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  1. Yes, it often detracts from the look of the shirt, but even when it's quite innocuous (i.e. Cash Converters) I would rather have the shirt minus it. Granted it's about personal taste, but I just don't get why the sponsor "makes it a football top". The blue away shirt you mention - you wouldn't wear it as you think it just looks like a polo shirt, but stick a cheap plastic "Motorpoint" logo across the front and suddenly it's more desirable to you and a football shirt? I just find it bizarre that voluntarily having "Motorpoint", "Cash Converters" or in St Johnstone's case "Alan Storrar Cars" across your chest is desirable. I don't think I'll ever see why it's better than having the shirt unblemished, but thanks for your take on it, Al B.
  2. I've noticed a few people on here and on social media saying they want the shirt with the sponsor on. I can appreciate some kids will want it so they look just like the players, but why do adults want the shirt with a sponsor printed on when they don't need to have it? I'm genuinely curious as to why adults would want it. To me you're walking about needlessly advertising a company you have nothing to do with and their logo often detracts from the shirt design. Looking forward to some comments...
  3. I think it looks great. Possibly would've been better with white shorts, but seeing as I'll only be buying the shirt (with no sponsor which is brilliant) I don't care. Like that they've tried something a little different with it.
  4. Totally agree. The home shirt looks 100% better and I don't even mind the white trim on it now.
  5. Ooft... That's good news then. Clearly I hadn't seen the club shop's twitter! Like them both more already in that case.
  6. I don't think they will be sold without Motorpoint on them. I reckon it's just the shop had photos of the kits taken for the website before the sponsorship was confirmed.
  7. Having seen some other Macron kits, and given ours last season were so good, I'm disappointed with both of these. I'm not a fan of the white trim on the home and the 1991 one theme on the third kit is a bit cringeworthy. The claret band on the back of the home shirt is good to see. The blue and orange in the sponsors logo is an eyesore on both for me, particularly the home. Reminds me of Zoom, but arguably this is worse given it also has an additional colour thrown into the mix. I notice the club shop has photos of them online with no sponsor logo and they do look nicer minus the sponsor. Hope the away jersey is better, but with that sponsor logo I'm not holding out much hope. Anyway, that's my cheery opinion on it. £90 saved too!
  8. Hope no. That's absolutely horrid!
  9. I didn't join the Well Society for years after it started, but signed up around the time Hutchison took over, if I remember correctly. Genuinely think some people thought when Hutchison took over that we were ok again, the sugar daddy had arrived to bank roll us. He was very clear from the outset that this is what was going to happen eventually. Think some people had their heads in the sand on that fact which I actually expected. Yes, it's concerning it's happened a lot quicker and there are questions, but the fans were always going to need to step up and contribute, even if it's £5 or £10 a month. I've seen quite a few people say this. It appeared they weren't members either, so it's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. You're the one that needs to pay a fiver each month to help make it a success. Everyone that can afford it and wants the best for the club needs to. Also seen folk saying they don't want to be part of running and owning the club or that fans shouldn't be involved. A bit ridiculous. I get the impression some people think thousands of fans will all have a vote to make a decision on what contractor to use for stewarding or whether we should accept a £350k offer for Louis Moult. You won't be running the club, the appointed board (some of which will be fans, as has been the case already) and chairman will be. Ultimately, it's the Well Society or... well, who knows eh? Certainly doesn't look like a millionaire or billionaire will swoop in, and we don't really want some unknown consortium swooping in, do we? If you can, you need to take a bit of responsibility in as much as contributing a little each month. Don't wait for a potential Well Worth Saving 2 which doomsayers seem to think is just around the corner.
  10. I'm down in Partick and there's been no rain here since early to mid-morning. Wouldn't have minded it being postponed this morning, but quite fancy it now. Bit of a farce if they can't get it on.
  11. I would be happy with McGhee. He has experience and will command a lot more respect in the dressing room that Baraclough did. Won't have the benefit of a pre-season this time round, but if he can get our current mob playing anywhere near the way he got the Malpas team to play then that'll be great. I think we've got the ingredients for a good SPFL Premiership side. Just need someone to get the best out the squad and I think McGhee can do that.
  12. Yeah, Laing was having a mare, unfortunately. Also thought a St Johnstone player should've been shown a red for jumping into Carswell when going for a high ball leading with his arm/elbow. Caught Carswell with it. Think it might have been Davidson.
  13. SteelEdge

    Willie Collum

    Also thought a St Johnstone player should've been shown a red for jumping into Carswell when going for a high ball leading with his arm/elbow. Caught Carswell with it. Think it might have been Davidson.
  14. Oh and a great 2nd half performance after a dreadful 1st. Young boys were great. Definitely a point gained all things considered.
  15. SteelEdge

    Willie Collum

    Just posted in the match thread... I'm interested to see the highlights. From my view in the Cooper, I'm not sure it was even a foul. Looked like the St Johnstone player pulled at Laing, they both stumbled and fell with Laing ending up on top of the guy. I could, however, be completely wrong!

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