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  1. Andy H

    Big Dec

    If Watt keeps playing how he is playing he should be in the squad. McBirnie is utter dog shite
  2. Very true, we could just not put the damn ball in the net. Suddenly we can't stop scoring!
  3. We certainly look like a team who has not played for a month
  4. Will be postponed about 12:30pm on Sat
  5. It gets worse next season. You can drop out of the CL, lose in the EL and you drop into the Conf League!
  6. Fucking hell, this lot are agricultural.
  7. Fucking hell. Well in Trevor Carson
  8. Never a pen. Never a red card. That ref is at it
  9. Potential opponents are IFK Göteborg Coleraine B36 Torshavn Torshavn please!
  10. O'Donnell for me for the assist and that strike. Long a very close second
  11. With the Covid situation it would make sense

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