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  1. By far the best we have played this year. Slow start but no complaints from me about overall performance and great result. No point in slagging off individuals. Onward and upward.
  2. Same as previous comments. O'Hara got stuck in and Alan Campbell back to his 'normal' form.
  3. Hartley back to some settled form today so went for him. Scott had their Right Back on toast so why did he change his position ?
  4. Grimmy is an old fashioned halfback. Right back now sitting on the bench because Robinson was playing at left back which is not his position and now appears to be out of favour.
  5. Sitting on the bench for Rotherham every week wont make Hastie any better than anybody.
  6. Richard Tait was brought in as a Right Back and is a brilliant Right Back in my opinion. Cannot agree enough with you that he's wasted at left back, been saying it since last season. How can the management team not see this. You see it week after week that he's not comfortable and it's costing us. Wake up Robinson and fix this before we lose Tait at the next transfer window because where from where I sit he does not look happy.
  7. Alan Campbell never stopped all game and thought he deserved MOM .Glad to see Barry McGuire getting a full game and looking so composed and mature for his age and experience.
  8. Agree very much with this post. Tait should be a starter every week at right back. Don't know what the managers problem with him is (something behind the scenes perhaps. We will lose him at the first opportunity if we don't watch.
  9. Manager keeps playing Tait at left back and he 's a natural right back . Goal on Saturday and tonight coming from the left where there are wide open spaces for opposition players to run at us . Every game the same situation. How does Robinson not see this. Tait's first home league game for us was against Rangers and Tait played a blinder at Right Back as he usually does when played in position. He moves inside and leaves space for the opposition. Play players in position and give the team a chance. As well as that Dunne continues to play long high diagonal that nobody can catch . Maybe one in ten passes is completed by him. Again another consistent mistake the management don't seem to be able to see. That was dreadful tonight.
  10. Don't know what was wrong with Mark Gillespie today. He had no real saves to make yet let in 5. First one was through his legs and he's usually reliable with shots straight at him. Had a couple of dodgy dribbles across the box and distribution was poor. Can only hope its a one off as he saved us a few times last season . Moving on to Friday with hopes of a win .COYW
  11. Coat of paint for the East and a PA system you can actually hear would be a start .
  12. Just don't read the Daily Record. I stopped and my mental health has significantly improved
  13. Turnbull no question. Cadden had a good game I thought.

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