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  1. Sad to hear Andy Goram has passed away at the age of 58……tragic……. Just shy of 70 appearances for the ‘ Well
  2. Mr Happy modelling the new Crewe away kit
  3. Sadly money is the king in football…… in a short career where some very untalented players get far more of a wage than deserved persons who are saving life’s etc etc…but a tremendous fall from grace Big Dec will have probably got a payment from the Dons to terminate his contract and a cracking deal in Paisley……..and there’s young Jake …..financially secure for the rest of his life on the back of a 3 month purple patch at FP Big Dec can also go back to The Parkville Panthers baseball team
  4. apart from 1924-28 prior to the introduction of the hoop
  5. Hopefully the same “throwback “ away kit of that period
  6. And amber shorts and more amber stripes on the collar………apart from that it’s………..not as nice as the Patrick original wonder if Bradford City have opted for this option as well ????
  7. Was mainly worn with Amber shorts in the “throwback “ years …….and had an amber back panel
  8. Todays draw …….from UEFA website First legs 7 July, second legs 14 July Alashkert (ARM) vs Hamrun Spartans (MLT) Lechia Gdańsk (POL) vs Akademija Pandev (MKD) Inter Turku (FIN) vs Drita (KOS) Dinamo Tbilisi (GEO) vs Paide Linnameeskond (EST) Panevezys (LTU) vs Milsami Orhei (MDA) Laçi (ALB) vs Iskra Danilovgrad (MNE) Liepāja (LVA) vs Gjilani (KOS) Sfintul Gheorghe (MDA) vs Mura (SVN) KuPS Kuopio (FIN) vs Dila Gori (GEO) Ružomberok (SVK) vs Kauno Žalgiris (LTU) Budućnost Podgorica (MNE) vs Llapi (KOS) Gzira United (MLT) vs Atlètic Club d'Escaldes (AND) Borac Banja Luka (BIH) vs B36 Tórshavn (FRO) Olimpija Ljubljana (SVN) vs Differdange (LUX) Larne (NIR) vs St Joseph's (GIB) Breidablik (ISL) vs UE Santa Coloma (AND) DAC Dunajská Streda (SVK) vs Cliftonville (NIR) Víkingur (FRO) vs Europa (GIB) Bala Town (WAL) vs Sligo Rovers (IRL) Tre Fiori (SMR) vs Fola Esch (LUX) Dinamo Minsk (BLR) vs Dečić (MNE) SP Tre Penne (SMR) vs Tuzla City (BIH) Saburtalo (GEO) vs Partizani (ALB) Shkëndija (MKD) vs Ararat Yerevan (ARM) Floriana (MLT) vs Petrocub-Hîncești (MDA) Pogoń Szczecin (POL) vs KR Reykjavík (ISL) HB Tórshavn (FRO) vs Newtown (WAL) FCB Magpies (GIB) vs Crusaders (NIR) Flora Tallinn (EST) vs SJK Seinäjoki (FIN) Derry City (IRL) vs Riga FC (LVA) Seeded teams in bold How the draw worked • The 60 teams were divided into six groups of ten teams (groups 1 to 6) in accordance with the club coefficient rankings established at the beginning of the season. Within each of the six groups, the teams were divided into an equal number of seeded and unseeded teams. Two bowls were prepared, one for the seeded teams (five balls containing slips numbered 1 to 5) and the other for the unseeded teams (five balls containing slips numbered 6 to 10). • A ball was taken from each bowl and placed in an empty bowl, where they were shuffled. One of the two balls was drawn at random, then opened to display the number it contains. The second ball was drawn and opened to complete the pairing. • The result applied to all six groups. For example, if the first ball drawn contained the number 2 and the second the number 8, the clubs that had been assigned the numbers 2 and 8 in each of the six groups would play each other. The first ball drawn, in this example the number 2, designated the home team for the first leg in all six ties. • The same procedure was carried out with the remaining balls to complete the pairings.
  9. Mock up of possible Atletico Madrid 3rd kit for 22-23…….
  10. Jamie Murphy released by Hivs………
  11. Galatasaray 2020/21…….beat Forrest to it
  12. The new bespoke training gear for the first time in C&A………..wonder what Macron will give us for our new kits ????? A hoop/ban/sash…….stripes as per the pre hoop 1924-28……..or a bland hoop less early 70’s See our brothers in C&A haven’t opted for our bespoke C&A training gear……….looks like the same design template
  13. Unfortunately the gap between Selik and us and the rest of the Spl is only going to get even bigger next season when they spend another 20-30 million on players……..it annoys me the way the press are alluding to their manager being messiah who inherited a bunch of duds who had just won multiple trebles and has miraculously turned them round on a budget the rest of the league won’t spend in the next ten years combined This is one of the poorest well sides I’ve had the misfortune to watch………. But on the bright side…..top 5 and 2 games in Europe……a few teams below us can only dream about
  14. Noticed that with Carroll, shirks it and turns his back like a big lassie
  15. It was £700 more per week that he was offered above our new deal ……..We offered Rudden £1000 per week ….getting 2 grand at Dundee
  16. Apparently £70’000 ish over a 2 year deal……..no brainier for Lamie at his stage of his career
  17. Contract offered GA wanted him to stay……..unfortunately The Dee offered a far more lucrative 2 year deal…….same scenario with Rudden
  18. Unfortunately you are 100% correct……..and again in the words of the songsmith Justin Currie And nothing ever happens, nothing happens at allThe needle returns to the start of the songAnd we all sing along like before The media/tv etc etc pander to the ugly sisters needs
  19. Sitting back and letting the current most expensive gathering of footballers in Scotland pass the ball out from the back and playing pretty passing games/1-2s/ tippy tippy wank boy football…..not closing down/ realising that we weren’t rectifying it …is shocking management/tactics…….could have easily surpassed and should have surpassed our record home defeat 0-7 unfortunately to these [email protected] i don’t think there is any Motherwell fan either in the ground/ didn’t bother to come/watching the game on tv thought we were going to get anything from this game after reading the team sheet prior to the game or 70 seconds when we should have been one down GA has saved us from relegation last season, which is always my goal since the 80’s relegation……. Thankfully we have amassed 30 odd points this campaign and by teams being equal/ more shite than us recently we have clung on to 4 th place in the league, don’t see us maintaining that position for much longer and dread to think of the consequences of the next few weeks Obviously the financial gap between ugly sisters and the rest of Scotland is and has been become massively uncompetitive for a number of years which our governing bodies don’t give a [email protected] about as long as the blue and green hordes are happy we had free hit today and tactically shat the nest with an unbelievable spineless performance on and off the pitch forgot to mention our master class in attacking long throw-in’s……….WTF FFS!!!!!!!!
  20. I’m hoping for an Andy Lynch 1977/Skippy Sunday scenario……….they green masses seem to think they are closing in to another title and their new manager is a miracle worker turning a team of losers that had only won 3 trebles in 4 seasons,by only spending more than 15 million in the past 6 months……as Mr Keegan said I would love it ,love it ……..if we keep it to 0-3 tomorrow!!! we live and hope …….SIWY

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