstone game, although I would like to think we will get the 3 points. I cannot see many or any changes unless we have some fresh injuries.
  7. Exactly probably one of our easier wins today, but I would be worried if I was a St Johnstone supporter.
  8. Absolutely ridiculous yellow card, I have watched that incident a few times although just from the say camera view and how it was a foul never mind a yellow card, unfortunately it will take Slattery on to six yellows so looks like he will miss the game at Dingwall ( I think!!) The quicker we get VAR the better as most teams against the ugly sisters never get rub of the green.
  9. Sorry but without our main centre backs I cannot see nothing but a big loss today but I would love to be proved wrong!
  10. I know it’s good to look at that view, but after the Celtic game we are playing most of the teams below us including the possible relegation side/s but there will certainly not be an easy game for us, as we found out against Dundee! Forthe first time in years I don’t really know which team will be involved in the relegation at the end of the season, after seeing all the sides there are no obvious candidates as although Ross County are bottom I still think they are not a bad side and we will do well to come away from Dingwall on the 29th with any kind of result, mind you Hibs supporters will be very concerned about their teams form.
  11. I like most Well fans cannot see other than a Celtic victory, mind you if we had a fully fit squad I would think we could cause a surprise, but alas we will not have that luxury!!
  12. So it looks like Sol went off with cramp and should be fit for Saturday which is good news
  13. I would think Solholm will be doubtful as it looked like his hamstring had gone when he came off on Tuesday which in my opinion will be big loss, he will put Bevis into centre back position with SOD back into his usual slot, although I see O’Connor is back in the subs bench again, so maybe he could fit in?
  14. Not the toughest tie that we could get, but we are talking Motherwell here, but I would like to think we could win this regardless who we play, my only concern it will be our first game back after the shutdown where our opponents will be match!

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