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  1. Great team win today and everybody looked fairly comfortable in the positions they played in.
  2. Far to easy for Vigurs. We let him score there.
  3. That'll be a first this season then, Jock in touch wi what's happening for a change
  4. Yep ,think he would be worth putting back in in centre of defence. No worse that any who played there on Saturday.
  5. The young guy Devine looked like a prospect in centre of defence too but has never had a chance.
  6. I may have missed something on here previously ( due to the shit you have to take sometimes on this site i don't always trawl through the vitriol before posting (Silly me eh)) but i have checked team stats for the past few years and as I thought Barry Maguire is always listed as a defender, So why are we not playing him as one . Is that too sensible. ? I seek forgiveness in advance if i have offended any of the usual demigods of all things MFC on here by daring to post this,
  7. Oh dear, clueless in every department that half .
  8. That's par for the course for 'Christopher' unfortunately.
  9. Why yez all moanin the East Stand is getting 'spruced up', wi the 'Turnbull Money'
  10. Carrol caught ball watching and not picking up his man.

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