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  1. Did you notice the players at the end of 90 mins getting water via china mugs, no water bottles then, sign of the times!!
  2. Does anyone know are the players still at training , or where are the players if not, with no social media on them I take it they are all just staying at home and awaiting on the guidelines from SPFL if the season is officially over just on another mid season break, must be very frustrating for players as if they are on an enforced break, what do they do? They certainly cannot go on any holidays!
  3. Well the good news is Alan Campbell will have a chance to get over his ankle knock! i would imagine it will be difficult for every team what to do regarding football training, will they consider this a shutdown and just send players home on standby or just keep them on a routine training as I suspect this is going to last a few weeks, if not until the official end of the season, let’s hope the SPFL are giving updates and guidance to clubs, although if the guidance is like the politicians we will have mixed views and opinions.
  4. I agree completely, you must question the prosecution service for taking this case to court. lets hope this will help kick start our players into a winning ways again.
  5. The only good news is Mazinga misses the match through suspension, but it will be interested to hear if there is any further injuries from Tuesday.
  6. I think Robinson’s priority is a training ground as he has mentioned many times especially at the AGM in December 2019
  7. I do worry for us on Saturday as I am sure St Mirren will take encouragement from our last two performances, but let’s hope we are the wounded animal on Saturday? mind you I see the Sun is trying to get Long suspended for a stamp on Brown in the first half, no doubt he will get a ban as everyone knows you cannot do that on Celtic player especially Brown!!
  8. So does that mean he is back in our first team squad?
  9. Looks like everyone is fit apart from the usual suspects Turnbull and Dunne, as I do think we need a strong side against Dundee, I am still slightly concerned as I do think Dundee will have a go at us and with us undefeated in the last couple of years against them, this might be the game that they will turnaround their fortune against us, provided we have the correct attitude we should win though.
  10. Has anyone heard how the closed door game went against Hibs yesterday?
  11. SR indicating there might not be any new players arriving this window!!
  12. I hope you don’t wait til 7.30 to enter for kick off as you might miss us scoring as it’s a 7.20 KO
  13. Hopefully good news that we have a friendly on Tuesday against Hibs, albeit being closed doors, at least we are having a game prior to cup game on Saturday as last season we had no game prior to Ross County after the winter shutdown, which didn’t do us any favours.
  14. At the AGM SR said that he was seeing the specialist at the end of the week 20th Dec hoping that he can go to the next stage of his recovery, but no news of how that went, I just hope no news is good news.
  15. Considering our recent form and lying third in the SPFL I would love to see a good turnout of Well fans, it would be great to see at least 5,000 home fans, is that too much to expect?

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