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  1. When you safely slide your rocket home.
  2. Polworth. Put the work in throughout the match and had the quality when we needed it. Donnelly a close second. Great team performance tonight.
  3. Goals if you want to see us falling to bits https://streamja.com/wGq3 https://streamja.com/z1KN
  4. I think Les would like and hugely deserves recognition for the contribution he has made to the club and helping make fan ownership possible. His main point was that over the period he was involved we lost a significant amount of money and we had to invest in our facilities. So being "debt free" now isn't any indicator of future financial stability. The Society need to keep trying to add members and raise money to have cash on hand when we need it in future.
  5. 3 from the league plus the Cup Winner. If the Cup Winner has already qualified then it goes to 4th place.
  6. This potentially saves Oxford £200K on compensation and Columbus get Cadden's future MLS rights which means if he ever did move to MLS they get money like Seattle got money when Andy Rose moved to Vancouver.
  7. Hastie has been registered. The game now is we ask Rangers for compensation, Rangers come back a month later and give us a shit offer. We reject it and then go to a tribunal. Last season it took until mid August for Hamilton and Aberdeen to get a decision on Lewis Ferguson. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/aberdeen-reveal-delight-lewis-ferguson-13109206
  8. Seen some nonsense going around that Celtic are asking to pay in installments based on appearances. That should be a complete non-starter. Whether or not the issue with Turnbull's medical is serious or not, we should not be the ones taking on the risk that he gets further injured when he isn't our player. What happens if he gets a totally unrelated injury? That should never be our problem.
  9. The fact is that Celtic seem to still want him despite the medical issue which says whatever they found is not serious and we should therefore stick to the fee they agreed to pay.
  10. There should be no renegotiation with Celtic. They are still getting a bargain. If they won't pay the price they don't get Turnbull.
  11. Except we have absolutely no one like Hastie in the current squad. He was good enough last season to get time in the first team. A good manager would be making sure these players get to develop here but instead we are signing sammon, rodriguez, grimshaw, donnelly to fill out a bench instead.
  12. Great performance from the boys. Livingston was MotM for me. Looked solid and composed. Got forward easily too. There were a number of great performances in the side. Livingston, Hastie, Turnbull, Brown, Maguire all looked promising and should be pushing for first team places. Sending Hastie out on loan looks even more foolish now.
  13. Nonsense spoken here on the ticket prices. Last round vs Dundee it was £5 for an adult Chick Young spouting shite. shocker.
  14. Main lasted 90 because he was getting on the end of chances. Robinson threw that game with his subs. We were dominating the game and pressing for a goal then Robbo blows it to bits switching to a 3-4-3. Suddenly Accies could win the ball in the middle and get a pass forward. Then our defence just buckled. Peter Hartley might be a write off. 2 weeks in a row a striker has ghosted past him and its lead to a goal. Conor Sammon did nothing for me. If anyone deserved to be hooked it was him. He should have been off for Johnson instead of Campbell. And really that is the attacking depth issue, there is no attacking midfielder on the bench to come on, all we have is throwing a striker out of position.
  15. We have no depth outside of centre back and centre mid. Adding another centre back and declaring job done for building the squad is stupid. Of course it might make Robinson look foolish to have to sign a young attacking midfielder since he sent Hastie and MacLean out on loan.

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