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  1. I can promise u that the game will be on the net. Already announced: http://www.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=...amp;part=sports It'll be on danish telly and therefore streamed online as well...
  2. Hi Thor No danish sympathy here, eh? That's ur last motorway and bank save being paid from ur big brothers in Denmark....! Seriously, congrats on ur european debut. U did well even tho u got knocked out by the Well... Take care up north!
  3. Hey, take it easy folks. There were some minor incidents before and after the game but nothing more than any other normal night out. It just gets blown out of proportions when it's football fans involved! The danish police tend to overeact and are veeeery keen to stop anything small developing into something worse. It seems to work overall but in the nick of things it can be concieved as a bit over the top. The well fans I met, spoke to and drank with were good fun. I think u lot behaved well and in complete compliance to what an away trip should be all about. Looking forward to round two at the pitch and in the pubs next thursday... ;o) :cheers:
  4. Well, I thought ur fans conducted themselves pretty good. Some had a few too many and were a bit on the provocative side after the game, but all in all: A nice and wet (and it wasn't raining!!) day and night in good spirit! Looking forward to the return in the same spirit at the Well in a weeks time!
  5. Yes, that would be a no no. U can pretty much drink everywhere in Denmark if u don't disturb the public peace too much, but even here in the drinking man's heaven u can't drink in museums... The HCA house will take up about 45 minutes (tops) of ur time - hope u'll survive! By the way: The obvious souvenir for u to take home will not be found there but in the sports equipment stores and the official fanshop at the stadium: http://www.ob.dk/fanshop/torklaeder/fantorklaeder.aspx 14£ ish
  6. It's now official that the game is on at 18.00 ur time on TV3 Puls, which is not available outside denmark. But it will be streamed online - usually in good quality. The most popular will probably be: http://www.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=...amp;part=sports The channels here will not be made public till 14.00 on matchday. Go in a bit early if u have to download the TVU player - it's safe and without virus. Maybe it'll be available in different formats as well - u'll have to check on thursday afternoon. For those of u travelling. See u in copenhagen and odense!
  7. Ha ha ha, would love to see a bunch of well fans crowding up the Moose! It's mostly intellectual students thinking very big thoughts (so they say) in there. The interior is a bit crummy but it's ok for a little while. I'll recommend the small danish bars if u wanna see what the original copenhagen is all about. Look for the word "Værtshus". 1,5£ for a bottle. Later in the evening head down to town square and check out The Scotish Pub or The Old English Pub. Should be right up ur alley. My favorite football pub is The Globe Irish Pub If I'm in I'll make sure u get favourable prizes... Let the party begin!
  8. I'm 99,9 % sure it'll be on one of the danish channels. So far all OBs matched has been on one called "TV3 Puls", but it's not yet been made public wich one this time around - but it'll be aired and therefore available on the net. I'll make a post in here when I know where it's shown. And likely links to where u can live stream it.
  9. But I think mr&mrs Jensen would get their evening coffee down the wrong pipe if u guys were to speak the game insted of the usual wankers. Would be fun, tho! pmsl
  10. He he, thumbs of for some of the very alternative travelling plans! I'm pretty sure the game wont be sold out, so ticket wise u are ok. If it's sold out no away supporter will be rejected at the gates after having travelled that long. We'll place u in the commentator boxes if we have to!
  11. If u steer away from the fancy cafees it's 2-4£. By the way, this is the most frequently asked q I've had in here... ;o)
  12. Rest assured, this is no general attitude in Odense. We are aware that this tie is very open. Caca is on his way out of the club and has played 0 minutes this season, so this is just yet another opportunity for him to let his mouth run. The club, the fans and the rest of the players look forward to the 2 games against u and take absolutely nothing for granted!
  13. I've spoken to some of the Aalesund fans as well and there was nothing but thumbs ups for the way u represented urself and ur club up there as well. And I think u'll come in bigger numbers this time so should be gr8 fun!
  14. Whops, I stand corrected and should've known better! )
  15. There's allways the odd tosser in the croud... )

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