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  1. mfc

    V's Dundee Utd

    what a great all round performance thats as good a result as weve had since mark mcghee came to the club.confidence and beleive look to be back amongst the players and it was good to see us so clinical in front of goal.well done the management and the players keep it goin lads
  2. mfc

    Chris Porter

    tough choice for the board to make if a bid of 200k has come in for porter.i hope we let it go right to the end of the transfer window where well either get a bit more for him or he stays until the end of the season
  3. mfc

    Chris Porter

    i hope we tell hearts to get tae fuck if they come in for ports albeit i dont think hed want to go to hearts anyway.hes coming into form again so i hope we keep him until the end of the season.if a bid of 250k came in then id be tempted to sell him now or try and get him to sign on for another season
  4. im happy with the draw u canny ask for much more than a home tie.hopefully the players dont look to far ahead and get through the inverurie game without any problems.i see rangers and celtic got there usual draws against lower league teams jammy bastards
  5. mfc

    Chris Porter

    spl clubs would walk it down in league one its more like oldham would struggle to get out the first division up here.it doesny say much for oldham when you lost one of your best players to a club like st mirren.ports when he signed said he was wanting to play to come to the spl cause its a much higher standard than league one.we all know rangers are skint but there is no way they wouldve been after windass stop talkin pish
  6. mfc

    January Transfer Window

    how much is big boab payin paid every week does anybody know
  7. porter will have no interest in hearts he came up here to improve his game and go back down south after two years.what do you want a quality striker like ports for anyway yous have the goal machine that is callum elliott back now
  8. i think ports will now stay until the end of the season and end up in the championship.as for him goin to hearts nae chance he wants a move back to england and presumably he likes bein payed his wages on time
  9. mfc

    Brian Mclean

    he was on the bench against st mirren mate.he was out doing a lot of running at the warm up quite a bit before the rest of the team came out for theres
  10. mfc

    Tickets For St Mirren

    i just foned st mirren and there will be a extra 500 tickets on sale for our end from one oclock this afternoon if anybodys still looking for tickets.you get them at the hut outside the away stand
  11. mfc

    Tickets For St Mirren

    cheers for that mate appreciate it
  12. mfc

    Tickets For St Mirren

    do u have any idea how many theyll be selling at the ticket booth the morra flow
  13. mfc

    Tickets For St Mirren

    can anybody confirm if 500 tickets are going on sale before the morras game
  14. i wasny sure if it was a penalty for the foul on hughes at the time but seeing the highlights it was definately a pen.the ref had a shocker he gave us about two decisions all game.clarkys shot was a cracker it looked a lot closer on tele than it did at the game
  15. mfc

    Tickets For St Mirren

    cheers for that robyn im gonna go up and get mine the morra then.do u know how many we got in the first allocation
  16. does anybody know how many tickets weve got for this game.i know it said on saturday tickets are going fast for the game i just wondered how many had been sold so far
  17. RIP uncle phil gone but will never be forgotten.thoughts are with his family and everyone at motherwell
  18. mfc

    Maroš Klimpl

    weve been crying out for somebody to give some protection to the back four and klimpl looks like the man for the job.it was good to see him go head to head with that bawbag tokely cause most players shite there self fae him
  19. mfc

    Man Of The Match.

    i went for big porter but every player played well today.klimpl was impressive sitting in front of the back four and hughes had has best game for a while as a result.that was probably hammells best game since he came back and he was unlucky no to score after a good run in the second half
  20. mfc


    does anybody know if any of the players that had the virus will be playin the day and is craigan and clarkson fit
  21. mfc

    January Transfer Window

    it was just on the radio that porter has signed a pre contract to join nottm forest in the summer.it says he may still leave in january if the two clubs can agree a fee
  22. mfc

    Motm Vs Accies

    i went for young saunders he looked pretty comfortable all game.quinn had a decent game in a different position but no many others would get pass marks.why does mcghee never start jim obrien but he always puts him on when were losing surely if he thought he could do something for us he would be starting him more often
  23. mfc

    Accies On Saturday

    we dont have the big tele deals up here so clubs have to make as much as they can at the gates.something will have to be done cause attendances are dropping all over the country £22 to watch a spl game is a joke.my pal was in italy a few weeks ago and he got into the juventus v inter milan game for £9 says it all really
  24. how we miss jim patersons legendary stepover and his ability to get to the by line.were really missing uncle phil to someone with a bit of experience and a quality football head is badly missing in our midfield
  25. the link up between our strikers last season was excellent whenever we had to hit the ball long we had good movement either side of porter in mccormack and clarkson.this season none of our strikers are on the same wave length when the ball is flicked on its never to any of our players.porter and sutton up front aint working and if we go with a front three of porter,clarkson,murphy thats a similar shape to what we used last season so we must get back to that.we dont have the midfield to play the long game either cause none of them make the run to try and get beyond for a flick on.its time we got back to the same shape and mentality that saw us play some excellent football last season

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