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  1. Not sure how accurate of reports that Stoke City are interested in Turnbull, I know we will loose him sometime and maybe with the Irish connection with ONeill/ Robinson that this report might have some truth, I would prefer that he went South as he might command a bigger fee if sold on.
  2. Reasonable start for the fixture list for us, so cannot complain.
  3. Definitely yes, not too sure what % but would think it would be around the 25%
  4. Very difficult one about Hastie, personally I thought he was a reasonably good player but didn’t think he was Rangers/Celtic class player, but Rangers thought otherwise and have gave him a contract that will set him up for most of his footballing career and even Motherwell gained £400,000 (I think?)out of it. Would I have him back on loan, probably as long as MFC benefit as I think SR and his team could be the answer for Hastie to get back to some kind of regular football as he certainly will not get that at Ibrox. Let’s face it anyone working especially at the age of 20 getting a chance to getting a pay rise of 500%, I don’t think many would turn down!
  5. Watched the highlights and Scott took his headed goal well, although it was a free header but placed it well. Kipre also made a match winning tackle against Blackburn in the last minute, from that tackle Wigan went up and scored a second, seemingly playing well.
  6. What do you mean, first defeat and it will be “Robinson out“
  7. Excellent signing, happy enough with most of the signings (I think) I actually think we might actually have the making of a good side, although we don’t have much depth to the squad but take it the young ones will be used for back up. I take it Long and Dunne are goners now?
  8. The only negative about the Northern Ireland job is as all football associations they tend to like a ‘yes’ man in charge and not sure if Robinson is in that category, that’s why maybe Barroclough might be favoured!
  9. I think he has already gone on record saying that there is only one job that he would be interested him and that’s the Northern Ireland job, as he said it would be a honour to manage the country you were born.
  10. When he had his interview for the Well job, he was the most thorough candidate and very impressive according to Alan Burrows, so I would imagine he could be easily impressive for the Northern Island job...unfortunately!!
  11. Well it’s the managers merry go round again with Robbie Neilson back at Tynecastle, which definitely came out of the blue and nobody saw that coming. Anyway it brings up various scenarios as Tommy Wright is the bookies favourite for the Dundee Utd job, but I would think that Tommy would be more interested in the Northern Ireland job, so hopefully this will make the Ireland FA sit up and take notice and hopefully make an appointment soon, or maybe Stephen Robinson is earmarked for the Northern Ireland job? let’s hope it is all resolved very soon as much as I want SR to stay you would not grudge him the Northern Ireland job, but I think it has to be resolved soon in order for all parties involved can move on either way.
  12. I agree entirely as Tait needed to move on as he even admitted that he wasn’t in Robinson’s plans for first choice.
  13. Listened to Tait on Radio Scotland ok praising MFC but very unhappy with the way he left basically he actually signed a contract extension before the Coronavirus and then Motherwell wanted to change terms when the coronavirus kicked in , saying that Alan Burrows was going to call him back but never did, so saw the writing on the wall. Have to say not too happy if that’s the way they treat players. He also did say that in his opinion he was fit and playing well but didn’t think was SR’s plans!!!
  14. Completely agree with everything, I would imagine there will be some kind of friendlies organised in order to give some youngsters and fringe players some game time, but they will need competitive games not friendlies for that, so hopefully a few will be out on loan.

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