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  1. Loving the BBC stream. Silence so far
  2. 9 ahead of Killie, 11 ahead of Hamilton. Safe bar the shouting
  3. That should be us safe 35 points is the marker normally
  4. Not good. Watt runs himself into the ground for us
  5. 1 shot on goal all game. 1 fucking shot
  6. Accies are 2-0 down and Killie are still losing. Only plus today
  7. Craigan just said we have 18 players out injured at the moment
  8. That is a horrific injury list. I fear a tanking...
  9. PJ Morrision has been recalled from Falkirk so presumably goes into the squad today
  10. Andy H

    Big Dec

    If Watt keeps playing how he is playing he should be in the squad. McBirnie is utter dog shite

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