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  1. Season officially over. We finished 3rd! Well done to SR, I never saw that coming!
  2. Anyone watching the Bundesliga? It just seems weird without a crowd
  3. Current modelling has mid June as the peak. If that is true then the season is over now
  4. If this follows normal pandemic models (and so far it has), then there will be a second wave next winter. Whatever they decide they need to keep that in mind as well
  5. As St Johnstone play Hibs next we are now confirmed as top 6 as at least one of them has to drop a minimum 2 points!
  6. There is an irony we scored a penalty
  7. Amusingly we are back third despite not having won a game for quite a bit!
  8. FUCKING HELLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. What the fuck is going on????
  10. Was a corner to us, came back out to him and he stuck it away

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