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  1. IIRC last time we played them up there in cup it was on TV. Leigh Griffiths got sent off. Yeah, used to be if I went to one away game that would always be it. Remember some great crowds at these games.
  2. It looks like you can buy your ticket online and print at home. Anyone able to confirm this? I don’t want to go right through checkout as I need to make sure I’m home on time to go first...
  3. I’ve not seen anything from McKenna that puts him ahead either, certainly not on current form.
  4. Exactly. Not saying it’s s good idea. Can’t think of another way of coming up with £50 million though....
  5. I think it would probably take some sort of wealthy benefactor to put up the money, probably on the understanding they get the Fir Park land when we move out. Which even allowing for this benefactor being out there would be a massive gamble that they could break even or close to it... I don’t imagine the planning and execution of such a hypothetical plan would be done in a few months either. Anything over and above your basic concrete soulless stadium probably ramps up the costs quite quickly. My three must haves would be: 4 sides grass pitch safe standing for home and away fans.
  6. Aye, when the Ravenscraig loyal and Ravenscraig CSC fill the south stand.
  7. Think O’neill could’ve done better than a Stoke side heading for League one. Although looking at their squad, he maybe feels he can turn it round. Wouldn't grudge Robinson at all if he got the opportunity, but selfishly hope he doesn’t. This could all move very quickly given the international break, or they may choose to go with a caretaker and have a replacement in for March?
  8. They’ve named 5. McGovern, Carson, Bailey, Peacock and Farrell.
  9. He’s unfortunately got dementia. I’m amazed nobody is talking about Gordon Strachan. Think he’s some sort of Director of Football at Dundee? If Robinson were to go, I’d have him in a heartbeat. I suspect Robinson will be heading to Edinburgh one way or another in next few weeks. (was there an overlap with Leann Dempster and Robinson?)
  10. Can’t see that being successful, but it’s compliance officer roulette, who knows... I think Nemalinen (sp?) is playing him on.
  11. Gary Holt was being interviewed pre-match on Wednesday and was very open about how they planned to play. Similar to Robinson’s “earn the rite to play” but went further, actually saying he hopes it’s a terrible game as that suits them. Lead me to wonder, is their less pressure on Livi and Hamilton to even attempt to entertain given they have nobody watching anyway? Neither have a pitch conducive to playing football, so that may be a factor? Although given the price they charge at the Toni Macaroni, surely they do have some responsibility to entertain the crowd...
  12. I think the free kick that lead to their goal was a foul, but he made an absolute meal of it. Got booked for diving in the Scotland game v Belgium.
  13. Don’t disagree, and an EPL club will pay Rangers or Celtic more than they’d pay Motherwell for the same players. The “problem”* in England now is that your Leicester and Evertons don’t need to sell players, so a Man Utd for example have to pay stupid money. *i say problem, from a competitive point of view it’s great that Leicester for example can hold on to their best players and not have their squad dismantled, but it’s pushing up the already ludicrous prices.
  14. Rangers won’t get in the champions league though, even in the unlikely event they won the league. Any money they bring is already spent. Rangers PR company are trying to push up the price of Morelos by putting out these fake bids from Chinese clubs. He’ll go to a bottom end EPL club at some point, possibly January for far less than some of the ludicrous figures quoted.

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