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  1. Big Shaun scored fo Millwall today,Alex Fisher inn FA Cup for Exeter
  2. Bayern of Munich looking for a new manager..........
  3. BBC Scottish football website has a quiz naming the starting line ups when we last won in the league at Ibrox.........embarrassingly it was May 1997
  4. Desperately Poor performances for our young homegrown trio........penalty goes in could have been a different story
  5. Always will have a place in my heart for the third goal at Greyskull especially after the footage from the upper Broomloan stand
  6. Ref Gavin Duncan has been on the Premiership list for the last 3 years.......he has officiated in 10 matches this season .......today being his first Premiership game last season he did 26 games ........only 5 in the premiership ........season before 34 games and only 4 in the premiership during this period it seems he could not be trusted to officiate in any Old Firm games.....or Hertz and only one hibs/sheep game yet the rest of the premiership seems to be fair game I know they have to progress and gain experience etc etc .........Why should the rest of the league be subjected to these clowns and not the ugly sisters ?????? ps it's been a slow Saturday night
  7. Signed for Accrington Stanley....................who are they ???????
  8. Think the sportscene analysis of the ugly sisters game was Madden made a [email protected] of the 3 major decisions ..........but other than that he had a great game !!!!!! no suprise our penalty issue never made it............no mention of it on BBC match report online....... I'm still flabbergasted that he awarded a foul for Hiv's
  9. Stephen Saunders scored the jags winner
  10. From BBC Motherwell manager Stephen Robinson: "We didn't do enough to win the game. I thought we were laboured and predictable and passed the ball too slowly without any purpose. "There were a few people didn't do their jobs in the first half but that's the level of player we need to recruit so we have to teach them. We didn't lose because of the penalties. We lacked real men tonight." "Few people didn't do their jobs"........including yourself.......you know what you are going to get against Hertz .... A physical battle the team selection/ tactics were wrong from the start
  11. From BBC Scotland live updates Any guesses? Aberdeen 0-2 Rijeka (0-4) Curtis Main receives the ball a couple of yards inside his own half, turns and volleys the ball forward, which, eventually, makes its way towards the Rijeka goalkeeper. What he was trying is anyone's guess. Does it count as an attempt at goal?

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