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  1. There is talk of Alex Neil getting the Stoke City job, cannot see that happening if PNE are top of the Championship.
  2. Sorry I am happy no players from us are in the big team, I hate to say all the players are getting tarred with the same brush at the moment and don’t think it will doing the players confidence any good.
  3. I don’t know if anyone seen the goal, but it was supposed to be a cross into the box but was missed by everyone and into the net, any goal still counts. Any news on Getting compensation?
  4. I originally asked if Gallagher would be good enough to play for Scotland and not sure myself but I think he is our best signing for a long time, I think he reads the game very well, his only question mark is his pace and can be caught out, but on saying that he is no worse than McKenna (who I don’t rate) or any other Scottish centre back that I have seen recently.
  5. Don’t you think that Gallagher could do a job for Scotland?
  6. After watching that shambolic (apart for first 15 mins) performance of Scotland last night, I was just thinking that the values of the “so called” superstars for us namely McBurnie £20m, Fraser supposed to be valued between £30-£40 m and even Robertson and I hate to think what his value is nowadays, so I am thinking that DT’s value of £3.25 m is a steal, I am probably biased but I just hope is value will be worth more when he returns?
  7. Well that’s Killie snookered now!!
  8. Do we really think he is that good? Hopefully I will be proved wrong, but I have to say his first 6 games were excellent, but clubs sussed him after that by out by putting two defenders on him which ended his threat, but to assess him on half a dozen games, I even think Sammon was supposed to be a class player when he started at Kilmarnock!! i still think we have signed the most potential player in David Turnball, so I am happy with that
  9. As long as we are compensated handsomely I have no problem with Hastie taking Sevco deal, according to reports he has been offered £14,000 /week which we certainly could not even come close to match and is a no brainer for Hastie, especially for playing reserve games!!!
  10. Very unfair question as Trevor has been a good keeper for us and through no blame on him he has this horrible DVT, but has to be said Mark has been just as good if not better in recent form. Rumour control reckons Trevor will not play again?
  11. Have to agree Bigi I don’t think he will be greatly miss him and with us out the cup and a very outside chance of top 6 and hopefully relegation eliminated, we are quite rightly trimming the squad. What we need to do is get McGuire street wise as if Aberdeen rejected an offer of £5million for McKenna, McGuire potentially must be the same as can someone tell me why they value him over £5million as anytime I have seen him I didn’t think he was that good, although he did get picked for Scotland and had a decent game, so I assume his valuation is based on playing for Scotland!!
  12. It will be interested to see how Dundee do now under JimMcIntyre, there is no doubt that McCann had lost the dressing room according to the rumours, I am also hearing that there is also some rumblings in our dressing room as well, from a pretty good source, but I wouldn't expect anything else the position we are in at the moment.
  13. Both of them haven't been playing in the reserves (the Iron Bru Cup the exception) for a few weeks as they have been training with the first team, and that still didn't get them into the first team!!!!
  14. I would imagine SR is under severe pressure at the moment and cannot see him taking any chances with any of our younger inexperienced players at the moment, but that may change especially if we get beat on a Saturday.

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