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  1. All about taking your chances at this level. Not like Beer Sheva have been creating loads either but when they did they put them away.
  2. O'Donnell's marking is so bad he isn't even in the picture.
  3. Seen a few Newcastle fans wanted him to get the start in the EPL. Dubravka still out and no one rates Darlow.
  4. Jermaine Hylton. Can't get a game for his club right now. Could do a job for us.
  5. when you play a formation that make it impossible for 5 of them to get on the pitch that can happen. No place in a 3-5-2 for Hylton, Seedorf, Robinson, Hastie or Semple.
  6. Well Mcginley has to be better than Lamie in the back 3.
  7. Jordan White suffers from not being good enough for this level.
  8. What does Mark O'hara give us that Liam Polworth doesn't? Jordan White can stay on the bench for the rest of his motherwell career. We need to work on defending crosses. We are extremely sloppy marking men in the box and Accies had 3 great chances inside the 6 yard box.
  9. Seedorf played well against Ross county on the right wing. So Robinson plays him on the left wing. ... fantastic.
  10. Midfield 3 of Turnbull - Campbell - Donnelly. This isn't hard. I would also be looking into whether O'Hara can do a job at right back because Grimshaw was stinking.
  11. Burrows quite right to teel the crown to gtf. Was Burrows in the immediate vicinity? No. He is the Chief Executive of the club. How many times have the crown called the Peter Lawwell to court when charges are brought against Celtic supporters?
  12. I think this says more about you than anything.
  13. When you safely slide your rocket home.
  14. Polworth. Put the work in throughout the match and had the quality when we needed it. Donnelly a close second. Great team performance tonight.

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