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  1. Tartan Copper 2


    Its a real shame that each and every player cant get man of the match, from the guys getting 30 plus vote to the lads on one or two votes, it does not reflect on the amount of effort you all put into the game. You should be proud of yourselfs.
  2. Believe it or not Humphrey was a striker at WBA in his younger days, so he can find the net. just has not hit the net for a while, great game though and a good effort. by all
  3. I dont see a reason to change the defence back after this performance, they were solid and confident, reckon Craggs will struggle to get his place back on this evidence, about time. Buzzing....
  4. Tartan Copper 2


    Every player on the park was fantastic today..... We showed the faith, and came out on top... Midfield and defence were emmense, Sutton man of the match. Whole team were fantasic.
  5. See what you get when your positive, anything is possible, Top game, well played all. Bring on Europe.
  6. Positive.... lets back the lads to put the last game behind them..... a draw would be fantastic.... a win perfect.... a loss....who cares it would of been expected. Changes to the starting line up will be enforced, but playing on the TV and the fact its the old firm, players tend to play through the niggles which could prove costly. McCall needs to take no chances with any players, just rest the 50/50 players as the game is pretty impossible to win, so save them for the games we have a more than realistic chance of winning, and not risk long term injury which we can ill afford to happen. Draw Sunday.....
  7. Prob true mate.....pitch cant help... but they get paid much more than us to do it.
  8. Ok another loss at home to a Bottom dweller, Firstly i wont be highlighting individuals for the defeat, the whole team entered the pitch as a team and left as one be it (a defeated one). His team selection was pretty much set up to win the game, Forbes was dropped for reasons only known to the gaffer, and to tell you the truth Forbes playing would not of made any difference. As a team we are not scoring goals, Sutton and Jeffers are not going to get many goals, our midfield dont score goals.... Are defenders less (Page) dont score goals. The sooner we realise that the goals are the issue the better, Yes even i expected some form of goal rush from the team last night even predicting 4 nil wins (Miles off). But i am a supporter of Motherwell and i wont give up on them, we need to show some form of support to them be it only on here....as attendances will surley begin to drop off as we all know we are becoming very expensive to watch and playing like this wont do us any favours. Ok where do we go from here, i reckon the players will be gutted after last nights game especially after six points in two games, Yes the Old firm on Sunday, how would we feel if we take something off the old firm, this is the chance they need to produce something of a miracle and actually get something from the game. Lets get off there backs, and put it down to just another one of those nights we suffer all to regularly... ITS FOOTBALL. Beat Celtic and they will be heros.... Lets supports the Heros theory, Come on McCall, dig deep. And for the record i reckon Humphrey done ok...at least that point will give the No believers a chance to tell me how pants he is...currently he is sitting third (ish) in the Man of the Match poll so i am not alone in my support of the Humph meister.
  9. Sounds very tight... need the break through soon....
  10. As expected Humphrey back in..... Lets hope the rest has done him good.
  11. Good to see Positive thinking! Mon on the Well........
  12. Le Fondre (Alfie) refused to sign another contract at Rotherham, he was also touted as be worth around One Million, so i doubt he would be coming North to the SPL. Presently knowone even the Big two could afford him. Would be a great move but highly unlikely.
  13. It appears the Diamond Formation suits young Forbes, but i still think theres a place for Forbes in the team ... even with Wingers.... just a point on who would drop out to accomodate him
  14. A good win tonight.. i reckon. I reckon he might change a few personal tonight. Hopefully Sutton can go on and score a few more goals his efforts deserve, Nice if The Fox in the box can add to his tally. All being well 4 nil to the well. Murphy, Sutton, Jeffers, Humphrey.

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