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  1. Have the club said anything about the feedback received from their quick email about VAR and how they voted and why?
  2. Trevor Carson with a wonderful save tonight Secured a win to lift Derek Adams' Morecambe (formerly robinson's) out of the relegation zone.
  3. No we need the comlete opposite. We need another forward who will hold the middle of the park. Woolery, Roberts and Shields all want to go wide to find space. And aren't as determined to get in the box. We do need more on the wngs but that is because we are playing 2 fullbacks that cannot cross a ball.
  4. Sol for being a solid 7/10 today. Good enough to win MOTM
  5. We won 2 games. Van Veen scored in both of them.
  6. We controlled the full game. Livi never got a sniff of our goal until they scored. We created more than enough great chances and could have had a couple more.
  7. Alexander didn't take any shit from Gallagher last season so if Watt's form falls off expect him to not be on the park.
  8. Absoluitely tragic watching Grimmy in the middle of the 3. Absolutely no chance of him doing anything in there
  9. Has that been by luck or skill? I remember several late saves by Kelly that could or even should have been goals. Livi were a Grimshaw block away from grabbing back a point. Arse collapsing in the last minutes is not going to work in the long term. T
  10. Couple of times Woolery has been a greedy bastard
  11. Kelly stops the penalty and the ref's both teams to score bet.
  12. Alexander's comments about too much work for the players feeling like an excuse. If he is actually concerned about the compressed schedule put on some youngsters. there will never be a more oppertune time. Stephen O'Donnell for Max Jphnstone seems like an obvious sub.
  13. Before his purple patch with Killie (bolstered by hat-trick vs Stenhousemuir) he has scored 10 goals in 62 games. All his league goals were against bottom 6 teams so zero evidence he can play against a good side. For example his hat-trick against Utd came in the midweek before their cup tie. Utd had rested most of their team. He is turning 34. Not someone we should be looking at.
  14. Two weeks in a row with sound issues. it shouldn't happen. Does no one test the equipment before a stream.
  15. First 10 seconds when he fell down and gave away a free kick. But aye he was solid for the rest of the game. Won plenty of headers and had a couple of blocks. Just edges out Mugabi for me

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