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  1. Aye, these guys might be in a bubble at work, but they go home to their families who are at school, work etc. i can see a situation where someone in the club has it, and it boomerangs back via family etc.. On the other hand, if you are short of players, getting a positive test that forces half your squad into isolation on the eve of a match could be perceived as convenient...
  2. Breaking news on SSN that Killie are to face SFA disciplinary action for breaching protocols prior to the match. May explain why it wasn’t played this week?
  3. It is a bit concerning Mo Ross said Rangers were the best coached team in the league, given he coaches us. I’d take issue with most of what he said, except the bit about st Mirren.
  4. I don’t know if it’s been discussed earlier on the thread, but is it a consideration that St Mirren just don’t have enough players? How many were unavailable due to COVID? I know they only named 4 subs v Aberdeen in their last game. Having apparently being only able to get a squad of 15 for a game on 3rd October, they had 2 weeks to promote some youth players to the first team squad or bring in some additional players. It seems hard to believe they only realised at lunchtime on Saturday they had a threadbare squad....
  5. If they send him back in January and try Seedorf instead it would adequately sum up his time at fir park. Good luck to him, showed in flashes theirs a player there.
  6. So So Bala town, shamrock rovers, b36 Torshavn, Viking Stananger, Hammarby, ifk Gothenburg or Bodø Glimt?
  7. To be fair, maybe just shows his passion And will to win, even at that stage in his career. I always thought he was a Motherwell fan or at least went to our games growing up.
  8. Maybe the freak solar flare give him a steaming hot drink 70 minutes into a game in December. ....
  9. sbcmfc

    Steelmen book

    Not strictly MFC related, but might be of interest if your looking for something to read during lockdown. I’ve ordered a copy, will update if it’s any good. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B087SMDQD7/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=steelmen&qid=1588587676&sr=8-1
  10. I think that’s normal when they’re loaned out to part time teams?
  11. I thought tynecastle was a small pitch? But Hearts are shite.
  12. I think for normal fans that could work. Can imagine for fans of a certain couple of clubs, those words would be dissected and twisted to the nth degree. Absolute can of worms. Also as others have said, they’re not going to tell you the reason. ”I didn’t have a clue what happened, looked to my assistant and he was none the wiser, so decided it was easiest and safest to just give the decision to Rangers/Celtic”
  13. There was a foul at St Mirren (the away game about 3 months ago, I hold grudges) where Motherwell went to break up the park from a rare St Mirren attack, and the st Mirren player pulled Campbell (?) back by the shirt, ref gave the FK, but no yellow. It was a textbook yellow card offence. I was pleased to see the StMirren keeper get booked relatively quickly the other night, some keepers are utterly painful to watch with their shithousery. He could rightly be a bit annoyed as I’ve seen much worse go unpunished. Don’t even start on the different set of rules applied to 2 teams and even more so in fixtures between the two. Extending that out, I believe there’s a potential for “fixture chaos” post split, with it looking possible Rangers could have 4 away and Celtic 4 at home, if only flipping just 1 fixture would remedy that with minimum impact to the other top 6 teams...
  14. you can’t please some people. A solution would surely be a matchday twitter account or could they not just delete all the tweets an hour after FT?

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