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  1. From the BBC football .......preview of tonight’s Scotland game, about the Faroes recent good form...... Ones to watch Gunnar Nielsen The 34 year-old goalkeeper knows all about playing in Scotland having previously made 23 appearances for Motherwell between 2013 and 2015. Currently with FH Hafnarfjordur in Iceland, he's a steady, reliable keeper, has been in good form of late and has over 60 caps for his country.
  2. Agree ........if yer maw had baws and we had won today we would have probably secured our place in the top flight and everybody would be happy but unfortunately we never and playing a young guy who has started 16 games in his career instead of the club captain a current Scotland international who has massive experience on playing on plastic pitches is a massive gamble to take in my opinion until our premiership place is secured for next season
  3. Like the agenda most players have .......move to a bigger pay packet.......Alexander made the decision and it clearly backfired
  4. Ditto..........if we were safe no problems Keeper for the first and the youngster for [email protected]
  5. With St John nicking the last place....split games we should be away to Arabs and Accies and home to St Midden,Killie and Ross County This would balance our season to 19 home and away games......I think......don’t know the situation with the other 5
  6. Away at Accies first split game.........
  7. Unfortunately with UEFA&FIFA allowing Champions league games/Europa league/World Cup qualifiers etc etc on them strengthens the arguments they should be allowed in our top flight.....I’m totally against them in our top flight and any team wanting to play in our premiership should have a grass pitch. Did the players union recently not have a vote, whereby the players unanimously voted against them ???? Like everything else in Scottish football would need the ugly sisters to say something to get them banned
  8. Again big fan of the the maths.......or arithmetic.........quicker we get there the better.......will then make comments on who should/would like to go down or come up
  9. That’s every one on the same games......actual and possible points if somebody by some miracle string 6 wins on the trot......massive game next Saturday at Rugby Park ....... and with both Saints chasing the last top 6 place St Midden v Accies & St John v Ross County .....Arabs v Sheep Lots of 6 pointers St. John 37 55 arabs 36 54 Well 35 53 RCFC. 29 47 Accies. 26 44 Killie 25 43
  10. Ah “well” no game this afternoon ..........Livy and Hibs wins my preferred result for today
  11. Well done you passed the claret away kit quiz........your prize is below
  12. Wouldn’t mind an all amber home kit......prefer white shorts The last Macron claret kit was a cracker.......as was the Canterbury one from 2009.......and Pony from the 90’s
  13. Lazio away from a couple of years ago would be excellent with a C&A twist........or this seasons Lens
  14. Never been a big fan of the fan designed crest from 1982......prefer the script and old badges.......and white shorts
  15. Correct I’m a great believer in the mathematical confirmation of safety
  16. Always remember a vey animated Wilson Humphries reciting poem when I was in second year in Dalziel 76/77 “The Green Eye of the Yellow God” where as Hynd was a bampot of a PE teacher, always remember coaching the school team and him telling us to rip out earrings of opponents ears
  17. Agree .......if yer maw had baws scenario.........goal wrongly chopped of at Easter Road, injury time goal lost at Tannadice, and Irwins dive at Love St....would have seen us needing a point next week to seal top 6
  18. Taught by both WH and Hynd........also taught by WH wife who was a primary school teacher at Calder
  19. Unfortunately after his last cap against England at Wembley in 1965 when he scored the equaliser in a 2-2 draw, he made a statement to the press to the effect he wouldn’t play for Scotland again until the then “selection committee “ let the manager pick the Scotland team .....press reported that he no longer wanted to play for Scotland .....unfortunately was never selected again.......was referring to England who had changed their “selection committee” to Alf Ramsey the manger picking the team Used to be the Scottish based “selection committee” chairman etc etc decided who was picked for the squad and who played,the manager was basically a patsy Aged 27 had just scored the winner in the FA cup final and won the league next season ........regretted making the statement.......all from his autobiography.........was 10 when he was our manager
  20. Definitely a Calder boy ( like me) ........mentions the school a couple of times in his autobiography playing in a cup final and on ash park and the ball having to be fished out from the River Calder Lived in Scott Street

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