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  1. Grimmy ahead of Watt . Grimmy playing in a wing back/midfield position looked more comfortable than he has for a long time. Tony Watt hopefully more goals to come if he keeps up this form.
  2. Classic ball watching there and no picking up the man.
  3. Agree Maguire should had had a chance this season.
  4. Anyone know why we employ a 'fitness coach' at all. Robert Mugabe would have been better on the park and he's deed. Why not play Barry McGuire and if Lammie is a Premier League standard left back or wherever he was playing then so am i. The phrase ''you could see that goal coming'' was never so true in that instance. 3 points needed midweek and hopefully we might get a clear LIVE FEED as the sun will be setting
  5. Richard Tait even at his worst was a better right back than anyone in the current squad. Robinson wasted him on the left . Don't know why he cant see we need a true right back.
  6. Dead on with the throw in comment.
  7. Has Cole Starrs been released too.
  8. Dean Cornelius (looked good in last pre season in Belfast) Cole Starrs, Ross McIver .or maybe bring up another Rotherham bench warmer. If Hastie does play well i'll also be quite happy.
  9. No to Hastie. Followed is stint at Rotherham. He hardly got on the park before returning to Ibrox. Better giving some of the young players a chance of playing as the games look as if they will be 2 a week when they start.
  10. By far the best we have played this year. Slow start but no complaints from me about overall performance and great result. No point in slagging off individuals. Onward and upward.
  11. Same as previous comments. O'Hara got stuck in and Alan Campbell back to his 'normal' form.
  12. Hartley back to some settled form today so went for him. Scott had their Right Back on toast so why did he change his position ?
  13. Grimmy is an old fashioned halfback. Right back now sitting on the bench because Robinson was playing at left back which is not his position and now appears to be out of favour.

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