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  1. Unfortunately we could sign Lionel Messi and Ronaldo……….. they would be to old Gilmour on loan……………. he’s only played a handful of games……etc etc Scotland are shite………..surprise surprise couple of Motherwell players help us to qualify for major tournaments for 23 years ."and one starts all 3 games The expectations of some of our fans is incredible…….. wee reminder Accies have us on their mantlepiece and they got relegated Relegation…..come back and start moaning when you experience that a few times
  2. According to Soccerbase…….has only played 10 games…….one being an international………interesting 07/10/20FRIMalta2 - 0Gibraltar View events22/04/19CHABlackburn Rovers2 - 0Bolton WanderersView events 09/02/19NALBraintree Town1 - 0Salford CityView events 05/02/19FATSalford City1 - 1Maidstone United View events26/01/19NALHalifax Town0 - 0Salford City 19/01/19NALSalford City1 - 1GatesheadView events 12/01/19FATSalford City2 - 0Dagenham & Redbridge View events13/03/17PL2Tottenham Hotspur U234 - 0Reading U23View events 03/03/17PL2Arsenal U232 - 0Tottenham Hotspur U23View events20 20/02/17PL2Tottenham Hotspur U231 - 0Sunderland U23View events
  3. I remember we signed a player from Spurs for £200,000 , who had scored at Old Trafford and Highbury in the Premiership …….. he was absolutely pish We are going to have to trust the manager who rescued us from relegation
  4. Pettywulliegrew-2


    Only knew him through this forum……tragic news Condolences to his friends and family
  5. Mansfield Town have signed striker Danny Johnson from Leyton Orient on a two-year contract. The 28-year-old forward scored 20 goals in League Two last season. Manager Nigel Clough said: "We needed a goalscorer and that's where Danny fits the bill. "We were impressed with the variety of goals he scored last season, with not too many situations and chances created for him. At 28, I think he's in his prime in terms of scoring goals." I still think we were a a bit premature in letting him go........
  6. What a scummy manJust give him half a chanceI bet he'll rob you if he canCan see it in his eyes that he's got a nasty planI hope you're not involved at all
  7. When he was interested possibly yes...... Wasn’t offered a deal as he didn’t want to play in Scotland
  8. Amber shorts with white & green/claret stripe ....and white socks with claret/amber/green tops
  9. there ye go gents........I bought the blue rugby shirt......still unworn awaiting my return to football ⚽️
  10. Agree ......but unfortunately Cole doesn’t want to play in Scotland( only came back to us as nobody else wanted him)and his goals scored will get him a deal in Englandshire he wants.......Long was the same

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