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  1. Ricky Lamie for me . Turning into the player we hoped we had signed . Superb from start to finish . His timing in the air was first class all day .
  2. Another classic Alexander pre match interview. Blah blah blah.
  3. Lesleys on maternity leave Yeah was wondering as hadn’t seen him in the dugout Probably keeping his head down if he’s any sense from this clusterfuck .
  4. Anyone think Alexander will change to a 3-5-2 for Dons game or his favoured 4-3-3. Strikes me his stubborn side will win and it’ll be the later. Im of the opinion we’ve got the players for 3-5_2 and it would work . At present our two full backs with all there inadequacies are being hung out to dry with the current formation The feeling I got from the stands at last weeks debacle was that the fans are becoming very restless with 1. The formation 2 The style of the football and lack of creativity. Think we’re at a tipping point with Alexander and his tactics now. Could go either way in the next few weeks . On a separate note is Lesley still involved with the first team .
  5. Mintymac


    On a separate note it’s high time the post interviewer whoever he is starts to ask some difficult questions ie the questions the fans would ask him . He gets an easy time every week . Stop blowing smoke up his Arsenal with easy questions and making it ridiculously easy for him . Time he was taken to task by asking him much tougher questions . Total waste of time as it is presently .
  6. Mintymac


    Winning a game of football getting 3 points but not playing well is fine with me if it’s a one off in fact can be quite satisfying . However after watching Dundee , Aberdeen Ross Co and St Mirren play us off our own park every home game is utterly ridiculous . All you here coming out the ground is …… how did we manage to actually win that . The football is excruciating to watch and the formation/line up is brutal . l get the concept of better to be a lucky team than a good team and let’s face it we’ve been lucky to win the aforementioned We must be the worst team to watch in the league cos we never have the ball and when we do we loose it quickly . If Alexander keeps this system of play up he better invest in a good pair of ear defenders . Fans started to turn against him at Dundee Utd game and increased after his ridiculous post match analysis . That was the start and it’s going to get much worse if he tries to bullshit the fans . Big mistake to do that . GA word of advice …… we’re on to your waffle
  7. Mintymac


    Before Alexander arrived it was always stop the cross coming in and deal with it when it comes into the box . That’s what you do A don’t think Alex Neil could believe what he was watching . And yes would take him as a manager in a heartbeat . No bullshit like current manager .
  8. Not for me it’s not . I’m nearly done and we’re not half way through the season yet
  9. Couldn’t agree more . A truly dreadful watch . Kelly punts the ball up the park, our strikers challenge and we win a shy . Then a long throw shy into the box . End of attack . Repeat ……….same again Repeat……. same again repeat …….. same again . Full time . Well that was entertaining ……..NOT !!!!! Be glad to see the back of this manager . Terrible style of play
  10. Mintymac


    The guy doing the summing up on sky sports would give you a team on the park you would love to watch and could connect with. Think Alex Neil or a similar character is what’s needed . Tactically savvy he spoke more sense in five minutes than Alexander could ever do . I’ve got to the point I can’t even listen to Alexanders waffle any more. Even Faddy looks like he’s done with the tactics. Call it what you want Hoofball or Alexanderball but it certainly isn’t football that’s for sure Do us all a favour Alexander and take your abysmal football training manual with you . It’s is a brutal watch . You must be the only person who thinks this is entertaining . Can see a lot of fans turning there back on this crap till he’s gone . The fans ain’t daft and all Alexanders bullshit won’t wash .
  11. I blame Alexander 100%. It is total anti football . 3 strikers picking up scraps and high balls launched from Kelly . Midfield overrun every game this season because to many strikers on doing nothing . Allowing teams to cross balls into our box . What training manual did that come from . Finally his interviews summing up of games is dillusional . Right now we’re are a terrible watch . Burrows get him out now he’s a total clown of a manager and will get us relegated . Get your big boys pants on get him to …. and bring in a decent manager. Alan I’d like to ask you this . Do you seriously think this is acceptable for a Motherwell team to play like this . Entertainment value is Zero .
  12. Just listened to Alex Neil there .Summed the game up perfectly and his analysis of the defending was spot on . Alexander have a wee listen to what he’s saying . Your football is boring and terrible to watch . Do us all a favour and go …… now
  13. Have kept my council for a while on the manager and his style of play but after the last two games I’ve seen OMG . Honestly it’s been eye bleeding . The game last night was worse than bad it was embarrassing . If fact every game we’ve played this season at home we’ve been outplayed with the exception of Hibs . There is no way we can keep playing 4-3-3. Watching us getting overrun in midfield is terrible on the eye (30-40%) pocession in home games v Dundee ,Ross Co and now St Mirren . He needs to stop this stubbornness and swallow his pride . He says pocession doesn’t win you games but it does provide entertainment which surely we want to see . It’s so blindingly obvious to go 3-5-2 and the crazy thing is we have the players to do it. If he perseveres with this they’ll be no fans left to watch that rubbish by the end of the season . It truly has been an awful watch to date. So please please please 1. give us some entertainment . That’s why I bought a season ticket. We want to see some decent football not hoofball 2.Stop repeating the same mistakes. When things are not working ….. change it 3. Alan if you read this you are watching the same as me and all the other fans that were there last night . To summarise I’m really disappointed in Alexander to date . His press conferences are brutal and his post match interviews are dillusional. Trying to bullshit the fans will only lead to one thing . So cut the crap and excuses Alexander . Start walking the walk not talking the talk
  14. Hard to say without knowing the budgets of previous managers but since the setanta tv collapse right up there . Tommy McLean built up a good squad but took him longer than it’s taken Robbo to do it . Willie McLean also did well without much to show for it . They weren’t without there critics either . Robbo has progressed as a manager every year he’s been at FP and I believe there’s more to come from him . That’s why I’d be delighted to see him stay . He’s a good fit for the club and passes all the criteria needed to manage a club of our size/structure . Trust me we’ve seem some rockets come and go but just feel we’ve got a rough diamond who can really push us on with the help of the board

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