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  1. Mintymac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Nothing to go on but I’ve got a feeling we could see Kyle Lafferty at fir park . We’re looking for a striker who could go straight into the team and Robinson connection with NI and Rangers prepared to let him go . Also Gerrard saying something may happen with him re transfer today or tomorrow . Anybody reckon it’s a possibility
  2. Mintymac

    Maurice Ross

    Excellent interview with Maurice Ross and great insight as to how club is run by the coaching staff . Refreshingly honest and pragmatic . He seems to really understand the philosophy of the club and where we are in the big scheme of things . Sounds like a great addition to the coaching staff . Possible manager of our club one day ? Just putting it out there if eventually Robinson decides he’s done his bit and wants to move on in the future
  3. Mintymac

    Robinson yer time is up

    Yeah we could maybe get Jose Morinho in to sort it out . or Can we not keep Robinson and get rid of Yodo
  4. Mintymac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Your 100% correct . Hastie moves on . We build a squad for next season without him . Would I have liked him to stay .. yes . I’m I really that bothered .. no . Can we cope without him .. absolutely . End of
  5. Mintymac

    'well Sign Wishaw Wonderkid

    Oops wrong thread . Nonetheless what’s the story with him re his contract
  6. Mintymac

    'well Sign Wishaw Wonderkid

    What’s the script with Hartley . Has he another year left on his contract ? . Was he injured or dropped ?
  7. Mintymac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Think your missing the point that Burrows is making . Could you also put on my lottery numbers this weekend
  8. Mintymac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Great article by Alan Burrows in the times stating the clubs policy . Fully agree with him on the subjects he covered . It’s always going to be a gamble with young players and theres no way we could have foreseen the speedy progress made by Hastie . There’s not may CEO would be willing to come out in the press to justify there actions but Burrows does so in an articulate and concise way . It’s up to Hastie what he does next . We’ve gave it our best offer . Hopefully the article will clear up a lot of discussion around our transfer policy for our supporters
  9. Mintymac

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Yeah the gap makes good reading . Few more wins and we should be fine . As many are saying chance to see if some other kids can break through . Scott and Livingston come to mind as think there the closest . But it has to be balanced with the fact we need to get as high up the league as possible as the money will be needed more than ever due to early cup exit . So bit of a balancing act . We can now look to next season . I’m not saying we are safe but at least we have a big gap between us and two bottom teams . Not the worst position to be in . We can maybe start to look the players who are out of contract as well . So all in all the 3 wins have given us some breathing space to sort out above issues/situations . Fairly relaxed about the position we’re in compared to a few weeks ago when we looked like relegation contenders . I like many want to see as many of our own kids in the first team but it has to be measured against the finances/league placing this season
  10. Lets forget about injuries , manager ,tactics etc etc and get right behind the team and try and help them out today .We are all well fans with different views but let’s be as one today . Need a big response so let’s forget the negativity for a few hours at least and hopefully we can all celebrate at the end of the game . Then over the next few weeks we can hopefully get the team freshened up . COYW
  11. Not much been said about it but we had a 16 year old winger on the bench yesterday . He has come through the youth system and apparently is very promising .
  12. Just been down to collect tickets for Accies game . On sale till 3pm today then office shuts till 3rd jan . Was told remaining tickets will go back to accies later today and there WILL BE a PATG . So yeah it’ll be the usual shambles at the gates again !!!!!!!
  13. Is the Accies game all ticket or is there a PATG option .
  14. Mintymac

    2018’19 Game 19:St Mirren (H) Saturday 22nd December 2018

    I hope bigi never pulls a Claret and amber top on again . One of the worst Well players ive seen in 50 years . Bye bye Bigi . Nice guy but not a Well player ever. And that takes some doing . . Re the game . 4 strikers and Dunne and Grimmy were unable to provide one decent cross in 90 mins . This team is terrible on the eye . Main and Johnstone !!!!!!!!!. . First half Main header was pathetic FROM 6 YARDS . Pathetic strikers
  15. Is Mchugh and Hartley back from there suspensions for the Celtic game on Wednesday night .

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