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  1. Its worse than that, we are the seeded team regardless of Q2 or Q3
  3. Of course McMoist says it has to be a penalty. Can we get VAR now
  4. Never in a million years a penalty. Cheating bastards
  5. Ok what is with this passing the ball around? Who knew we could do it
  6. If Rangers do the unthinkable and win the Europa League. they get a Group Place in the Champions League. Does that mean Scotland gets a 6th place, ie Hearts go into CL, 4th gets EL (and guaranteed group stage for Conf League) 5th and 6th Conf league?
  7. Yep with rd 2 going to 4th place
  8. We would get Conf League round 3 if 4th and Round 2 if 5th. Rangers / Celtic guaranteed CL group stages and the other Either CL or EL Group stages depending how they get on in the rounds. Hearts are in EL group play off and Guaranteed Conf League Group stages so a minimum of three teams in the groups
  9. Whisper it. 1 point separates us and 2 Euro places
  10. That has to be the most Motherwell thing ever
  11. And on cue, we score...
  12. Somehow we are still top 6
  13. So a draw next week should be enough unless there are some bizarre results

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