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  1. I must admit, I don't remember him having many bad games when he played against us for Partick or Livi. So let's give him a chance.
  2. She's not certain but she thinks it might be. She doesn't have contact with him anymore, so can't ask him, directly.
  3. I got it wrong with Big Tam but Ian was a mate of my sister and it looks like him, so I'll get her to look............post-lockdown.
  4. Two folk who were treated poorly by the club.
  5. Wullie P and Big Tam in Background, too.
  6. John Kennedy! Oh God, I hope not. John F Kennedy could do a better job. Look at how pish Celtic's defence have been for years and he was defensive coach there as well as Assistant Manager
  7. Wishielad

    Set Pieces

    Even earlier. I can't remember anybody since Andy Walker exploiting throw-ins through his movement to give his colleague, taking he throw-in, a positive option.
  8. Fond memories kindled by looking at this. Although remember Dixie smacking me in the face with the ball and bursting my nose as I sat on the wall at what is now the East Stand.
  9. Wishielad

    Big Dec

    All part of the media myth that claims McInnes is a great manager. Yet with all the resources at his disposal, he couldn't beat the worst Celtic team in years.
  10. Wishielad

    Big Dec

    McKenna had one good game against us when the sheep beat us at FP in League Cup and media hype for McKenna has been over the top since. Same hype that Jack Hendry got when he signed for Celtic from Dundee and where is he now........been on loan in Australia and Belgium.
  11. So the publicity said but even when I mentioned that to them, they still didn't know of him.
  12. My Danish friends, who are football fans but support Aalborg AB looked blank when I mentioned Sloth, last year. Got the same response when discussing him whilst working in Denmark, with other football fans, in February. So, doesn't look to have made a big impression in his homeland.
  13. Well that'll allow Lamie to boost his yellow card count.
  14. Just spoken with two Celtic-supporting mates and they have the humility to acknowledge that their team is unlikely to be DT's final destination and they anticipate him moving on for a larger fee, too.

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