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  1. Well that'll allow Lamie to boost his yellow card count.
  2. Just spoken with two Celtic-supporting mates and they have the humility to acknowledge that their team is unlikely to be DT's final destination and they anticipate him moving on for a larger fee, too.
  3. Hope you're right. All of us need a morale boost.
  4. I loved seeing him and Jackie McInally.
  5. I haven't seen a Well player take advantage of throw ins since Andy Walker: he always found space and was available for them. BvB under Klopp showed how to profit from throw-ins. Ours are, almost always, a wasted opportunity.
  6. I thought he looked ok when playing against is for Dundee but like McKenna at Aberdeen, the media over-rated him.
  7. I agree regarding the timing and the stupidity of the remark> Was keeping him as captain and not selecting him Robinson's way of humiliating him? If so, I think that's overly harsh for a guy who was an asset last season.
  8. Agree with considering Carson for team.
  9. But we all know the question most Celtic fans can't resist asking..... "Aye, but what team do you really support?"
  10. Incompetence and inconsistency are major elements in Scottish refs'performance. Arrogance levels is another (I know a number of people who have been linesmen and they quote the last aspect as being the characteristic which amplifies any element of the previous two).
  11. I only recall Bobby Madden being decent in one game: the relegation play-off at Fir Park when even his blue-tinted vision couldn't help his team. Will be a dilemma for him on Saturday: guess he'll be consistently inconsistent and crap for both teams.
  12. Haven't had chance to see the highlights, but my judgement on the day at the match was swithering between Hartley and Campbell. Opted for the former. Aberdeen have a huge budget in comparison to ours but, judging by last two games against them, there's no corresponding gulf in ability between us. Thought it hilarious that they celebrated so much over snatching a narrow victory out of a game they set out to draw against us - a "lesser" team.
  13. Wishielad

    Bert Mccann

    I, totally, agree with Happy Dosser. I was a very small kid when I saw the but Bert and Charlie Aitken were superb and real gentlemen.
  14. No failures in entire team. Hard to choose from amongst them. Bowman, Rose and Campbell worked so hard, Louis was menacing when he had the goal in sight, Hartley is such a calming influence on defence but I'm going for Hammel. Apart from an early header, he wasn't beaten all night in defence and offered some great balls going forward. Although if you could give it to the whole team and management, I would. This team have 1991 spirit.

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