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  1. Just don’t get this desperation to abort this season with 3/4rs of games played in most leagues......madness imho
  2. Any one know why we changed kit after a handful of games 1973-4 from the hoop to a sash???? (Lockdown boredom) Sheep 1st and Smelic 12th Sep at Fp 6th October piggery
  3. Manchester City's Premier League match with Arsenal on Wednesday has been postponed as a "precautionary measure" and several Gunners players are in self-isolation after Olympiakos owner Evangelos Marinakis contracted coronavirus. Arsenal say Marinakis, 52, met a number of their players when the Gunners hosted the Greek side in a Europa League match two weeks ago
  4. Thought the end of match policing/segregation was a bit ott ...........caused problems that never really happened in my previous recent visits to Tynecastle
  5. My main problem with refereeing in Scotland is the ugly sisters only get "the established" referees ,whilst we get the new boys/FANNIES Yesterday's ref Colin Steven has progressed through league 2/1 then the championship since 2014 his first premiership game was our last game of last season at St Johnstone......(soft penalty awarded against us and missed blatant hand ball/ pen and booked Aribiyi for his protest) He has been in charge of 8 premiership games this season,but deemed not good enough to ref any of the ugly sisters games the ref on Tuesday Gavin Duncan has a similar track record...has been in charge of 14 premiership games over the last 3 season.......again not good enough to grace any old firm games do the rules change when the ugly sisters play ????? ( how naive am I) just don't get if they are good enough for us why not the old firm The inconsistencies again are a major concern and the debacle over the simulation Keatings incident just shows how tinpot we really are whats the answer......... Fucked if I know ........it must be fucked when a an old firm manager is claiming the refs are biased against them !!!!
  6. Correctomundo.... Iam a football connoisseur Have been to Camp Nou and the Mini Estadia and numerous grounds throughout U.K. And Europe .....but alas unfortunately being Scottish based we have to suffer Accies etc etc
  7. Weather played no part in my decision (and friends) not attending today's match,previous games on the dreadful park influenced us its a tin pot stadium ,(the old Douglas Park had a bit of character),and the plastic park does not provide a good surface for playing football,the price of tickets influenced me,andthe money saved went towards a cracking Chinese meal tonight
  8. The Juke,Bob Mchugh,Curtis Main,Taylor -Sinclair,Danny Johnson,Big Hutch (og) Jamie Murphy all on target today so far
  9. Booked for dissent ......after 30mins.......was it straight red or second booking ? edit 2nd booking cheap trip on Templeton BBC sport
  10. Again we have two games this week that are in the must win category to keep the season going The cup game really should look after itself with a home quarter final up for grabs accies are the only team that have picked up fewer points than us over the last 6 league games having scored nearly 3 X more goals but have lost nearly double than us Worrying where our goals are coming from only 3 in our last 6 league games
  11. He's Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy)
  12. Looking forward to seeing the incident when Aaron's appeared to cleaned out/ last man and Dallas just waved play on thought Dallas was very petty towards us today at position of free kicks/throw ins ........where the Pasiley Buddies seemed to be able to go and where ever they wanted without reproach............might just be the cup claret n Amber alcohol googles

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