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  1. Hard to say without knowing the budgets of previous managers but since the setanta tv collapse right up there . Tommy McLean built up a good squad but took him longer than it’s taken Robbo to do it . Willie McLean also did well without much to show for it . They weren’t without there critics either . Robbo has progressed as a manager every year he’s been at FP and I believe there’s more to come from him . That’s why I’d be delighted to see him stay . He’s a good fit for the club and passes all the criteria needed to manage a club of our size/structure . Trust me we’ve seem some rockets come and go but just feel we’ve got a rough diamond who can really push us on with the help of the board
  2. I’m going for a 9/10 for Robbo. He came in at a difficult time and stabilised us when relegation looked likely. Two cup finals and if I remember right a top six . Then eighth place followed by this seasons third . All done by getting in players who lost there way and mixing it with players from youth . All done on a shoestring budget unlike McGhee or McCall had under Leanne Dempsters reign . Has he made mistakes . Of course but he admits it and rectified it by changing it . Probably not got the same charisma as McGhee or McCall but who cares about that . Really hope he stays for the Europa competition . Think if he gets a chance he could do ok as apparently highly rated technically . For any body out there who doesn’t rate him fair enough . Everyone is entitled to there opinion but all I would say is be careful what you wish for . Been going to FP for over 50 years now since Boddy Howitt was manager and have seen them all come and go . Many of them high profile and legends in there own heads . Robbo brings stability structure and technical knowledge as well as honesty so he’ll do for me . Would love him to be manager for foreseeable future .
  3. Mintymac

    Season Tickets

    +1 . Delighted with the governance of the club since Dempster left . Jim McMahon and the board have not only steadied the ship but gave us a solid base to build on . Was looking forward to seeing us progress further under their leadership but this crisis might derail us a little . Hopefully not . Anyway I’ve complete confidence in their ability and decision making . And a word for Alan Burrows . This lad has proved himself beyond doubt that he is a hard working CEO and we’re lucky to have him . The club was restructured from top too bottom and we’re in the best position we’ve been in financially and on the park for a long time And that’s down to the guys in charge . Long may it continue as under dempster boyle we were flying by the seat of our pants with no stability and that’s always a disaster waiting to happen
  4. Is draw on the telly . If so what time
  5. Another great three points to go with the three from Wednesday night . Last year we maybe weren’t as resilient and could have maybe only got draws Tbh if it wasn’t for Gillespie saves in last minute of both games we would have been looking at two points from six . Gallagher and Hartley are forming a good understanding as they get familiar with each other’s game . All in all delighted with the team so far .
  6. Great news . Be good to here from society/boards re priorities going forward now that the debt is cleared . Credit to everyone involved from board to supporters . Shows what can be done with effort and commitment. Its a good feeling to know the club is sustainable for the medium to long term . Also a lot of credit goes to John Boyle and Les Hutchinson for making the whole project achievable by giving us generous payback terms
  7. Does anyone know what the situation is with Casper Sloth . It’s all gone very quiet . If it’s personal reasons then that’s absolutely fine it’s nobody business and the bloke is entitled to privacy and I would expect the club to honour that However if it’s not that then what is the problem , unsettled ,unfit ,injury problems etc etc . Was looking forward to see him play and we certainly could do with his experience but for some reason so far it’s not to be .
  8. So is that who the injury concern is ?
  9. Who’s the centre half with an injury concern as Robinson mentions on the official website . That’s why we’ve signed the new guy on a short term deal .
  10. Nothing to go on but I’ve got a feeling we could see Kyle Lafferty at fir park . We’re looking for a striker who could go straight into the team and Robinson connection with NI and Rangers prepared to let him go . Also Gerrard saying something may happen with him re transfer today or tomorrow . Anybody reckon it’s a possibility
  11. Excellent interview with Maurice Ross and great insight as to how club is run by the coaching staff . Refreshingly honest and pragmatic . He seems to really understand the philosophy of the club and where we are in the big scheme of things . Sounds like a great addition to the coaching staff . Possible manager of our club one day ? Just putting it out there if eventually Robinson decides he’s done his bit and wants to move on in the future
  12. Yeah we could maybe get Jose Morinho in to sort it out . or Can we not keep Robinson and get rid of Yodo
  13. Your 100% correct . Hastie moves on . We build a squad for next season without him . Would I have liked him to stay .. yes . I’m I really that bothered .. no . Can we cope without him .. absolutely . End of
  14. Oops wrong thread . Nonetheless what’s the story with him re his contract
  15. What’s the script with Hartley . Has he another year left on his contract ? . Was he injured or dropped ?

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