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  1. Once you lose an early goal against the ugly sisters you are always on the back foot .............you could bet your life on that we would not have got both the penalties that Brother Madden awarded had they happened in their box.........and if the challenge on Campbell was on a Rangers player it would have been a stonewaller........the double standards by the commentators on the challenge on Lang, if that was an ugly sister players it would be he “felt a touch” and he was entitled to go down.......but Lang’s a cheat as he went down to easy. Scottish football is fecked as the press/tv/authorities etc etc pander to these horrible cunts always have and always will do Embarrassing that we have not had 3 points of them for eighteen years...........the game plan was fecked in the 1st minute and apart from a tremendous Carson save I feel it could have been a lot worse
  2. Andy Wanker is an annoying we dick........
  3. Lukas J rescues late vital point for Birmingham City
  4. Marvin Johnson with an assist for Patrick Roberts first ever goal in English football
  5. Big Hutch misses a good chance to put The Wall2 up at Hull.....Jimmy Scott on the bench
  6. Andy Roddie........what a strip !!!!
  7. Hopefully the transfer money was paid in full......im sure the Huddersfield chairman reckoned 50-60 EFL teams were close to administration last month
  8. Change of manager...... I’m sure Ally MacLeod preferred the old Admiral kit to the 2 stripe top that started that season with Roger Hynd...I think
  9. We signed Tait from “non league”Grismby who ironically had just beat ForestGreen Rovers to get promoted To the football league......Tait had only played one season in the football league 14/15 Cambridge prior to signing for us..........NathanMcGinley has never played non league football Rumour I heard he was obsessed with becoming a personal trainer ............was warned repeatedly about spending to much time in the gym bulking up in the gym.......only saying
  10. Lovely ..........as I’ve said to you before .........it’s not hard !!!!! Prefer the script to our “unfortunate” dated badge.....imho
  11. Wait until like you see the new kits !!!!!!

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