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  1. Yeah that’s makes sense . So looks like only way 5th place won’t get into Europe is if Hibs win the cup and take the Europa place . All to play for
  2. If either of the old firm win the cup does that give a space to the team that finishes 5th in the league a crack in Europe . I’m sure there’s two champions league spots one Europa and two Europa conference spots . Stand to be corrected . Anyone in the know ?
  3. Absolutely delighted that we’ve managed to get a top six finish . That was a brutal watch today but the important thing for me was we kept going . As a Well fan I’m delighted as it keeps the season from dying and still got something to play for . Also I’m sure the board will be happy with the money so a win win However this has been a difficult watch this season and for me not enough football being played ironically onthe best surface we’ve ever had at FP . For me looking ahead to next season we need to play more football on the deck and need better crosses /delivery from the wings . Also need to address the defence as it looks leaky .Anyway that’s not for tonight . Im of to celebrate with a wee drink and toast to my team . The Well . We did it ,not sure how ,but right now I don’t give a feck .
  4. Very sad news about Kirky Lawson . Was a big favourite with the fans back in the day . Remember him from playing in the early days of the Texaco cup RIP Kirky
  5. Mintymac


    It feels very similar to the Maurice Malpas season . Is there anyone out there who can say this season has been an enjoyable watch. Any results we’ve had have been grounded out which is fine when your going through a rough patch but it has been like this for the whole season.I can see people staying away from the remaining games but the real danger is that the fans are not getting entertained and this will have an impact on ST sales . There’s a few people I’ve spoke to who won’t be renewing to watch the same again next season . Will I renew ? Not so sure now tbh as not enjoying it at all . As I said earlier same kind of feeling we had when Malpas was in charge . Seriously how the board are watching this closely and act before it’s too late . Tbh I have trust in the board and would be surprised if there not watching the events carefully . If we get beat at home in the next game I’ve got a feeling the fans patience will finally runout . That’s never a nice scenario but can see it happening with the call for Alexander to go
  6. Mintymac


    He seems a decent honest bloke but as a manager of our club then not for me . The football is so so bad . The fear for me is if he stays then next season we would probably be one of the favourites to go down . Also the negativity and lack of football will have an impact on ST for next season . Surely we’ve got to seriously look at this situation. Give Las the job and allow him to bring in his own men till end of the season . As fans were surely entitled to watch a better standard of football than this irrespective of whether we win loose or draw.It’s a truly awful watch
  7. After watching today more than ever I’m convinced we need a new defence . Mugabi seems to get away with being a fans favourite . As a player particularly when exposed in the full back position he is a liability. Never a right back and never will be . McGinley also needs replaced . Average at best on a good day but always a mistake in him . Lastly Obama . Where do you start with him . Good in the air but so slow on the deck . Next season two new wing backs and a decent centre half please . Would be happy to give the young lad Max Johnston a chance as well if he’s still at the club . Would also have been happy to keep Lamie but that’s gone . Strange to here some giving it to O’Donnell when things go wrong yet Mugabi gets cult status . Strange old game
  8. A very hard watch indeed . The quality of football was shocking . What the manager and assistant are talking about on the touch line is baffling . High punts up to the strikers and try and win the second ball off it . What is there to actually talk about. This is not entertaining whatsoever . And the fans now it. I’ve no evidence to base this on but what decent player would want to play in a game like that . This type of football is sucking the life out the support nearly as much as Alexander’s pre and post match interviews. Looking to next season I think we could be in real trouble if this continues . If he serves this garbage up next year I don’t think many people will be going . We cannot be fooled that we can still qualify for Europe cup semis etc etc . That’s painting over the cracks stuff . Was really looking forward to Alexander’s appointment at the time and fully supported it,but as they say he’s sucking the oxygen out the room
  9. McGinley is a liability at left back . Seems he can’t concentrate for 90 minutes . Carroll needs to start on Saturday but long term decent LB required .
  10. Left back required. McGinley is tuned to the moon. Carrol must start in place of him surely on Saturday . Need a solid no nonsense left back that can concentrate for the whole game
  11. Difficult situation for the club this . But in Burrows ,McMahon etc, the board I’m sure they’ll do what’s best for the clubs interests and by default the fans also . Don’t think we need a poisonous,divided support on this matter but at the same time I don’t think that would really bother Watt . Should we let him go to our nearest rivals now……. Not for me . Could cost us money in league placings and possibly even European spot . So for me he stays with us trains with us and moves in the summer . But down the pecking order re appearances if even in the match squad . It looks to me that it was felt among the support he was moving anyway but this situation could have been avoided . However one thing Tony if your reading this . What was all the badge hugging ,jumping up on the wall after scoring etc all about . Looks a bit engineered to me . Poor stuff . You don’t try and take the piss out your on support
  12. Bit random but what’s the score re Cedric Kipre . Are we owed a fee if he moves on . He moved out on loan then but my thinking is he moved back to WBA and reclaimed his place.It’s been a while and I’m sure somebody has addressed it in previous chats . Just can’t remember
  13. I’m also happy to go with the managers decision and that why I’m happy he’s benched him . Tony has the right to choose ……… but so does the manager
  14. Well done Alexander . Showing good management . Bench him for the season . I we might miss his ability but a least can’t damage us. He’s done well this season and worked his socks off but don’t take the piss out the fans Tony . Good luck with your move and the money that goes with it but no tears shed from me . played well for 3 months . That doesn’t qualify him as being a club legend . Not a chance
  15. Donnelly all day long for me . Been out for a long while and strolled it . Best in the team at sniffing out danger and loves a tackle . Looking forward to see him and Slattery play together Also looks leaner . Did anyone notice?

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