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  1. Last midweek game, we parked in the industrial area Clark Street ,about 5 minute walk from the ground.......got there 40 minutes before Ko game due to light traffic on M8....there is parking available at ground behind away stand paving on Clark St ain't the best ........but easy access from M8
  2. Home tie would have been nice.......but realistically siting third in the league with aspirations of staying there St Midden away is a cracking draw........they play on grass...... £6.40 return on the train.......avoided the ugly sisters/sheep/Edinburg....etc
  3. Nicky Law strike keeps Exeter joint top English 2nd div
  4. Having previously lived in London for nine years and making friends with Spurs fans and attending matches with them at WHL and Europe they referred to their team as the Yids and classed themselves as the Yid army From daily telegraph 2014 Using the word ‘Yid’ at White Hart Lane will no longer be an arrestable offence, the The Metropolitan Police has announce The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust (THST) asked the police for their position on the controversial term in a police and safety forum meeting last Monday. They were told anti-semitic holocaust songs directed at Spurs fans, which are an offence, are different from chants sung by Spurs fans including the Y-word, which are not. Constable Steve Payne, Football Intelligence Officer for the Met, said fans would still be arrested for using the Y-word if a complaint was made against them. The FA issued guidelines for supporters’ behaviour and said the use of the word was “derogatory and offensive” and could amount to a criminal offence, even if it was being sung by supporters of Tottenham, who traditionally drew a large following from the Jewish community. The FA’s intervention last September prompted a fierce response from Spurs supporters, who insisted they should be the ones to decide whether it is time to end the chants. “If Spurs fans genuinely are going to stop using this word then it should be our decision,” chairman Darren Alexander said at the time. “We sincerely believe that no Spurs fan ever uses the Y-word or shouts ‘Yid Army’ in an effort to offend anyone.” Spurs supporters have always maintained that the word ‘Yid’ in has never been used a malicious way, despite its offensive connotations. The word is used affectionately by supporters of Tottenham, who proudly chant “Yid Army” in response to the perception they have a large Jewish following. But it is used as a term of anti-semitic abuse by rival fans. A THST statement, issued in response to the FA’s warning, read: “THST is categorically against ejections and banning orders for use of the term by Tottenham supporters in a match environment. “Our view has always been that should Spurs’ fans’ use of the Yid identity come to an end, this should be as a result of the feeling among the Spurs community that it was time to move on. "This issue has always been of the utmost importance to us and while we recognise that Spurs fans use of the Y-word and associated identity may have caused some upset to members of the Jewish community, we sincerely believe no Spurs fan uses the term in a malicious way.” It said: “We do not in any way condone racist language being used by football fans and we are aware of the recent media reporting of racist abuse being used towards opposition fans during matches. “However this was never one of those cases. The word ‘Yid’ simply means ‘Jew’. It was and is still used as a term of endearment by many Jewish people. "Its use in a derogatory way was started by racists in Nazi Germany. This deplorable action should not have the power to forever change its meaning into an abusive term. “The word ‘Yid’ was adopted over 30 years ago by Spurs fans to combat racist abuse aimed towards them at football by opposing fans. “It developed into a strong identity status that brought Jewish and non-Jewish Spurs fans together in an incredible show of unity that is admired worldwide. That is what fighting racism within football should be about.” On March 7 the Crown Prosecution Service discontinued cases made against three Totttenham fans arrested for using the Y-word. Eight arrests were made last season for racially aggravated offences at White Hart Lane.
  5. Flag in Madrid for this years Champions league final
  6. Big Shaun scored fo Millwall today,Alex Fisher inn FA Cup for Exeter
  7. Bayern of Munich looking for a new manager..........
  8. BBC Scottish football website has a quiz naming the starting line ups when we last won in the league at Ibrox.........embarrassingly it was May 1997
  9. Desperately Poor performances for our young homegrown trio........penalty goes in could have been a different story
  10. Always will have a place in my heart for the third goal at Greyskull especially after the footage from the upper Broomloan stand
  11. Ref Gavin Duncan has been on the Premiership list for the last 3 years.......he has officiated in 10 matches this season .......today being his first Premiership game last season he did 26 games ........only 5 in the premiership ........season before 34 games and only 4 in the premiership during this period it seems he could not be trusted to officiate in any Old Firm games.....or Hertz and only one hibs/sheep game yet the rest of the premiership seems to be fair game I know they have to progress and gain experience etc etc .........Why should the rest of the league be subjected to these clowns and not the ugly sisters ?????? ps it's been a slow Saturday night

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