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  1. sbcmfc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    If we couldn’t afford him in the summer, we definitely can’t afford him now.
  2. Yeah, the 2nd champions league spot doesn’t kick in until season after and then the whole thing changes with the European caramel wafer cup the following season. If we win the cup and finish 3rd, 4th place will get in europa league.
  3. sbcmfc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Seedorf was pretty good in flashes earlier in the season. Those flashes have been rarer as the seasons gone in, but then he invariably gets brought on with 20-25 minutes to go. It is hard to consistently make an impact in those circumstances. Saturday was a chance for him which he didn’t take.
  4. Think Steven McGarry is a coach there?
  5. sbcmfc


    I’d guess worst case he’s found guilty of breach and 2nd charge dropped.
  6. sbcmfc


    In the court of public opinion, “hitting a woman” is probably seen as worse.
  7. sbcmfc


    If he’s found guilty of the assault charge, he probably has to go. Which is pretty inconvenient.
  8. sbcmfc


    Aye, sorry. BBC article far more specific than the one I read earlier. Innocent until proven guilty, may well be some context that explains his actions, especially if there was others involved.
  9. sbcmfc


    Is this not just speculation? Theres no info in the public domain about what the accusations are, is there? It says 2 charges, presume one is just breach of the peace?
  10. Nathan Thomas got an early goal for Carlisle in the FA cup v Cardiff this evening. I vaguely remember his stint at fir park
  11. sbcmfc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    My only objection to Griffiths would be that we’d be getting him fit for Celtic possibly at the expense of the development of Long/Scott etc. From a Scotland point of view I’d be for it given the lack of options the national team have.
  12. Is that why it doesn’t say it’s a Motherwell fan in the story? Thought the club would’ve released something saying a fan had been banned and reported to the police or whatever? Or can they not because of court case. Im curious now.
  13. Not that it makes a difference really, but feel the temperature of the drink is an unnecessary trumping of the charge. Steam comes off yer Pish in the east stand toilets, doesn’t mean it’s boiling hot, you’d be lucky if it was hot at half time, never mind 70 minutes into a game.
  14. sbcmfc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I’d say they can have him normally, but I’ll win quite a bit of money if Sunderland can get up the league, so I’m suggesting we take one for the team here and sign him.
  15. I find the open goal stiff quite hard listening, but listening to Paul Slane, I’m not sure things would’ve panned out a great deal differently if he’d stayed at Motherwell? It sounds like he had real issues with confidence etc. Some sort of imposter syndrome.

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